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Can Ferrari stop McLaren ?

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It appears that the tables have turned around. At the start of the season, Ferrari were reliable and fast. McLaren were fast but unreliable. By Imola, Ferrari had 39 points compared to McLaren's 10. That is a huge 29 point gap. However from Imola onwards, McLaren have scored 10 or more points in each race except for Canada and Austria (where they were stripped of 10 points). That is 8 out 10. Ferrari on the other hand only managed to score 10 or more points on 4 events out of the last 10 races.
There are 5 more races to go. The next 2 races at Spa and Monza appear to favour McLaren. Last year for example McLaren were dominant (although at Monza Hakkinen spun on his own) and Ferrari were outqualified and outraced by not just McLaren but by Jordan as well. The US grand prix is unknown while Malaysia should favour Ferrari, Suzuka appears to be McLaren territory again.
It appears that McLaren have the advantage at 3 circuits, Ferrari at 1 and 1 is doubtful.

McLaren is now 1 point ahead of Ferrari, are they unstoppable or can Ferrari stop McLaren ? What do you think ?  (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Nothing can equal the superb ROSSA.  The McLaren team can start singing a requiem for the Mercedes that any money-saver can buy. To get a Ferrari needs style and grace. Shumi will make it. He has proved to be worthy of driving the red car.  I have a soft spot for Mika but Coulthard is as mean as he looks. Good luck to Michael and the Ferrari team.  Michael 'fammi sogniare'. Show them all that you zoom past because you have talent and not because the McLaren fails to move. They are just jealous!  Un grande augurio per tutta la scuderia ferrari.  A domenica!  Mary - Malta

Ferrari need to find a big improvement in speed, the first three races were more of a case of McLaren breaking down rather than Ferrari winning in a straight fight.  I think it can still be done but it is not going to be easy, so GO SCHUMACHER!!! - Mark - New Zealand

Weren't McLaren lucky the weather improved and the track dried out at Spa? If it hadn't they would have come second. What a shame Michael has not got the speed of the McLaren in his Ferrari, he would be world champion by now and uncatchable! - Tony D - Qatar

No they can't! - Emil P. - Bulgaria

Ferrari is bound to lose after all what team can win when there only concern is for a single driver. As for other comments that drivers win not cars perhaps for the next race Micheal sould drive a Prost car to win the race!!!  Yes it does need drivers to win but sure helps if they're on a team with a car to drive - Bob - Canada

I'll have to admit, those McLarens looked very smooth in Hungary. But keep in mind that Michael missed most of last season, and two very unfortunate DNF's this season. Love him or Hate him , Michael is #1 - Angelo - Canada

Nobody can stop McLaren, the greatest Formula One team ever. There is just one thing, Bernie can by cheating the rules like he did last year ... this is the only way Ferrari can and knows how to win ... cheating ! - S - France

Ferrari and Michael will win the championship - Julio - USA

Can't the Ferrari fans find something else to complain about other than this anti Ferrari stuff ?

Ferrari and Schumacher thought they were untouchable three races into the season. They were wrong. Ferrari gave Schumacher 2 failures while Schumacher gave Ferrari 2 more. End result 16 points from the last 6 races for Schumacher. Ferrari were even helped by the FIA twice, once in Brazil when McLaren and Coulthard had 6 points taken away for having a car that is a mere 2 mm outside the tolerance while in Austria the team had another 10 points taken for a missing seal. Had those two penalties (which can be seen as completely unfair) not been applied then Hakkinen and Coulthard would be tied in the lead with Schumacher 3rd (yes 3rd) and McLaren with a 17 point advantage over Ferrari.

Ferrari and Schumacher can only find themselves to blame. A golden opportunity has slipped away. And sure the media is going to exploit that. Do you really expect the media to only provide the good coverage ?

Remember a few races ago when everyone was saying that Hakkinen has lost it, Hakkinen will retire. What was that all about ? Let the McLaren fans enjoy after a bad start to the season... - Jerry B - Australia

After seeing Hakkinen's display in Hungary it is difficult to predict any outcome, especially if you compare the Mika of the first half of the year and the new explosive Mika that demolished the opposition on Sunday. With reliability McLaren seems unstoppable at the moment but then again Ferrari seemed unstoppable a few weeks ago... - Bruno A - Australia

Of Course Ferrari can win the championship. We're talking about seconds and yards here, not stoppable and unstoppable. Racing is interesting precisely because it is unpredictable; choices made or not made in split seconds have consequences at the flag.  I think Michael's remarks about the fact that Mika had 'sorted out' his machine better than he had says it all. Remember that drivers win races, not machines. Given the quality in F1 at the moment, anything is possible when champions contend in machines of even roughly comparable potential -- and McLaren machines are not "unstoppable" or even close to it - Jim W - USA

Why all the questions about "can Ferrari or they're driver bounce back" ? well hell yes they can about.. "can McLaren reliability keep goin"? (remember the first 3 races?) or better yet.."will McLaren's drivers have the same brain farts as they did last year around this time"
truth is..i'd like to see some racing between the two teams and their drivers... most of the time we see either jump out to a big lead at the first (such a big lead that the TV cameras don't even show them) then just put it on cruise control till the end. I'm ready for a head to head battle during the race - Jimmy M - USA

The writing looks like it is on the wall. McLaren can still lose the championship(s) rather than Ferrari winning, however I would say that is unlikely.

If the McLaren is so obviously superior in Hungary, how can Ferrari hope to compete in Belgium?

If the McLaren's maintain their reliability it's as good as over - Dunder - Hong Kong

Yes, Ferrari can stop McLaren but they need to do a lot of work, and be very smart - George L. - Costa Rica

Ferrari clearly has the better car. Look at rounds 1,2 and 3 to make your decision. Usually its McLaren best at the start then Ferrari catch up but this year its Ferrari at the start and McLaren catching up. The next few grand prix will be awesome hope they are better then the Hungarian grand prix that was pure boredom - Chris - Australia

Why everybody point to Ferrari and any goods are just for McLaren? Because it is s a Mercedes rebadged? This proMcLaren attitude (bad for what used to be fair play) is very obvious at TV, and web sites and surprising people which used to call themselves Gentlemen Racers jump all the time with antiFerrari affirmations. Your question is a little bit trivial too, and I am questioning myself what will be next. Perhaps "Is Michael Schumacher a looser and David the best". What I think doesn't matter, but this antiFerrari attitude starts to make me very unhappy (Too bad you'll say). But what is next? The answer is YESSSSSSSS. They will! - Marian - Romanian living in USA

I'm a huge McLaren fan and I think that if McLaren continue on this run they should win both drivers and constructors' championships. But they have to keep an eye on Michael because if he starts to drive the way he did in the first part of the season he can be very dangerous. Watch out McLaren and good luck! - Hubert Z. - Malta

Nobody can stop the new Mika Hakkinen not even McLaren - Yiannakis Y. - Cyprus

We hope not!! - P. C. - USA

I'm a Ferrari fan but have to admit that McLaren is stronger at this time. Schumacher has failed to score points in several races now and guess this will make the difference at the final count - Mario C - Venezuela

I don't think Ferrari can stop McLaren but I think Michael Schumacher CAN! - Buppy - Australia

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