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Should Hakkinen support Coulthard in his title bid ?  

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Mika Hakkinen is currently ranked 6th in the Drivers' Championship 50 points behind the Championship leader Michael Schumacher. His team-mate David Coulthard is only 18 points behind Michael. With only 9 races to go, it will be nearly impossible for Mika Hakkinen to actually catch Michael. Despite this, Mika Hakkinen appears determined to continue his fight for the title until it is mathematically impossible for him to challenge and has been quoted recently as saying "Should I be in a position to win, I would try to win even if the team wants me to make way. Should I be leading, I would go full out as fast as I can and win the race. I have to win. That is what my sponsors pay me for and that is what the team expects me to do, so that is what I'll do until I'm mathematically out of the race."

If that turns out to be the case then David Coulthard's chances would be dealt yet another blow as not only has his team failed to give him a reliable car in 3 events (Spain, Monaco and Canada) and Ferrari have applied a team-order strategy as early as the 6th race of the season (Austria) - with Rubens Barrichello asked to make way for his team-mate Michael Schumacher - but the threat of the Williams team taking points away from him is another factor he'll have to worry about. Yet his team-mate doesn't appear to be offering any kind of help at this stage.
This means that Coulthard would have to fight off challenges from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Ralf Schumacher and his own team-mate Mika Hakkinen and given that he is 18 points behind Michael with 9 races to go, it would be a big ask.  

Do you think Mika Hakkinen is correct in what he is saying ? or should Mika Hakkinen support David Coulthard in his title bid ? Have Your Say   (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

I think it is time that Mika helped David and showed that he can be an effective team mate - Margaret - Scotland

I would love to see Mika battling with David, and in the end, have the championship be handed over to Scheuy (for I am a Ferrari fan).  What Mika should concentrate is the fight for championship for McLaren.  David has the strongest chance now to win for McLaren, and Mika should support.  It is team-work.  But looking at McLaren, even with Mika's full support, David still need a consistently reliable car.  The challenge seems to come from Ralf and BMW.  In 1999, Eddie came close to winning, only because of team support, especially from Schumi, who gave away his inaugural win at Sepang, to take second place - and he did it willingly (twice)! - Joseph W - Singapore

Mika should try as best as he can for his race - Jim L - Malaysia

Yes I think there should be team orders now and Mika should stand down and help David, if is car is reliable enough to stay in a race - Andy M - England

Hakkinen ought to make way for the better driver this season. Remember what happened in Australia some seasons back - Nikhil - India

This whole subject is ridiculous. Has Hakkinen ever said that he wont support Coulthard ? I certainly haven't read or heard anything of that sort. Ron Denis has already indicated that Hakkinen will be happy to help Coulthard as and when he needs it.
What can Hakkinen do to help Coulthard ??
Will somebody please tell me ? At the very outside he can let Coulthard go past him if he is behind him. That is yet to happen. Why is everybody getting so agitated ? Hakkinen cant just hand Coulthard pole by driving slower. He cant retire just because Coulthard has.
It's just mid-season right now. As all know McLaren are not Ferrari. They don't just ask a driver who has performed so well during the race to let their no.1 driver (they say they're impartial) go past him.
They should introduce team orders as and when they need them. We all saw Hakkinen drive last year didn't we ? Remember at one point Hakkinen-22, Schumacher-56. Didn't Hakkinen catch him then ? - Yaman - India

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