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Your thoughts on the '02 Hungarian Grand Prix  

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Hungarian Grand Prix Page

Ferrari clinch their 4th Constructors' Championship in a row in dominating form. Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher were untouchable and they didn't even push their cars to the limit! Will any team catch up with them soon ?

A few of the highlights (in addition to Ferraris domination):
The McLarens had a bad qualifying session but bounced back in the race making up several places and ending up in the points.
Once again Ralf Schumacher gets the better of Juan Pablo. After 5 Poles in a row what happened to JPM ?.
Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya clash for the second race in a row. A sign of things to come from those two ?
Felipe Massa on his first appearance on this track not only out qualified and out raced his more experienced team-mate but nearly scored points.
A surprisingly low attrition rate with just 4 cars failing to finish and 2 of them due to driver error. 

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:  

Hungary should be dropped from the calendar! no enough passing spots and too much downforce!! - Rob - Australia

While normally I don't respond to people who don't have the common courtesy to sign their name, I must respond to "Spectator EU".
First off most American fans are not NASCAR fans and do not go to the races simply to watch crashes. Second, anytime a car is driven on the edge of grip and control, spins and crashes are a fact of life, so to compare NASCAR and IRL or any other open wheel racing series is silly. Third, BMW builds a fine road car and one that can be modified for GT class racing, they also build a fine ENGINE for the WILLIAMS car. Finally, safety is the top concern in not only American motor sports; the HANS device is REQUIRED in NASCAR, OPTIONAL in F-1; but in all forms of motorsport worldwide. Ask Takuma Sato or Adrien Fernandez about driver protection. Both were rammed by another car and basically walked away. 
I agree with Julia and Vishy to a point. Montoya certainly should have gone thru a learning curve where he figures out the differences between CART and F-1, but this far along in his second season he should be able to tell when his car is no longer competitive and not be trying to crash into opponents. "To finish first you must first finish" - Jeff S - USA

It occurred to me that M. Schumacher could have won the Hungarian race at will. He did the third final lap 3 seconds faster than Ruben to close the gap then remained in second to the finish - Lyndon T - Norway

Vishy, u literally stole words from my mouth! yeah, before anybody criticizes Montoya, remember that Schumacher & Senna have both gone through this phase of over-aggressiveness when their cars did not perform to their abilities. In fact even recently, some of Schumacher's starts can easily be described as bordering on the reckless (eg Nurburgring 2001)! and Put Schumi on a Williams and Montoya on a Ferrari, and u can see how bad schumi can be! 
Well, some drivers have a naturally aggressive style of driving (Schumi, Hakkinen, Senna, Montoya, Villeneuve....) while some are very smooth and restrained (Coulthard, Barrichello, Ralf). The 1st category obviously is the one that produces world champions (with the exception of a few like Prost)... and Montoya's start to an F1 career hasn't been too different from the rest in his category - Julia

I do not entirely agree with Mr Spectator from EU. Last year Montoya had a bad initial start and he went about crashing himself out of the race on many an occasion. But he did learn from it and he is now driving the car and not overdriving. which of course reflects on the very small number of DNFs he has had this year. I do however agree that Montoya does not like to be beaten and I too think that he would rather crash than being overtaken on the track by other cars with same or lesser pace than his car. But just like last year I do expect him to learn and adapt and accept this fact. Maybe you are forgetting that even the Great Schumacher (i really mean The Great driver) once tried to crash into Jacques Villeneuve. These drivers at the top are the best of the best and they get to be there because they always want to win. This is not a gentleman's sport, this is racing. And it is natural for them not to accept defeat easily - Vishy - India

The case of Giancarlo Fisichella proves how much luck has to do with success. Fisichella is a great driver, far better than we can really see due to the limitation of the Jordan team provided car with the Honda engine and the equipments. It is even more sad that next year Jordan perhaps going to use the already proven possible worst engine - Ford, (Jaguar is also owned by Ford) which will make most to think back to the mediocre Honda motor as a legendary success. And so, in Budapest Fisichella proves his abilities in spite of being handicapped by the provided car and contraptions, while Montoya proved too that he is not a driver who possesses the intelligence, finesse just about all of the other drivers have. 
The car is important but it is not everything, particularly in a technical track like in Budapest or Monte Carlo. The general habit of Montoya is the dis-concern for the car, for others' and his own safety, which is a typical US style "Indy car" and "Winston Cup" racing where to wreck the cars is simply required by spectators. Most in the USA are going to the race to see that happen. Those races are mostly on the oval tracks, where the winner is who has the most of the guts to be the fastest without nailing the wall. To win a championship there all are needed to use of the speed and the "no-fear" kind lack of intelligence. 
Montoya in Budapest has proved that he is no more than the above type of a driver. I believe that most of us Europeans, not only men but women too, who just drive on the Autobahns are understanding better our and our cars' abilities how to drive in rain and snow, curving Alpine roads than Montoya ever will! 
BMW is one of the best cars, - unfortunate that the factory does not run the show itself - and with the drivers like Ralph Schumacher and Giancarlo Fisichella would have a far better chance than with Montoya. Of course Montoya will win races, but he never will be able to represent the true value BMW because he is not a match to the car - Spectator - EU

Fisichella is the unsung hero! what a phenomenal performance in both qualifying and the race from him!! I really think he deserves a top drive next year.. he has not got the kind of attention he deserves for all the stunning performances he has put up all these years on pretty average machinery. 
Michelin ought to give the teams a better tyre! 
Formula 1 may be losing it's fans due to Ferrari's deadly domination - Julia

Join 6 'n' Pole and see how your predictions stack up against the others. Register NOW! 


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