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Should Rubens Barrichello be penalised for his driving ? 

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In the past 2 races, Rubens Barrichello has had incidents with Heinz Harald Frentzen and Ralf Schumacher. Both ending up spinning and losing a number of places. Rubens Barrichello blamed the other drivers for not giving him enough space while they both disagreed. Ralf Schumacher went as far as threatening pay back when he said "This is the second time he has had an accident with a German driver, these things pay you back."

Other drivers and ex drivers have criticised Barrichello for his actions including Niki Lauda and Eddie Irvine. Eddie Irvine who was furious with Verstappen after their first lap incident in Malaysia went as far as blaming the race stewards for not taking action unless Michael Schumacher was involved and said "What annoys me is that Zonta did it to Michael last year and got a big penalty. Verstappen did it to me, and no one cares. And Rubens did to Frentzen at the last race, and again to Ralf today. It is frustrating when nothing's done about it. When it happens to Michael, something gets done. When it happens to me, or anyone else, nothing gets done."

Is Rubens Barrichello right in the way he handled those two incidents ? Should the race stewards have penalised him ? Do you think there are double standards as Irvine claims ? Do you think we should we should give more control to the race stewards ? Have Your Say   (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

I think Rubens is way over the limit. While trying to prove himself as a better driver than Schummi (and, considering the three races of this year, we can safely say that he is not), he is hurting not only the unfortunate drivers that happen to be in front of him at one of these slow corners, but also his very own team. Yes, it happened to be Ralf in the last couple of races; who knows, maybe he'll go for Schummi in the ones to come. He should think all this over, Niki Lauda said, during a race ban... Adrian - Romania 

last year everyone had a bash at Schumacher and it seems to have made him a bit more circumspect with his startline lunge. Barrichello has a quick car at the start and tries to make the most of it each start, nothing less would be expected from him by the team or the Ferrari fans don't blame him - Chris H - Australia 

Yes, he should be penalised - Jane R - Malaysia

No. Barrichello should not be penalised with either fine or race suspension but yes it is happening a little too often that drivers take too many risks and in most of the cases the victim is the one who is hitted at the front.

Look, for example when Verstappen was in the way of Irvine.

I think that Eddie Jordan was right on saying that this year it will not be any fun because obviously it is all too easy for Ferrari and their drivers - Daniel - UK

Go Ferrari
Barrichello "just the best"
Schumacher "I don't have the words"
I think that Ralf Schumacher will be driving our car in a few years. Don't you? - Domenico - Italy

I am a big fan of Ferrari and honestly I am very happy about the situation so far. I think that the Ferrari this year are undoubtedly the strongest and will win without any trouble the Championship.
I am sorry if Barrichello always has to give away to Schumacher but that's the way it goes
- Kerry - Australia

All drivers should be more responsible into the first corner. Rubens has been too aggressive in the last two Grand Prix, and should be reprimanded accordingly. Every F1 driver should be accountable, when poor driving is clearly seen to occur!! - Peter C - UK

He should be penalised for his actions during the last 2 races. A money penalty is nothing to the drivers, a one race suspension for both driver and car will see team bosses demanding safer and fairer driving to a sport that receives bad publicity every time something like this happens - Ang - Australia

I strongly believe in the fact that Barrichello should be penalised for what he did in Melbourne. I do believe though that when he caused Ralf Schumacher to spin in Malaysia was not intentional while the one in Melbourne with Frentzen totally was.
About Jos Verstappen I think he had a magnificent race in Malaysia and a penalty would be a tragedy after unfortunately he was not able to score any points.
Go Arrows!!!!!!!!!!! - Rob - Australia

I am a Ferrari fan through and through. However, I think that Barrichello is just trying to throw Ferrari's weight around. He has nothing to lose anyway. Maybe he thinks he is Schumacher sometimes, but thinking like Shumy is one thing, driving like him is another. If he should be penalized with such an offensive driving I think at least he should have been warned the first time around. At least a predicate would have been laid down first before a more severe penalty is imposed.  Irvine is right.
And for what it is worth, we have seen classic battles between Mika and Michael.  What would be interesting is for them to switch team mates. Then we can gauge how good Barrichello is as compared to Coulthard when one handles the other's car - Emmanuel P - Philippines

Rubens Barrichello is the kind of driver most people respect because of the fairplay he usually shows. This time though, it seems to me he made clear driving misjudgement, both with HHF and Ralf. I must admit that I am surprised, to say the least, to ear Barrichello blaming those drivers for the incidents. Should he be penalised? I think he should have been warned the first time and penalised the second. To my knowledge, race stewards have already the capacity of taking action in that kind of event. Why are they using it in some cases (M. Schumacher - R. Zonta) and not in others, I'd say that everything in F1 involving Michael Schumacher has a tendency to look suspicious. Some will say I'm a bit paranoid, well it seems we're quite a few suffering from the same illness.
As for the next Grand Prix, no matter what has just happened, I wish Rubino a victory - Michel U - Canada

I was wondering why Barrichello wasn't taken to task after Australia, but then it happened again in Malaysia.
Maybe he should be given a NASCAR license.

And he complains about Michael being to aggressive! - Jim L - USA

If you look at the Malaysia GP videotape you'll notice that Ralf was taking a line that would drive him before the tangent point in an attempt to make Barrichello back off. In my opinion it is a risky decision trying to solve a 55 laps GP in the first corner. If you loose you shouldn't cry - Andre B - Brazil

Dear Sandro!
Take a look to the first race again and try to remember who came first in to the corner Frentzen or Rubens. Then try to explain that again - Rok F - Slovenia

Rubens did nothing wrong, when someone wins races we hear lots of wrong doings against them. If these fights were on the track, races will be more interesting!! - Gopa India

Rubens did absolutely nothing wrong.  He was in the middle of a three car sandwich.  What do people expect him to do? Do they expect him to concede? Remember, this is a serious sport not a local footy match!!! - Sandro D - Australia

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