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Your thoughts on the '02 Brazilian Grand Prix  

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What others are saying
Brazilian Grand Prix Page

The third race of the season saw Michael Schumacher win in the new F2002 ahead of the Williams of Ralf Schumacher.
With all the talk about Williams dominating, was it a surprise ?
What about Montoya touching the back of Michael, was Juan Pablo right in calling Michael 'unfair'  or was he covering up for a silly mistake ?
And Renault in only their third race, they mix it with McLaren. Expected ?
We also saw another impressive performance from Toyota, Jaguar have certainly improved while Sauber, Arrows and the 2 Honda teams seem to be going backwards. Perhaps it was the tyres!
Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Schumi was running the F2002 on a software limiting Rev!, the car was setup to go as fast as it can without going into more than 90% of the real F2002 pace!, in terms of engine!, what Schumi said on the race day (press) just another play, though they would run F2002 at almost or full pace because they can't hold up Williams at Schumi pace in Brazil, Ferrari lost virtually in Brazil, it was Schumi win not Ferrari's - Ice Blade

I agree that JPM is a good driver and that he should settle down but on the dirty side, I'd put Shumi with him on the same league certainly, and that's quite natural for those seeking for being THE GREATEST. On the other side we have the Fangios, the Fittipaldis, the Prosts... which I prefer. Anyway, they are all fine to watch! SALUD! - Alberto R - Paraguay

Why should JPM complain about MS�s move? He was in Ferrari's back and there was no other way to pass MS than by the side, not jumping over, as it looked he wanted to. JPM should settle down, is a good driver but has no respect for others and this is not the way he'll win races. He brings excitement but I think he's the one who is dirty racing because can't stand by Schumy - Conrad - Paraguay

It seems to me that the majority here don't want the excitement that Juan Pablo has brought into the sport and would rather watch Ralf driving behind his brother for half a race without a single attempt at passing him. Is that what you want ?.
I think the reason Juan Pablo is angry with Michael is that he expected Michael to leave him some room as Juan Pablo did on the previous couple of corners. Michael didn't (if you look at the replay you'll see clearly that Michael cut across reacting to Juan's move). Juan feels that he was treated unfairly and he is saying now is that he'll drive that way too. I don't see anything wrong with that. I think Michael needs someone to remind him that he cannot be above the rest. I just hope that FIA won't summon Juan Pablo and tell him that he can't apply Michael's rules to himself! - Simon B - Australia

No way Tim!! when you're driving in a race and for the world championship you don't think 'he looks faster than me i guess i should let him by' you race your race, you defend your line legitimately as Michael did. Montoya would have done exactly the same but maybe Michael wouldn't have been careless enough to clip the car. Montoya is trying to cover his mistake, and he's done it poorly. he needs to learn to adapt his racing style. He said it almost as if he was expecting a favour from Michael. As if! - Lizzie I - United Kingdom

Ag come off it Tim - Your emotion impairs your reason. Montoya is still learning to drive in a Formula 1 race. It's unlike CART where you go pedal to the metal and go like hell with clenched teeth and fists - regardless. In Formula 1 you also have to think about your race and plan your race and patience is a virtue. 
As for your comment on the FIA and the others - that's loud talk for a guy on a small pony! The race was a good one full of excitement. When was the last time that a race was so close at the end and the winning margin was less than a second without the leader backing off although I think Cookie may be right and Michael was not driving 10/10 but he planned his race and strategy to keep in front - Johan M - South Africa

Extremely disappointed with Michael Schumacher's dirty driving tactics. It was clear that Juan had more than enough momentum to pass Michael going into that corner, and Michael knew it - the fact is, Schumi knows he's met a potential match and is pulling every dirty trick out of his big red Ferrari bag to desperately hold onto his uber status as the big man. If you're so good Schumi... stop blocking Juan and RACE HIM! How anyone can see this incident as anything but a blatant blocking move is beyond me. Legal or not legal, its down right DIRTY RACING. If this was a motocross we would have simply said "he knew he was gonna get passed, so he took him out"... as he clearly did. Juan is not being childish - he's telling it like it is. The FIA, and you all need to get off your red high horse, take your noses out of the air and see the truth. Talent has arrived, and dirty tricks can only stop it for so long ... Tim L - USA

A good debut for the F2002 and a brilliant drive by Michael. JPM was too reckless and paid the price. If only he had waited, he would have had a good chance to pass Michael. 
To be fair to Ralf I think he is a very good driver, but he must realize (before it is too late) that he has to race everyone, including his brother. 
It seems that this year it is all going to run down to Tires. And as far as I can see Bridgestone seems to be winning. In the last two races where Michelin should have had very good advantage they only ended up having marginal advantage. Whereas in Australia, when conditions were suited for Bridgestone their cars excelled - Vishy - Canada

J-PM made a mistake and is now acting like a little boy about it. Michael was perfectly entitled to cover his line. Montoya saying he will get revenge is just childish. and well done to Ralf, he brought the points home for Williams. Who knows, he probably would have won if it wasn't for that first stint. but Ralf sweetie, don't be scared of big bro, you're as good a racer as he is with other drivers, on the track he's just another competitor - Lizzie I - United Kingdom

A good clear race. It was good to see the new F2002 finishing with no problems. It seems that the new car is reliable and though competitive to others so we'll have a "fair" fight in the following races. The incident with JPM & MS (if has happened) is something that happens all the time in F1 and nobody complains so JPM has to show his value with results and not with cries. 
As for RB it seems that Ferrari' s strategy was to have him leading the race at the beginning. The car had a problem and that's all. There is no way that Ferrari could make such a mistake as giving all the attention to MS/F2002 and forget about RB/F2001. 
Thanxs for giving people the opportunity to have their say. Keep up the good work. Your site is great - Alvinos L - Cyprus

The only oddities for me in Brazil is that Michael did not secure pole and Rubens blew up again. Martin Brundle's assumption Michael was two or three stopping, everyone was writing the Scuderia off, that is absurd. I don't believe Michael was close to ten tenth's during the race. Also did anyone notice that the F2002 has picked up some straight line grunt relative to the Williams. 
On to Imola and maybe that Ferrari one two. Regards - Cooky - Australia

It wasn't a surprise, Ferrari is very strong in racing strategies. Montoya was covering his silly mistake. The Renault performance was expected nor the poor performance of the McLaren team - George L - Costa Rica

As much as it pains me to admit I think that McLaren has been reduced to fighting for the title of "Best of the Rest". While they were fast and reliable in Brazil they were far off the pace of both the Ferrari and Williams. 50 some odd seconds from second to third! Come on, MS and Ralf could have stopped and had a beer! 
The one Feel most for is Rubens. He may be the #2 driver, but he at least deserves a car he can help his team-mate in. I never got a real good look at the "incident" between MS and JPM, but what I did see looked like a racing incident, so JPM can stop whinning as far as I'm concerned. But I do think there should be some consistency in enforcement of the rules. I think it was DC who suggested a travelling marshal preferably a former driver to help make sure rules get applied fairly. Sounds like a good idea to me. 
I think Blas A is wrong. Ralf is simply not in the same league as his brother or JPM. If he had tried to pass anywhere besides turn 1 he probably would have ended up in the grass, and he could not catch the Ferrari down the front straight, so I don't think he had a realistic chance of passing. 
Ferrari, Williams and McLaren had better start looking over their shoulders. Sauber, Renault and Toyota are starting to look pretty good - Jeff S - USA

There's nothing 'wrong' with J.P.M.'s driving; he's a racer and wants to win every corner. That's fine if the others make room. But Michael is always willing to settle, if necessary, for just one lap (the final one!). That doesn't make for excitement --maybe-- but when you're investing millions of dollars, you're only interested in results. That's why Michael usually has no excuses when he loses, always gives the team a boost and looks ahead, always ahead, to the next turn, the next lap, the next race. Maybe with time, J.P.M. will learn. Maybe he won't. But it is for sure more fun to watch him drive than it is to listen to him complain. What a great year, so far! - Jim W - USA

Juan Pablo needs to learn to control his aggression. He's just trying to intimidate everyone into surrendering and he's looking a bit silly at the moment. Also really disappointed with Ralf, clearly he will never challenge Michael - between them they made the race at the front look boring, formation driving. 
Jarno Trulli was driver of the day for me, shame the car didn't last the course. I was so pleased to see Jenson fend off Montoya at the end. A bit of good look for Jenson getting fourth but who would begrudge him that after so cruelly being robbed of a podium in Malaysia - Linda B - England

Who was in the wrong in the Schumacher/Montoya incident? I believe that it was too close to call. Therefore, I call it a racing incident. 
My main concern is Ralf's pathetic attempt to win the race during the last 15 laps or so. Everyone had to have noticed this as well! If you watched the race, you will notice how quickly Ralf caught up with Michael after the pitstops, only to stay behind Michael for the rest of the race. Williams BMW should give Ralf his marching orders at the end of the current contract if this is all Ralf can do for them. 
Montoya would definitely have passed Michael with the stronger BMW. Ralf said in the post-race interviews that he did not want to throw away his second place six points, so played a bit more conservatively. What kind of driver is this, really? Williams BMW should really consider bringing back Jenson Button, who has proven to be the aggressive driver that Frank Williams likes, and drop Ralf like a bad habit. Honestly, what a horrible effort by Ralf in a superior car. 
Also, do not get involved in the hype over McLaren's reappearance on the podium. They took a very distant third. They need to accept the fact that they are now challenging the likes of Renault (and Sauber) as opposed to Ferrari and BMW. 
Lastly, good job to Toyota. They are collecting points the smart way, by not pushing the car too hard, but staying on the track until the end to collect the "scraps" points, which is working wonderfully - Blas A - USA

I think they overlooked the fact that Rubens' car had little glitches in it, and instead, decided to devote all their attention to Michael's car (considering the fact that that was the first race with the F2002). And, as usual, Rubens got the shaft. After Rubens was out of the race, I was hoping Montoya would be on the podium. He still did a great job working his way back to a point finish. KUDOS for Montoya - Dan A - Brazil

The first two were racing incidents but this one is 'unfair'? Come off it JP, you took your chances and you paid your price. A good race, marred by Michael losing the competition, which probably gave him the win. 
I feel sorry for Barrichello, what has he got to do to finish a race? I also feel a bit sorry for the two McLaren drivers, not that I think they could have stayed with the Ferrari's and Williams cars, but to finally have the car sort of working and then to be beaten for half the race by a better launch control system in a slower car. 
The really unfortunate player in Brazil was Raikkonen. He drove like a champion in waiting, professional, cool and fast. Kimi was beaten in qualifying by David only because he had to swap cars (twice) and he accepted the outcome without complaint. Without getting flustered he waited for the opportunity to get around Button in the race, committed himself and took the place. To get so close to the points and then lose out through no fault of his own is a real shame, to then accept that without whining is the mark of a man who knows his own talent and is comfortable with that. 
Malaysia and Brazil are both Michelin circuits (the Schuey factor and vastly improved performance from Bridgestone on the Ferrari's in Brazil not withstanding) and we will have to get into the European rounds to see how much of the results to date have been tyres. Renault will carry on challenging and are definitely on an upward spiral but seeing Kimi pull away from Jenson makes me think they still have a way to go to catch the McLaren in race conditions. 
It was an entertaining race, with Michael never threatened after the early 'racing incident'. Congratulations to DC for getting his podium. Roll on Europe so we can see what the Bridgestones can do on a car that isn't red - Geoff H - Australia

Firstly, I have to say that Michael's win wasn't much of a surprise once Juan Pablo's chances were ruined at the beginning. In spite of the superiority of the Michelin tyres, Ralf Schumacher is simply not fast enough to beat Michael. 
Regarding Juan Pablo calling Michael's move unfair, he's basically trying to bring out a point that the rules are not quite consistent....surely, the penalty on him in the last race was a bit too harsh. Juan was certainly a potential winner in this race, as was apparent from his fastest lap times. 
I think Renault have come up with a very good package this season. One thing that has impressed me about the car and drivers of Renault is the blistering start they get...this was seen late last year also. 
McLaren have put up a pretty lacklustre performance lately, and in the absence of Mika Hakkinen, I doubt they will ever have a solid, convincing race win (remember Silverstone 2001 ?), if at all they manage any. 
Finally, Toyota and Jaguar looked better than Sauber last race only because of the Michelin tyres. I expect Heidfeld and Massa to put up some stunning performances in the future - Tendulkar S - India

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