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Your predictions for the 2002 season  

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Other Topics
What others are saying

With Formula 1 testing finally underway, teams launching their 2002 cars and the first race of the season fast approaching, we just can't wait for the real action to start. 
So how will the 2002 season turn out ? Will it be dominated by Ferrari again ?, Will Williams leap in front, will McLaren manage to recover from a bad year or are we going to see a three (or even four) way fight for the Constructors' Championship ?
What about Honda, Renault, Jaguar and Toyota ? Will any of them make it this year.

Will Michael Schumacher stay in top form, can Coulthard finally crack it or will Raikkonen rattle him. How will Montoya do ? 
What about Villeneuve, Trulli and Fisichella, they are all under enormous pressure to prove their worth. 

So many questions, so much expectations, everyone is setting their expectations and predictions, some realistic, others wildly ambitious, what are yours, share them here - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Michael or Juan to win the title, probably Michael. Williams to win the Constructors. Raikkonen to consistently out perform Coulthard (who will never win a title). 
Renault to challenge McLaren for 3rd in the constructors. Button to maybe move back to Williams in 03. 
Webber to do a lot (top 10 finishes at times) with less car than anyone else. Yoong is a 1 year wonder, no drive in 03. 
Honda, I know this is a long shot, might build a fast engine near the end of the season. Tricky Nicki to leave Jaguar. 
Massa maybe to Ferrari in 03. 
I know these are long shots ,but that's what you asked for. Please don't hate me for not giving Coulthard a chance it's like this, he's been around for so long and done nada, zippo, he's not good enough often enough to win a title - Cooky - Australia

Niki Lauda said, Michael Schumacher will have it easier this season than last. I can't agree more, JPM is a future star, but like Senna he is very rough on a car and will have to learn these things are more fragile than the Indy Cars. He's the only other driver but a Schumacher to seriously challenge Michael, but Ralf is still there too. As for DC, too nice a bloke. He's very quick, but not aggressive enough. So my prediction, Michael, JPM and Ralf. Cheers and enjoy the most exciting sport of them all - Stefan G - New Zealand

This season BMW will be in race with Ferrari for place No.1. My favourite is JP Montoya and BMW F1 Team. Also, new Honda and Toyota engines could be fas - Edin - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Michael will be in great form this season, provided the new gear box works out for Ferrari. His title defense may depend on whether or not they get the bugs out of that thing. 
I think that Ralph had a great season with that BMW engine, and I bet that this next one will be comparable. 
Everyone misses you Mika!!!!! - Alex L. - USA

Guys I'm a Montoya fan and I sure hope that he will win this year the championship but...  Williams car does not match the BMW engine power as Berger wanted and there will be problems if they don't do something with the car ! - Ferrari are very strong despite that gearbox thing and I don't expect that to be a big problem as they can always turn back to last year car that was (why not admit this ?) fantastic - McLaren are making a lot of progress ( just check the times in testing ) and they designed and build the car very fast meaning that they also had the time to set her up real good . - The surprise can come this year from a lot of teams like Sauber , Renault , Jordan etc So you see even if I want to see Monty world champ I think that will be very difficult to achieve , but what the hell GO MONTY ! - Petrut - Romania

I really hope that 2002 will be again dominated by Ferrari and Schumi, and I believe it will be. 
Schumi's strong will and determination will overcome all, and the Ferrari team will do everything to support him. But I also see Williams raising, although I don't think Montoya will be the "leader". Ralf is better than him.
As for McLaren...I don't know.Maybe it will we a try-out year for them - Jade85 - Romania

Ferrari will be world champion again. Schumacher will get dubbel point of Juan Pablo, who will be second. Renault are winning a lot of races and they will be third. Mclaren are getting worse every year - Patrick S. - Holland

JP Montoya will surprise and take the championship in a close battle with Michael. More consistent finishes by Ferrari will determine the Constructors by a small margin over Williams & McLaren. Formula 1 will gain in popularity in the US with a Fox TV contract with spectacular coverage that appeals to mainstream America - Paul S - USA

Hello Ladies@ Gents.
I agree in part with Geoff (where is the other Australian friend Ian?). But I have some issues. For example Ferrari will start to use a new engine-gearbox assy. Will they return to another set up of Testarossa or BB-s? Or what cain of materials they will use for this combination? Magnesium, Titanium, Durall? Who knows. The bottom line is WILL BE THIS COMBINATON FASTER, RELIABILE? That is the question, regardless Schummy presence in Ferrari team.
Other question is who will be in front. Old guns, new guns or the regular guns. Michael, David, Jack, Olivier, Fissi, Rubbens (old guns). Kimmi, JPM (new guns) Nick @comp (just Guns). Is hard to predict.
Another question is how the politics works. I m sure there is one team where everything is clear. FERRARI, Schummy is clear #1 "preferred customer". 
The last year verbal war between Ralf and JPM is still on. McLaren is not too far. 
David starts again to ask the team "for total support". For me sound like Mika shadow follows him under Kimmi resurection. 
Sauber, Nick lost the train ticket for bigger teams so he's afraid for any newcomers. 
BAR, yes here there is a paradox. Jack and Olivier seems to be equal in first instance but Jack lost his mentor and friend and Olivier seems to be more and more secure in the team. 
Jaguar is in the middle of financial problem (re Ford financial situation) Mr. Nasser left the big cat team and Niky is the Edie mentor, but where are the results?  know Rome wasn't built in one day but this year Jag must perform to survive. 
Jordan,whell Fissi might be very good but I don t think the move was the right thing to do. Honestly if Briattore-Renault team will succeed is in part because Fissi. The final result for Renault-a good car is at least 30% Fissi. EJ made a compromise to hire a Japanese driver in order to keep Honda power, but can be a good gambling decision. 
The others.....Who knows. I feel very sorry for ..Le Profeseur" and his team but in Romania there is a joke. If You don-t open Your eyes You are going to open Your pockets" that means you are going to pay. Too bad for an F1 legend. I hope next two days will help Alain to be again a part of F1 circus. Best regards - Marian - Romanian living in the USA

In my mind right now, I see Montoya is floating all over the sky! He gonna ruled supreme. He gonna makes Michael retires from racing. He gonna makes you mesmerise. And for sure, I see the Williams is shining brightly in the vivid sky!!! - Mohamad S. - Malaysia

Ferrari will win constructor and Michael will be champion and tie Fangio with 5 titles. Wins Michael 7 Rubens 1. Williams and McLaren will come in 2nd and 3rd. JPM 3 wins and Ralf 2.DC 3 wins and Kimi 1.Then I think the order will be: Sauber, Jordan, Bar, Renault, Jaguar, Toyota, Prost(if they make it), Arrows and Minardi. 
I think we will have a good season and will have great fights between the big three and between the next five teams. - Labrosse JC - Canada

I can say only one thing - most of you don't know the power of Honda - so you'll be surprised, very surprised. }) - Rok - Slovenia

Michael seguir� siendo el #1 para laaaargo rato. Incluso hasta convertirse en campe�n por sexta vez. Raikonnen ser� la piedra en el zapato de Montoya BMW tendr� victorias pero su confiabilidad en los motores y en las decisiones de equipo ser�n muy lamentables. Habr� grandes duelos que har�n muy interesante la f�rmula 1 este a�o , a saber: Montoya-Raikonnen-Coulthart-Ralph Los mas malitos del a�o pasado pasar�n a las posiciones intermendias Toyota estar� entre los mas malos Renault har� un excelente papel. Prost si logra entrar, quedar� en los �ltimos lugares con Minardi- y Jaguar. - David - Panama
(In Spanish - to translate, copy the above text, go to this web site and paste the text into the translation window)

MS and Ferrari will win unless RB performs very poorly. Montoya will win few races and can be a contender for second place if he learns how to finish more races. But I think Ralph has more chances for 2nd. 
I don't think we will see many Mclarens on the podium unless they come up with major improvements this season. 
I would like to see Kimi doing well and I sincerely feel he will be world champion in next 3-4 years - Vandana - India

I can't see anyone obvious to take the title from Michael Schumacher. Those I predict to be in with the closest chance are Montoya (if the car can take it) and Coulthard. 
Ralph will probably be consistent but he just doesn't seem to have that extra 10% that Montoya has, when push comes to shove. 
Kimi may be in with a shout, certainly of getting podiums (no doubt about that). 
Ferrari to take Constructors me thinks. 
As for the rest I see a battle between Jordan, Sauber and maybe Renault. Fisichella is going to blow Sato away. Massa may be quick, but don't think he'll get the better of Heidfeld. Its going to be close between Button and Trulli, Trulli might have the edge in qualifying but then Button may fair better in the races. 
As for the rest a real scrap, but predict Toyota to become new tail end Charlies - Linda B - England.

Lets talk about the fight for second and further down, After an impressive season ending, Montoya is up in everybody's books, but lets don't forget Ralf, the raging bull and the David fighting the young and the old goliaths ;-) and Rubens looks and sounds demotivated , I would put this order, and as for the machines , I would guess that Renault has a good claim for the 3rd, with a new and good engine, but Jarno was not impressive, if I look at the test times, Are they gonna surprise everyone this year too, The Sauber racing and body shopping team ;-) 
This season We miss you Mika, Come back!!! - GOP - Netherlands

My prediction for 2002 � A close run battle between Arrows and Prost for the Constructors Title and a very close win for Alex Yoong in the Drivers. 
After my dismal attempt at predicting the 2001 season (A close call between Ferrari and McLaren, with Mika pipping Michael for the gong) and my outstanding success in cursing Mika (By the way Mr Todt, I still haven�t received the cheque) I figured logic be damned and drew them out of a hat. But bravery (or stupidity?) rules so I shall again polish the crystal ball, renew the tape on the crack where I dropped it in 1999 and cast forth my predictions. 
I cannot see any way that MS will not use 2002 to rewrite the history books, again. There is not another driver/car/crew that can touch him. While I would very much wish otherwise Ferrari are on a roll and MS is still the best driver in the field. Nobody can come close to his racecraft and it helps that he can be pretty quick in qualifying when motivated. 
Of the teams to fight for the scraps from the Ferrari table I see little hope for McLaren reasserting itself. Kimi may be a champion-in-the-making and I think he will progressively pressure DC over the course of the season (look for a few upsets in qualifying from mid-year), but I see him having very few trips to the podium in 2002. He will however become quite familiar with the centre step in future years. 
David is destined to be always the bridesmaid. Yes, he is very fast and McLaren could get the car sorted but I just don�t see DC as a world champion. He hasn�t got that last one-quarter percent that is the distinguishing feature of the best of the best. 
Williams, great engine in a good chassis, pity about the drivers. Ralph is quick, but I doubt he could have got to be the second (?) highest paid F1 driver in the circus if his name was Ralph Swartz. I had great hopes for RS but I don't see his brother's talent there. He�s quick, but Montoya is quicker. 
JP unfortunately has to learn that cars sometimes break. OK � he already knows that, so perhaps he needs to learn that sometimes cars break because of the way they�re driven. He also has to learn that to finish first, first one must finish. I predict some blinding performances with a high points to finishes ratio marred by a lot of DNF�s. I further predict that if Montoya matures and starts looking for the finish line then he will catapult himself into obscurity, he doesn�t have the ability to drive slow and lap fast like MS does. Since Prost retired there has not been a driver in the circus who could put less effort into going faster than everyone else to match MS. Even with the current �point and squirt and let the electronics look after all else� style of driving, fluidity nurses the car and tyres and makes for fast laps. JPM is about as fluid as an arcade steering wheel. 
Of the �others� Jordan look to be the strongest but realistically it will be Ferrari first and Jordan comfortably cushioned from above in fourth with daylight fifth. Points for all other teams will only come from attrition or huge mistakes by the three �majors�. 
Special mention for Toyota: An abysmal start to the season but I think that they will buy their way to the middle of the field by year end and surprise us all in 2003. Funny how all those nought�s on a budget can shorten a learning curve. But then, I said Mika Hakkinen would prevail in 2001. 
One prediction I will stand by, before the year is out there will be significant agitation from both fans and the also-ran teams to renew the scoring system debate. 2002 will see a point�s drought, even worse than last year, for all but the top 3 teams - Geoff H - Australia

I think Ferrari and MS are going to come out on top again, with DC and JPM battling for second. Until MS retires or slows down (not likely!) I don't think anyone can challenge him. He is probably the finest driver active today. 
I don't think Ralf can finish any higher than third. While he is a good driver and he has an excellent car, his whining about team orders tells me that he thinks he needs help. 
With the exception of Minardi and Prost, the rest of the pack will probably be bunched pretty tight. 
Toyota is the wild card. Nobody knows for sure what they will be able to do and they may upset a lot of apple carts. They have the budget for it and the Japanese are not known for half measures - Jeff S. - USA

Montoya will probably have most "fastest laps" this seasons, but he will also have quite a few spin offs, incidents with other drivers and blown up engines, so he will not be champion. 
Ralf will finish more races than Montoya, and if the Williams will hold he will be a contender for the title. 
Ferrari will be good at some tracks and bad at others. This year there will be important for Ferrari to constantly finish races in order to catch points. Michael is also a serious title defender. 
Sauber will defend its good position and gain a few better results than last year. Massa will have to put a lock on his temper or it could cost Sauber crucial points in constructor position. 
Coulthard will be ahead of Raikkonen, but the Finn will deliver a few "jawdrops" for the spectators. The Scot will not fight for the title, neither will Kimi. 
Jordan will fall further back into the field, struggling with the loss of technicians to Renault, and less money from Deutsche Post and Benson & Hedges. 
Renault will do better then Jordan and fight alongside with Sauber on the grid. We may even see a pole from Fisichella (Trulli?) at Monza or Hockenheim! 
Jaguar will fight alongside with Arrows, BAR and Jordan on the grid. 
If Frentzen drives an Arrows we will se some good results for the team, specially under difficult circumstances. 
My guess for champion is one of the Schumi's or Montoya, but probably a Schuey. Constructor will also go to Ferrari this year - Olav H - Norway

M.S will win again. 
Jordan will improve on last year but only a small bit! 
Bar are in trouble the still looks the same as it has being for the last three years. 
Williams will be the only other real contender for the title! - Adrian C - Ireland

MONTOYA will win that is all - Yesid P - Canada

In my opinion Juan Pablo Montoya will be the winner on this season. He has proved been the best. 
We hope his car will be better this year - Sergio P - USA

My prediction for 2002 are that Giancarlo Fisichella will be world champion. Looking at this logically, I cannot come up with any other conclusion. With Honda power and an inspired Eddie Jordan you will see a bigger comeback since Lazarus from Jordan. 
PS Michael Schumacher will capatilise on his new insurance policy by sitting the season out with a race related injury - Kylie T - Australia.

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