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Your thoughts on the '02 Spanish Grand Prix  

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What others are saying
Spanish Grand Prix Page

The 5th race of the season saw a very dominant Ferrari but they weren't reliable though.
Ralf Schumacher back to his silly mistakes ? thinking too much about the car behind ?
Will McLaren get their performance sorted out ? Lucky the Renaults struggled!. And what about their reliability ? (Although Ferrari are not much better in that department.)

Sauber equal 4th with Renault, any real chance of staying there ?
Arrows finally showing Jaguar how its done with the same power. While Jaguar keep telling us their car is bad!
The Honda runners, the only teams with 0 points! Only Villeneuve finished yet only ahead of the Toyotas. Can it get any more embarrassing!
And Minardi, how cruel can luck be ? or does Webber enjoy flying cars ?

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Been a Barrichello fan it is amazing to see him in qualifying get the closest to Michael but in the races he struggles to even finish. It can't be the cars fault as we've seen Michael finish every race this year and winning by convincing margins. Surely in a team sport how can Ferrari keep letting Rubens down. If Ferrari loose the constructors championship to William's or any other team, they only have themselves to blame. 
It was an okay race in the end the Jordan's were shit, same with BAR, Renault were unlucky, Sauber I thought were excellent with both cars scoring well, Arrows finally scored something, McLaren weren't that exciting with Raikkonen only doing 4 laps on their test track with wing failure Same old, same old for Williams and FERRARI ( AKA TEAM MS). Bring on Austria - James -

Al, yes you are right in that Ferrari will not be so dominant for ever. That just will not happen. They will be surpassed by somebody sometime. But when? That question I can answer for you with certainty. Ferrari will go downwards (or the other manufacturers will catch up - which ever way you want to look at it) the day that the combination of Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, and Jean Todd is broken. Not before that or not long after that. These four (plus of course the dedicated team they have) are the backbone of Ferrari's success. They were that from their Benetton days. Things will go better for the other teams the moment they realise that it is not Ferrari they have to beat, they have to beat these four. Break up this team and you break Ferrari. Plain and simple. There is a bond between these four that has never been seen in F1 before or I doubt we will ever see again. Based on this I can also predict that when one of them quits, the others will quit at the same time. And down goes Ferrari - may that day never come!!!! Anyone prepared to place a bet on this? - Johan M - South Africa

Sunday saw a great race for Ferrari/Shuey and good results for Williams and McLaren. Great results for Sauber and HHF. 
I am enjoying the Ferrari wins, as, any Ferrari fan remembers the "dark years". From the decline in 86 to the resurgence in 96. Ferrari is good for F1, wait, let me restate that, Ferrari is the essence of F1. I hope the other top teams use their recourses to develop their cars, and not waste their energy w/ the silly reports I read last week about the "moving wings".
And we can only hope Barrichello gets to finish a few. He's driving really well, and smarter than last year. 
Enjoy Ferrari fans, because as we all know, someone can find the magic element to make their cars unbeatable, and it can happen at any time - Nova A - USA

What a race (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)! Unless you�re a raving Tifosi or a transcendental Zen master, it�s hard to get worked-up over yesterday�s procession. Although I�d love rant and rave about how boring the current season has become (when you start looking for excitement by comparing different vehicle settings or the chemical properties of one tire compound vs. another, you know you�re in trouble!!! � We�re talking racing here, not mechanical engineering). 
I�d like to take this opportunity to reassure my fellow enthusiasts that this is just a passing phase and that exciting times are just around the corner. How can I be so certain? Well sit down, crack open a cold one and let me explain: Before the mid-80s, when modern (i.e. Big Money) F1 was in its infancy, races were really hard to find on TV (probably due to the incessant fighting between the FOCA and FIA). Around 1985 things started to change (they buried the hatchet) and races started being shown with greater frequency, thus enlarging the fan-base of F1 on a worldwide basis. Well, it so happens that 1985 was also a pivotal race year for F1 with Alain Prost winning his first world championship (with McLaren - Porsche), Ayrton Senna moving to a competitive ride (from Toleman to Lotus-Renault) and with Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet making their move to a newly competitive (Williams - Honda). These four names would dominate the world of F1 for the next 7 years and provide a growing legion of F1 fans with some of the most competitive and thrilling F1 viewing. Even when a top team dominated the rankings (As Williams did in 87 and McLaren did in 88, 89) the spread was never more than 20 points between 1st and 2nd place (well�ok, there were actually 22 pts separating Senna from Mansell in 91, but Mansell was breathing down Senna`s neck in a very fast Williams Renault towards the end of that year). 
By 1992, F1 had grown to resemble the BIG business we know and love today. The technological complexity of the cars was making them go round faster and faster (leading to the questionable rule changes in 94). Driver aids were all the rage with some hinting that pretty soon a trained monkey could learn to drive a modern F1 car (sound familiar�). Well, the trained monkey didn�t come to pass and 1992 proved to be Nigel Mansell and Williams - Renault�s cakewalk year. Not that I didn�t sympathize with Mansell`s story (finally winning, after many years of trying, the ultimate prize just as he was about to retire at 39 years of age), it�s just that the overwhelming domination of the Williams team didn�t make for compelling TV. 
For the first time in my life, I found F1 boring. If we dig a little deeper, 1992 had many similarities with the current 2002 F1 season: - Alain Prost decided to take a year off to reflect (sound like anyone we know?) - Ayrton Senna was stuck in an uncompetitive McLaren (who can name an under-utilized former-world champion?) - First full season for new talents Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher (look at the new F1 crop � loaded with future world champions). 
By 1993, the domination of Williams subsided (Senna gave them a run for the money in a marginal McLaren-Ford - who can forget Donnington, which remains my all-time favorite race). As everyone knows, 1994 was tragic (I still remember watching the whole thing live - The sinking feeling in my stomach, the shock, the unreality of it all�). 
Thankfully, from 1995 to 2001, we had 7 years of incident-free and compelling racing with 3 different world champions and 4 different constructor titles. Which brings us to the current 2002 year. 
They say that history repeats itself and Ferrari�s domination of the 2002 season is very much like William�s in 1992. In other words, expect the next couple of races to be really boring. However, by the time Hungary rolls around I predict that Williams-BMW & Renault will be giving Ferrari a run for the money. 
Another encouraging indicator of better days ahead is the death of Kirsh PPV (The fallen Kirsh empire will probably be scavenged by Rupert Murdoch on the cheap, hopefully eliminating once and for all the threat of being held hostage to Bernie TV � or having the teams walk away and create a rival league) which means that F1 is going to have to focus again on advertising to secure it�s future. The fastest billboards on earth need you, the 100M+ F1 public, to justify the cost of paying for all the glamour, carbon fiber and inflated egos that makes-up the world of F1. That means coming up with a compelling show, each and every Sunday. If ratings go down (which I�d hazard to say is occurring right now) it�ll force FIA and FOCA to shuffle the cards again by changing the rulebooks. 
Finally, there are some really fast new drivers (Raikkonen and Button) as well as a couple world champion veterans (Villeneuve and Hakkinen) waiting in the wings to challenge the established order. Who knows, maybe even Montoya, Shumi jr., Barrichello and Coulthard will live up to their promise and give Shumi Sr. a run for his money. So remember, arm yourself with patience because 2002�s shaping up to be like 1992, and 1985 before it - a transitional year which will lead to a couple fat years of racing - Al - Canada

This was a more eventful race than I'd expected, only the winner wasn't a surprise. 
Its amazing how it always seems to be Rubens who has mechanical gremlins on race day, bit like DC used to always seem to suffer in the Hakkinen era. 
Pity for Jenson and in particular for Jarno Trulli. 
What happened to Kimi was very alarming and I'm surprised McLaren didn't bring David in. Apart from that I was pleased to see Frentzen getting a point for Arrows as I do like to see the points distributed as wide as possible, for the good of the sport - Linda B - England

The F2002 was amazing. Schumi is was unbeatable, even though he did not push the car to its limit! 
How come Barrichello's car failed in 4 of 5 races??? I can't help but think that Ferrari don't pay as much attention to detail about Barrichello's car as much as they do to Michael's, maybe even sacrifice that effort to make sure Michael's car is perfect. I feel Barrichello deserves better than that. I also feel Bridgestone has become a one team tyre and most probably they will either exit the sport next year and if they don't then they will find themself with only 2 or 3 teams - Vishy - Canada.

Well what can I say my team got a beating (BMW) and I don't know what they will do to get in front of the red bullets and if they can do something. What I don't understand is what make the Ferrari so good. What I believe is that they will catch up but when, I wonder Come what may I will stand by my team BMW Cheers - Francios - South Africa

From a Ferrari perspective (and because I am a Ferrari/MS fan, from my perspective as well) a very mixed race that highlighted Ferrari's very good package. Pity about Rubino's misfortune that effectively gave Williams BMW 8 points in the constructors ladder. 
Worried about the wing failures as theses can be ever so dangerous on this track. 
Williams got it all wrong with a comic of errors. First they did not have a tyre ready for Ralph when he came in, then they fitted Monty's nosecone to his car causing him to come in again and then the near disastrous pit stop of Monty. This way nobody is winning. You can hope to accomplish anything with 2 unscheduled stops. Races have been lost/won in the pits many times before. 
Rob, congrats with Arrows' point. You must be thrilled. Hope there is more for you to come! And Andre - yes you are right - Schumi has been lucky. But then, as the saying goes :"The better I get, the luckier I get" - Johan M - South Africa

Ferrari again hmm, Rubens again hmm, coincidence...yes actually, unless the cars are so Shumi tuned in trim that anyone else will break something, maybe just maybe Rubens has to tweak the car a bit too much to be quick and it then is subject to Murphy`s law. 
Williams hmm,... Ralf`s turn to be a goon, and Montoya who you all have written off as a kamikazi or car breaker. Drove the neatest lines, shortshifted the most (used the least revs to go faster) and stayed easily with Ralf, only to have 2 horrid pit stops and still keep his cool and finish as Michael would say with the maximum available. Maybe a car wrecker can suit most peoples perception of talented drivers, until they look at them objectively through the slo-mo. Sorry folks Montoya has genuine car speed. 
Mclaren, well who cares. Same shit different day. I have faith in Ron and Adrian though, though they will be back later than sooner. 
Renault, bad luck, Jenson looking A O K. 
Sauber, good stuff. Minardi,.. next race these parts will not fail. 
The rest who cares, maybe Cosworth have gone forward a bit. 
Enough bad luck for most every team in Spain to have something to bitch about.
Bridgestone, well done. 
Michelin, same same, there is more to traction than hoping for hot weather. 
I thought Williams would stick it to Ferrari this year, I'll have to wait for this I believe. 
On to Austria. Regards Cooky - Australia

YES!!! Finally we did it, we scored a World Championship Point!!!! Heinz Harald was great all week-end, qualifying in 10th spot and then racing Panis and Massa. The car is fast and sure we can score more points. We need to score at least 3 points to be ahead of both Minardi and Toyota. I am a bit disappointed as I felt Heinz could have taken a few stabs down the inside of Panis and Massa though! 
I now fully understand that Qualifying Day for us, small teams, is vital! We have to qualify that car inside the top 10 all times!!!! Nice seeing Monty from the on-board camera celebrating while his team-mate is running wide!!! - Rob - Australia

Sometimes I wonder about how many times Ferrari lets Barrichello down. Coincidence? Bad luck? 
There is no doubt that Michael is king, the best driver around, but he can't complain about his luck. 
Even when he had that terrible accident at Silverstone he was very lucky to have a dull pilot like Irvine as #2... Andre B - Brazil

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