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Can Ralf Schumacher challenge for the title ?  

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Ralf Schumacher has recently come out and said that the Williams team is too young to challenge for the title. Jean Todt also indicated that the Williams team lacks consistency. Sure they are both valid statements and Ralf trails his brother by 36 points while Williams trail Ferrari by a massive 54 points and keep in mind there is McLaren who are also fighting for both titles and are yet closer to Ferrari.

On the other hand, Ralf has won 2 of the 3 races that he finished and he could have scored more points in Melbourne and Brazil when he was hit from behind. The BMW engine is one of the most powerful engines in Formula 1 and have achieved that in only their second season. Michelin have provided tyres that are already competitive with Bridgestone.

While it may seem a long shot, if Ralf manages to win the next couple of races and McLaren take away points from Ferrari, we could see a three way fight for the championship.

Can Ralf challenge for the title ? Or do they have to wait until next year ? What do you think ? Have Your Say   (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

I believe that Ralf could challenge for the title, but I can't see Michael not scoring any points. It could end up very close at the end of the season, but I guess we just have to wait and see - Robert - Australia

"Challenge" is the key word here --and Ralf certainly CAN challenge his brother and D.C. given a car and set up with any parity.  I'm hoping he'll help Michael by stealing points from Coulthard, but don't expect the laurels this year - Jim W - USA

I think Ralf will certainly shape who wins the drivers championship in 2001 as he will steal points from Ferrari & McLaren.  He will have a couple more wins this year if Williams get their reliability right.  It is not beyond him to win this year as he's proven he's got the speed to match it with the best, however, next year would be more realistic as BMW Williams will have fully addressed their reliability issues - Wangers - Australia 

Yes, next year, but right now Ralf and Juan Pablo are basically finding there feet and starting to show that they have the pace and the ability.  Williams are not as reliable as the other two teams just now, and although the drivers are up there pushing, the cars have got a long way to go.  Next year should make for an exciting championship!!!!! - Margaret - Scotland

That was a wonderful race from Ralf and quite a treat to watch him flying and breaking records on every lap.
and the question is how long (and in how many circuits) he can do that? its too early!!! - GopaKumar - India

Not this year, too inconsistent. Next year might be a different story Ferrari will need to do something to increase horsepower and a thirsty engine if they expect BMW not to catch them - Casey - USA

There is no question that Williams is the fastest team now and Ralf has the potential to win the championship. But I think it is too late now to win it this season. We will definitely see him more on the podium in the coming races and I am sure he will be World champion in few years. Good luck Ralf - Vandana - India.

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