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Your thoughts on the '02 Monaco Grand Prix  

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Monaco Grand Prix Page

The 7th race of the season saw David Coulthard in a McLaren win. That certainly wasn't expected!
Ferrari looked strong in the race but their qualifying performance was poor. Tyres perhaps ?
Williams were the opposite, exceptional qualifying performance on a track they were not supposed to be quick at but relatively slow during the race! Or was that just Ralf ?
Montoya retired for the first time this season. Did he finally push the car to hard ?
Trulli finished 4th almost a lap down. Were they expected to be faster ?

Fisichella, Frentzen and Webber performed well and are worth a mention while Barrichello showed how bad he can be when he looses his cool.

There were several incidents and the race stewards were applying penalties galore. There was Button jumping the start, Massa pushing Bernoldi, Barrichello pushing Raikkonen, Barrichello speeding and Bernoldi crossing the chicane. Interesting to see them having a more active role!.

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:  

What's the deal with the smoke from DC? It caused JPM and MS to back off, opened a gap and sealed the race for DC. Never seemed to slow the Benz either. Did DC have an extra button on his steering wheel this race? I wonder... Charles L - USA

Frentzen - Arrows - Cosworth in 6th position. That is enough for me!!!!
Great race!!!! - Rob - Australia

It's difficult to pass at Monaco. That said, all those on the podium at race's end passed competitors to get there. Passes on the actual circuit being nearly impossible, the race becomes one of strategy and nerves, rather than brute force or money. Michael's pit strategy worked; D.C.'s driving was flawless --and he passed the leader on the course!-- and Ralph, too, was a cool and deliberate head under the most stressful situations. As he said in the post-race, the best thing for him was to lay back and hope that one or both of those ahead of him made an error. 
Now some people find this boring. We have NASCAR for these folks. There you can watch drivers switching places for the whole event. Is it racing? Yes. Of a certain kind. F1 is another kind. 
By the way, I went to the Indianapolis 500 that day and saw a beautiful race, then came home and (because it was time delayed on American T.V.) saw another. I had expected Monaco to be a snooze; instead I was almost as excited watching it in time delay on T.V. as I had been watching Castroneves fighting with Giafone and Tracy (with Cheever and Andretti lurking nearby) live! 
F1 (and open wheel racing in general) rules! - Jim W - USA

Well there is one positive from Monaco, at least it's over - Cooky - Australia

While I was thrilled to finally see DC win, I also think it has to be looked at realistically. DC drove a flawless race, he was smooth, consistent and fast the entire time, however he had first JPM, then MS hanging off his rear wing the entire time. It was fairly obvious that both the Williams and the Ferrari were faster than the McLaren. If this had been any other track where there are opportunities for passing DC would have been lucky to get fifth. My point in all this is that either the track needs to be widened, not likely being in the middle of a city, or the race needs to be dropped from the colander. I know this is blasphamy. It's kind of like saying the Indy 500 should be dropped from the IRL schedule. Monaco is more than the race. It is a huge social event. But the fact still remains that it near impossible to pass at this track, there is no room for error. The slightest little mistake results in, not a little trip across the gravel, but a destroyed car from hitting the barrier, ask Sato. I just read somewhere that the pit facilities are supposed to be improved over the next 3 or 4 years, by filling in part of the harbour and building there. That's great for the crews, but what about us fans who can't afford to travel to Monaco to see and be seen, we still end up with a snoozer of a race that is pretty well decided on the first lap, barring crash or mechanical failure. All I'm saying is it is something that should be looked at - Jeff S - USA

Nice to see DC win, especially after I thought his car was going to expire when it got smokey. I honestly didn't think Montoya would win from pole, although to his credit it was a mechanical that finally put him out. Felt embarrassed for Sato when he crashed but when I heard it was partly due to team orders I thought why team orders at Jordan? a bit strange. I mean ok he got past Fisi 'cos of a misunderstanding, but come off it, he took his chance and I would have been a bit miffed if I'd have been him having to move over for my team-mate when he isn't even fighting for the championship - Linda B - England

Jean Todt is pissed off with David Coulthard. No matter how hard he tried David did not let Michael through. Monaco is a waste of time: the whole race takes 400m. Booooring! - Andre B - Brazil

This race was a real show in the capability of the pitcrew and the driver. Coulthard deserved that win, Michael was deserved to be beaten. 
Trulli I feel should've gathered more from the race, that battle for 4th was good. 
Regarding the Barrichello-Raikkonen incident I reckon Barrichello should have been removed from the race and Kimi should receive some credit for his performance - Josh - Australia

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