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Your thoughts on the Brazilian GP  

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What others are saying

What a race! It had everything except for a dry track!

Kimi Raikkonen won his second race in a row, this time though luck was on his side winning by the rules but not on the track.
Some of the crashes we saw were horrific and thanks to the safety of the Formula 1 cars that these guys weren't hurt.

A few of the highlights:

  • The performance from some of the drivers was simply amazing. We continue to see the young drivers like Raikkonen and Alonso impress.

  • The luck (or lack of) for the Jordan team. They could have won the race if it lasted a lap longer but Fisichella may have retired as his car came on fire in the pits.

  • Michael Schumacher has yet to finish on the podium, he appears to be struggling this season. What does Barrichello have to do to finish in Brazil ?

  • The regulation that was applied by taking the order 2 laps before the race was stopped. Is that fair ? Should it be changed ?

  • The decision to limit the wet tyres the teams can use to just one may have contributed to the drama

  • 6 drivers going off at the same turn ?

  • The difference in the tyre performance between the Michelins and the Bridgestones with one good in the wet and the other good in drying conditions

  • The safety concerns on the track. Why was their no drainage where the water was crossing the track. How could a tractor be on the inside of the barrier trying to recover a car while the race was running. Michael Schumacher nearly hit it.

There are many more highlights of this race which will be remembered for a long time.
Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Nobody was injured in the race and it gave for spectacular spectator entertainment with relatively new drivers finishing ahead of the 'old pro's'. 
My point being all the decisions made during the race were the right one's. Schuy was getting boring last year and that made most races predictable after the first corner. 
Also isn't it just wonderful to watch Schumacher mess up once in a while. I think I broke my sofa jumping up and down at that point! - Mike H - UK

Kudos to Eddie Jordan and Fisi for their calm in an extremely chaotic race and finish! 
I don't need to tell you how certain other drivers and Team Managers might have reacted in similar situation. If F.I.A. finds that Fisi did, indeed, complete lap 56 before the red flag, he'll certainly deserve the win. 
Jarno looks to be under pressure from young Alonso. D C, on the other hand, had bad racing luck. Considering how easily Fisi dispatched Kimi (after pressuring him for only two or three laps), it's hard not to think that, had the race not been stopped, that D C would have soon done likewise. 
On the subject of luck, it looks like Michael's comes in streaks --all last year he couldn't put a wheel wrong; this year he can't put one right. Rubens, of course, the heart breaks for him. It looks like the refrain at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the old days when everytime Mario Andretti had the race in his pocket, the P.A. system would come on saying, "Mario's slowing on the back stretch" and there he'd sit in a car that just wouldn't go any more. I hope that's not Rubens' fate, but it's looking like it, isn't it? 
As to the track --so the conditions weren't perfect, so what? The best drivers are most interestingly tested when everything goes wrong, not when it all goes right. Remember last year? That said, one should note that in the finishers, only four LOST positions from the start: D C (whose pit stop did him in), Weber, whose Jag looked marvelous while it was running, and J.T. and R.S. 
I'd like to see Fernando in a Williams; wouldn't THAT be fun?! and I'll bet Mark could turn up the heat in Heidfeld's ride. Can't wait for San Marino - Jim W  - USA.

I'm sad and happy in the same time. 
Let's start with happiness, first I'm happy because I was right when I chose Kimmi Rookie of the year 2 seasons ago. My prediction was right he is learning from the big Guns and beat the big Guns, unlike Mantoya -just talking. I m happy seeing new guys taking the race more than serious, Kimmi, Allonso, Weber, and even Janson are good example. Brasil was a good test for old drivers with respect for new rules- and a good test for young ones -the new F1 environment, rules & regulation. 
Was Brasil a good show? Yes. Was Brasil a good race? No Way. FIA need to think about it, the new rules beside Hans, fuel load regulations, and the dubious end after the race. 
Sad, Yes I'm sad not because Ferrari failed on all categories (technical, strategies etcetera) but because the FIA rushed to a final decision regarding the winner without all the infos .They used the FIA regulation absolute discriminatory ignoring the FIA Rules and the field reality. Likely they realise this and perhaps they will fix the problem. 
Schumacher had the right point of view. If Kimmi was the winner and the total lap numbers was less than 3/4 of total so all the drivers are going to have half points, or if Kimmi was driving the 3/4 of total laps Giancarllo was actually leading the race, being already in the second lap of leading. Makes sense, Do You Think?
Safety-FIA must have BRAIN DAMAGE TUMOUR (or is the age of FIA leadership) allowing just ONE wet tire compound per race. Why ? Is Michelin down to dimes and pennies in development? The decision put the life of 6 drivers on stake, is it worth? I don t think so. 
Who deserve to be the winner? Is a very general question but in My opinion there are just 3 candidates to an answer. Giancarllo is entitled to be the winner <> he was leading the race. Kimmi can be a winner he deserve respect for his highly quality race. Rubins (I know I'm a Ferrari nut) deserve this home race just in fact he was playing a bad team strategy and it was second time having a DNF being in the lead. 
I hope we won't see in Monte Carlo a tractor parked in tunnel or in front of Casino.
Thanks and my best regards to everyone, Marian - Romanian living in the US

This year is certainly shaping up to be interesting. I wonder how much is due to rule changes and how much is the normal ebb and flow of who is up and who is down. 
The "Young Guns" are certainly doing well, while the veterans don't seem to be catching a lot of breaks. 
There have been so many problems with the facility in Brazil, I think the FIA needs to take a long hard look at it and start pushing for some major improvements, starting with proper drainage and crash recovery, they do a lot better job in Monaco with limited space, at least they don't have tractors on the wrong side of the tire barrier. There were parts of the track that were rivers even when the rest of it was starting to dry out. The condition of the racing surface wasn't much better, most of the cars looked like they had oval tires, they were bouncing so much. 
Has Michael lost his edge, or is he just having a run of bad luck? The next 14 races should answer that question. I think it's just a little bad luck and he will come screaming back. 
I don't understand why 2 laps back, I could understand the last lap completed by the lead car, but why 2. I think Fisichella deserved the win, although he was very professional in defeat at the news conference. 
You have to feel sorry for Rubens, this is two years in a row he was leading and his car went south. What does he have to do to win in Brazil? 
I think Jordan's lack of luck can probably be chalked up to lack of funding. I would hate to see another small team go under, but Jordan's future doesn't look too bright, it's kind of a boot strap deal; you have to have money to win, but you have to win to get money, maybe TV revenues should be handed out in inverse finishing order; last place gets the most TV money, first place gets the least. Well, enough rambling - Jeff S - USA

Good day 
First of all, I think the entire world feels for Rubens. If anyone deserved to win it was him. That was VERY unfortunate. I think God must be a McLaren supporter! 
Secondly, I wonder about Frentzen. He finished in fifth but he never pitted once during the race. Don't the rules state that in order to officially finish a race the car must pit at least once? I realize, of course, that the race finished in unusual circumstances but does that change the rules in this case? Please enlighten me. Thank You TB - Canada

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