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What others are saying

Ralf Schumacher responds to his critics and wins the race over 16 seconds ahead of his team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya. Rubens Barrichello finishes a distant third while Fernando Alonso somehow manages to hold onto 4th. Michael Schumacher manages 5th after getting some help from the marshals after he spun while Mark Webber enjoys his best finish of his career so far in 6th..

A few of the highlights:

  • Kimi Raikkonen had the race under control until his engine blew. It was very unfortunate for the young Finn and lost a big opportunity to regain the lead in the championship.

  • Ralf Schumacher had more fuel than both Kimi and Michael yet he qualified a few hundredths of a second behind them. He drove a faultless race and although he didn't have to pass anyone, he has certainly picked up his game. 

  • Juan Pablo Montoya appeared to struggle at the start of the race. Something we've seen for a number of races. His move on Michael though was stunning and we should see more of that in Formula 1.

  • Michael Schumacher spinning as a result of touching Juan Pablo, is it anyone's fault? Should Juan Pablo have given Michael more space or should Michael have braked a bit earlier ?
    Also the marshals pushing Michael out of the gravel, do you agree with such a move? The regulations state that a driver can be helped out if he is in a dangerous position and his engine is running but is it within the spirit of the sport ? 

  • Fernando Alonso managed to get ahead of Trulli via the pits and keep Coulthard behind him despite his struggles with the car. Towards the end Coulthard couldn't find a way past despite the obvious speed difference. When Alonso braked earlier than expected, Coulthard went off to avoid Alonso. Should Coulthard have seen this coming and drove more carefully ? Was Alonso at fault for braking early ?

  • Mark Webber again finished the best of the rest and this time in 6th place, his best finish this season.

  • The difference in performance between Michelin and Bridgestone was again evident with the Ferrari package slower than Williams and McLaren despite their superior chassis/engine. It must be frustrating for the Ferrari camp. How have Michelin managed to gain such an advantage ?  

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Congats. to Ralf who drove an immaculate race. I am amazed that DC did not seek out and punch Alonso out after the race, I guess he's one of the few gentlemen left theses days. 
Just for the record Mark Webber's best finish was in his first race which was in Melbourne last year where he was placed fifth - Arthur W - Australia

(Thanks for pointing that out. The new points system got me there!. Corrected now ... Ed.)

Kimi looked very strong on Sunday, he was very unlucky and I hope his form continues so that Michael has a real challenge for the title. Coulthard, on the other hand, has been incredibly fortunate to be in formula1 this long, never mind so long at teams like Williams and McLaren - Bob H - Ireland

I liked the race. And I think Ralph redeemed himself a little. As for the incident with JPM and Schumacher, I thought it was interesting how Ferrari went on the offensive first in regards to the nature of the incident. When clearly the bigger issue was Michael getting pushed back on the track. That's why they're world champions. 
As far as Raikkonen's fate. If "if was a fifth, we'd all be drunk right now." Cars Break, sucks for Kimi. 
Again, What was Panis doing? The brakes locked mysteriously? I don't buy it. 
I think Coulthard had reason to be upset. More upset than he appears. He very nearly had a BAD wreck (shunt). 
I'm starting to feel sorry for Villaneau. That was actually a great piece of driving he did when he spun his car. Compared to what Panis did on his lock-up and stall, Villaneau was inspiring. Maybe we can show that tape to Panis and show him how a Pro responds - John N - USA

MATTHEW, Michael Schumacher will only retire when someone challenges him. It is getting tough for him this year and if Kimi gets a reliable package he'll take the challenge to Michael and if Michael can't fight back he'll retire. I'd say end of 2004 tops (unless Ferrari switch to Michelin then he'll be there till 2006!!) - Graham R - Australia

If Michael Schumacher's car was in a dangerous spot and stuck (which he clearly was), the race marshalls should have pushed him OFF the track, not ON to the track. Without the assist, he would have been out of the race and his result should not stand - Dory R - Canada

I think that Michael should retire from F1 and let the guys who have not already won the world championship should be able to win it. Drivers such as Kimi, Ralf, Fernando, Juan Pablo and David, by MATTHEW - Australia

Kimi's day will come. Maybe next Sunday? I had picked the Mac's to be pushing Michael and leaving Rubens & the Williams to wrestle with Renault. Shows how out of touch I am! Instead the Red Machines were struggling to keep up with Sir Frank's (at last!) powerful new package; David appeared to be pouting because they haven't given him the new car. Will it "come out" at Silverstone? Will it be as beautiful (and as disappointing) as the new Ferrari? 
They've been very quiet about why the Merc went away on Kimi, so does that mean they were simply over-revving it? 
As to Fernando's funny braking and JPM's overtaking: not much to say, really. They all get paid a very great deal of money to get points. And if getting points were simply a matter of having the fastest car -- yawn, who would care? David should respond as Michael did: "it was a racing incident AND in the same situation I'd have done EXACTLY the same thing!" Come on, D.C.; you're starting to sound like J.V. Even JPM has toned down the whining lately, so does that mean you have to crank it up? 
And, lastly, as to pushing Michael. If rules depend on marshal's interpretations of the racing situation, they'll always lead to controversy. Again, if I'm Michael and my engine is running and I can convince someone to push me, why should anyone whine about it? Think what would have happened had Michael waited, engine running, and the Marshals stood around arguing with one another! He wouldn't have had to say anything after the race, but one can rest assured that Jean Todt would have plenty to say! - Jim W - USA

Fantastic race, who'd of thought it would end like it did. Poor old Kimi blew his guts out, must be a car breaker eh... (joke). 
Ralph picked up the pieces and won handily over a fast moving JPM (good rubber in the last stint I'd say}, who really showed chop (MS} the door with the old over under trick. Chop can't help himself can he has to bang wheels 
Alonso had brake tested DC a few times before the big one, I thought DC would have realised it was going to happen. I told the missus that as soon as Alonso's grip was gone he'd set him up big time and bang there you go, brilliant. Did it to chop on the last corner as well. 
I think Ralph is using his car very well very similar to Reubens last year in the 02 against MS. Bring on France - Cooky - Australia

I don't think Ralf could have gotten around Kimi If the Mercedes engine had not let go. Ralf is a competent driver, but he is not in the same class with any of the front runners and more than a few drivers in mid pack are better. 
The incident between JPM and Michael was just a racing incident. We can Monday Morning Quaterback them forever and it doesn't change that fact. We need more RACING like that. According to the rules that the commentators on Speed TV read what the marshals did, pushing Michael out of the gravel, was within the rules, so it was a non-issue. 
I think Alonso braking at unexpected places is probably inexperience. Should DC have been more careful? Maybe, but again it was one of those things that make racing interesting and unpredictable - Jeff S - USA

Firstly, what horrible luck for Kimi. Is he the new Mansell? Well done Ralf, but I would love to have seen the race had Kimi not dropped out. Great pass by Montoya to earn a well deserved 2nd place and great to see Williams are truely back. 
I think there is no difference between Ferrari, McLaren and Williams at present aside from the Michelans, with Renault just a little underpowered. 
Jaguar has found reliability but seems to have lost performance. Oddly, they seemed fast on Friday, slower on Saturday and maybe even a little slower in the race - mystery there! 
Toyota showed they mean business all weekend and must be bitterly disappointed with the performance of Panis and the cars themselves. Lookout for this team next year. 
Anyway, the stage is set for a 3 way shootout between the Schuey brothers and Raiko, with Montoya as a good outside chance. And now we head to Michelans home turf! I can smell Ferrari's fear from here! :)  - Byron F - Australia

Personally I think Monty's move on Michael is overrated. Michael and his Ferrari was struggling and Monty was a lot quicker and was reeling him in hand over heels. The Ferrari package just was not good and Monty could have passed Michael any time any where any way he wanted (after the last pit stop). Michael was there to be taken. Just about anybody in the same position as Monty could have taken him. 
Although I am a huge Schumacher fan I thought I detected a hint of deliberism on Michael's part in that move. I agree with Andre on his comment about F2003-GA (it IS a fiasco compared to F2002) and both Andre and Graham are spot on about Bridgestone. Michelin definitely has the better tyre at this stage  - Johan M - South Africa

I agree with Andre on Ralf. While he is a very consistent driver he is no racer. Kimi had the race and had his engine not failed Ralf would have finished 2nd. The move Montoya put on Michael was superb and that is something Ralf would never do.
Michael being pushed by the marshals was lucky. I think the FIA should change that rule and ban any external aid to a driver regardless of the situation.
Alonso was superb. I think he and Raikkonen are the two that will battle it out for years to come.
Bridgestone!, I imagine Ferrari are seriously thinking about jumping ship but thanks to Michelin we have an exciting championship!! Just imagine the F2003 on Michelin rubber!  - Graham R - Australia

Kudos to Williams/Michelin and Petrobras. Ralf inherited a victory that he would never be able to achieve under normal circumstances. He is no Montoya, who showed us that Canada's result could be different. Coulthard was naive as always. Alonso should be investigated 'cose he was breaking on unusual spots. MS almost hit him on the last curve. I would die to watch a team with the F2002 package. The F2003GA is a fiasco compared to what the F2002 achieved last year.. And Bridgestone is struggling - Andre B - Brazil

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