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What others are saying

The most exciting race of the season so far and it was Rubens Barrichello who stole the show. Juan Pablo Montoya managed to keep up with Rubens while Kimi Raikkonen wasn't as impressive as we've seen in the past. 
The 2 safety car conditions have certainly contributed to the exciting event as well as a relatively scrambled starting grid.
Car reliability and driver professionalism was at a high with just 3 retirements all due to car failures. 

A few of the highlights:

  • Rubens Barrichello was simply superb. If he could just repeat that performance 16 times a year!.

  • Juan Pablo Montoya drove an equally impressive race moving from 13th into second after having to stop behind Ralf Schumacher.

  • Kimi Raikkonen may have not been able to hold Barrichello but going wide towards the end of the race cost him 2 very important championship points. He did drive superbly earlier in the race with superb overtaking.

  • Michael Schumacher managed to get back into 4th place and that was a good effort but his drive didn't seem to be as impressive as Barrichello's or Montoya's.

  • David Coulthard continues to be overshadowed by his team-mate. Coulthard used to be one of Silverstone's masters. 

  • Jarno Trulli demonstrated superb pace in qualifying and during the first part of the race then he drifted back. Had Alonso not retired he may have been passed by him.
    On the other hand Alonso was as impressive as Barrichello and Montoya in moving up the field after having to stop behind his team-mate.

  • Cristiano da Matta did a fine effort leading the race in unusual circumstances and managing to finish 7th. By contrast, Olivier Panis simply couldn't keep up!

  • Jenson Button starting from last managed to score a point. Sure he was a bit lucky but that was an impressive drive.

  • Jacques Villeneuve managed to hold up Michael Schumacher for a fair number of laps but appeared to aggressively block his team-mate too. In the end his team-mate managed to get the better of him and Villeneuve's F1 career is in trouble.

  • The lunatic who went on the track and could have killed himself. How could he get onto the track ? It did happen before though at Hockenheim in 2000 and Barrichello won then as well!

  • Car reliability and driver professionalism was at a high with just 3 car failures and despite the numerous on track overtaking, it appeared that all the drivers behaved very well. 

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Button had an excellent drive too. He finished 8th (0.4 sec behind DaMata And only 3 sec behind Trulli) starting from 20th. Before safety-car he was already 11th (after 7 laps) but then unfortunately lost places and started his come back from 18th place. 
Good performance :) - Rok F - Slovenia

Like most of you I loved the race! 
Was it the 'funny' front row of the start, or the lunatic getting on the track, or the amount of amazing passing that went on at a track 'where passing is extremely difficult' (per david hobbs). It was great. The one complaint is that the coverage was terrible. Most of the action in the USA was in replay after the fact. Either SpeedTV (our local F1 carrier) went to commercial or the director just had his head up his ass. Whatever, we got the best race of the year and the worst coverage of the year so far. 
But Rubens was incredible followed by Juan and Michael! - Dave W - USA

This race was the most action packed race I have seen in F1 in years. Ruebens did a fantastic job. I think what I enjoyed most was the passing by numerous drivers. 
Obviously Silverstone is still an enjoyable and exciting track, unlike Monaco, which I sleep through every year. I don't know if it was the safety cars or the track or both which lead to all the passing and actual racing, but it is something to examine for future formula 1Races. 
Well done Ruebens - Bryan K - USA

Useless to say that I support Barrichello, and the RB I saw at Silverstone is the one I learn to admire in his early years. It is not the first time he rocks though. Remember at Brazil when Ferrari let him without fuel, and Imola when he lost 2nd place due to a bad pit stop... 
I think that he, unlike Juan Pablo and MS, only feels comfortable in a neutral car. If the car is difficult the difference between him and MS increases. I hope Ferrari and Bridgestone had come to an agreement and he might be competitive at Germany and Hungary as well. 
But what I really wanted to say is that the main factor that guaranteed all the fun of the last GP was the track. The same conditions at Monaco or Hungary and we would watch a boring traffic jam (and maybe some crashes) - Andre B - Brazil

Well done Rubens! He thoroughly deserved to win. And although that nutter created a seriously dangerous situation for both himself and the drivers ....... WOW! ...... what excitement it created!!! Great race and plenty of great driving - DC - UK

Yesterday I witnessed one of the best and most action packed races since I became a fan of F1 in 1999. Juan Pablo's drive was shocking! He was back in shape after just like five laps after leaving the pits in p13. Not even the world champion, having a superior car, was able to do that. 
I was also impressed with Barrichello, his passing efforts were very aggressive and effective. He made Kimi Raikkonen look silly - Daniel P - El Salvador

Wicked... Cooky - Australia

I must say that I was surprised by Kimi Raikkonen's error towards the end of the race when he gave 2nd place away, he drove a good first half then went to sleep!!. Good for Montoya who now moves ahead of Ralf in the Championship and deservedly so.
Barrichello had a fantastic afternoon but as you say, can he keep it up. I doubt it.
Michael Schumacher wasn't impressive, he moved up because of his superior car and other peoples problems. Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard and Fernando Alonso would have finished ahead of him had they not had problems. Luck is always on his side!
I think Jacques Villeneuve should retire. Enough is enough!!

I think Silverstone should be penalised for the crazy man getting on the track but please don't scrap Silverstone, it seems one of the few tracks that we can see drivers daring to overtake. Great stuff - Graham R - Australia

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