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Your thoughts on the '02 San Marino Grand Prix  

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What others are saying
San Marino Grand Prix Page

The fourth race of the season and the F2002 looks strong indeed. Are Ferrari ready to dominate like the Williams of '92 or the McLaren of '88 or will the Williams be able to put up a fight.
Juan Pablo Montoya didn't shape compared to his team-mate Ralf Schumacher here, why ? He blames imbalance but isn't that the standard response!
What about David Coulthard's performance ? Not only did Kimi Raikkonen get away from him (before he retired) but Jenson Button managed to get ahead of him in the Renault and he finished a lap down. Can he keep himself motivated given that his chances for the title are 0 or thereabouts.
Villeneuve finishing 7th ahead of the 2 Saubers and Trulli in the Renault, have BAR turned the corner ?
When will Jordan get it right, how many seasons have they been struggling with reliability ? Same applies to Arrows!

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Marian, I can't agree more. They are like crying babies. Now they are picking excuses in the new F2002 aerodynamic. But what about the scrubbing tire before the official race. But it doesn't matter, they still can't match the F2002 - Daniel B - Uruguay

BORING! BORING! BORING! Yeah right! When Mika and David went all the way up, it wasn't boring or when Jacques' Williams was far away from the others wasn't that boring ?
Hey Gents..... are you discriminating someone? 
Geoff was exactly on the money, which I really agree, Imola was the EUROtest. The results are clear every team went forward in performance (including Jaguar -sorry Mr. Lauda I can t help myself) The results show Ferrari was the most efficient in this test in special engine-gearbox-electronics assembly. And honestly I am a little bit concerned why they used in race the T cars. 
Williams and McLaren are very concerned too (actually they start some rumours of F2002 legality, not surprising for Mr. Dennis but unusual for Sir Frank). Seems like Ferrari had all in their hands during the race (except that NUTy moment) they have the edge.
WILLIAMS seems they lost the BMW POWER edge but you never know. Was obvious Ralf was trying Montoya style to overpass Ferrari in the beginning but his package was a little bit off. 
Mantoya, wow....if you can see the start he was almost cut by Kimmi. He escused himself stating he saw Ralf brakes locking up. Well come to ESCUSE CLUB Juan-Pablo. Your patrons Edye and David welcome you!!!
McLaren ...They needs to go back to drawing board. Except the Communication Centre and the new affiliation with Bloomberg (Y LOVE NEW YORK) they are #3 but with Renault very close.
Too bad for Kimmi which shown a huge capability to override David all the time. They improve, with respect for last year performances but not enough and I hope Michael overlapping David in front of Mr Haug will determine Ilmmor to think about it (to prevent every race to be that boring!!!!!) 
The rest just normal stuff except Jenson beating David (the best brit-he call himself), Felipe Massa with an incredible pass and Jacques Villeneuve and BAR which seems finding the right way. Too bad for Jacques because he is overqualified in the new team director vision, which wants to spend more money in car development than to pay a good driver. And Jacques wont drive for a second echalon class team. Well ...this is a rallye experince and will see if works in F1.
Ohh Sorry, Mark Weber was great. The guy has class and hopefully Mr. Stoddart will offer him a good fighting machine. Too honest to talk about Sauber (what a ...), Jag or Arrows.
In the end how was your day? My best regards, Marian - Romanian living in the USA

As a Latin American, I just can't help supporting you Daniel. B. - SALUD - Alberto R - Paraguay

For sure some people will say the race was boring. But I enjoyed it like any other Ferrari fan, watching the good performance of the new F2002. I think Formula One fans should prepare themselves to see more "boring" races in the future because F2002 is the dominator. Sorry!! - Daniel B - Uruguay

May I respond to some Imola perspectives. Geoff you are on the money, but Imola is about set up, look at the Ferrari's here last year they were woeful, so they chose the conservative choice (harder tyres, set up, eg) and they got belted, Rubens got third but it was by a country mile and Michael had problems apart from being uncompetitive and gave up. Boredom no way, look at Ruben's pit to take 2nd, if technological superiority is about boredom please bore me. If this was boring wait a bit for a couple of European tracks to fall asleep to, the tracks where mechanical grip are important the Scuderia will destroy all and sundry, but where high downforce and HP are the go the Williams may just bore the pants off of us. FORZE TECHNOLOGY. Regards Cooky - Australia

I must admit it was a boring race, but certainly not the most boring I've seen - in the past Spain has been the worst for that. Montoya for me was particularly disappointing and quite frankly I think too many drivers, including Montoya, made excuses for poor performances this weekend. 
I was pleased to see Jenson Button in the points again (didn't expect that) at least he was a happy man. Quite liked the way Massa drove as well and what happened to Nick Heidfeld? - most bizarre. - Linda B - England

The most boring race I ever saw (apart from NASCAR) - Jon - USA

Rather boring but oh so satisfying! Ferrari was so dominating that they ran their own race. They were clearly way ahead of the Williams although Ralf put on a fairly decent show. Monty on the other hand......... well, the results speak for themselves. Well done Michael/Rubino/Ferrari!! - Johan M - South Africa

Generally a very boring race, following an entertaining leadup. Too many cars broken, too many drivers humbled by an inability to drive a car that isn't perfectly set up and too many drivers who, during the wet practice sessions, displayed a lack of swimming lessons in their youth. Two heroes and two ummm ... Not-heroes! Coulthard and Montoya both scaled the heights of mediocrity while Barrichello and Webber performed faultlessly, albeit at different ends of the field. Coulthard was very average all weekend, consistently outperformed by Raikkonen, who just keeps getting better. Montoya too lost out to his partner, never displaying any hint of the talent he has. I am not a fan of either of these guys but they both can do much better than that. Both then joined the Eddie Irvine School of Excuses. Yeah, right, like Kimi�s and Ralf�s cars were perfect? 
Mark Webber had the best weekend of his short career (Melbourne�s points notwithstanding). He was faster than the car deserves to be all weekend and showed again that he won�t live in the slowest team for long. The highlight of the weekend for me (and the biggest surprise) was the performance by Rubino. Very quick in practice, a blinder in qualifying and a comfortable second home in the race. Had Rubens been motivated to do so, I believe he could have pressured Michael during the race. He wasn�t, there was no way he would have been allowed to do that, so he drove a sensible race to a well deserved 2nd. I can�t believe he has been sandbagging for years or that Michael wasn�t trying (he was) so where did the pace come from? Maybe he has been listening to himself for too long and has finally convinced himself he can drive as well as Schumacher? This weekend he did! Ron Dennis must be questioning the wisdom of moving to Michelin about now. If it rains, if it�s not high summer hot, then Michael will win. He may just be heading for the best result ever in taking his fifth Drivers Championship. The Michelin tyres were woeful. Michelin have an advantage in a narrow range of conditions (and MS/Ferrari/Bridgestone seem to have the answers there too) but those conditions will probably not be seen much for the rest of the season - Geoff H - Australia

As I have been saying, the season does start at Imola, so expect more of the same from the Scuderia. Imola is about set up and brakes more than any other track. I have been watching all the test times and the new Ferrari from what I see will dominate and do it easy at most tracks from here on in, and Michael will only flog it like a "red headed step child" when he has to keep in front, and this may mostly be Rubens. If you have a tape of last years Suzuka race you will see Michael was "on it" and this car will be much faster than that car so for all else this year looks bleak. It was strange Rubens just missed pole in the T car, Michael raced the T car and Rubens raced Michael's race car, so all the chassis are not equal, just like the drivers.
Regards Cooky - Australia

Imola was the most boring race I've ever watched since the beginning of the 2000 Season (when I practically started following F1)!
For the first time I felt asleep during a race! Shame on me! In Australia we get to watch San Marino at 11.25pm because of the Sunday Night Movie!
Anyway...I guess this is much of a Developing Season for us (Arrows) and surely 2003 will be all about continuity! That is if Tom can maintain continuity for next year! 2003 spec. Ford Engines, Same Engineers, designer and hopefully Frentzen and Bernoldi as drivers once again!
I have a lot of new trust towards Bernoldi this season because I think he's trying really hard to perform well. Last year I disliked him thinking he was just a waste of time but now I like the fact that he's driving for us!
He was in 12th position challenging for 11th!
Frentzen was running in 9th position just before he retired! - Rob - Australia 

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