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Your thoughts on the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix

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What others are saying

The second race of the 2004 Formula 1 season gave us a bit of hope for a competitive season. We must keep in mind though that the Malaysian Grand Prix was one of the hottest on the calendar and it is were the Michelin runners were expected to be strong. With Bahrain expected to be equally hot, it may not be until the San Marino Grand Prix that we'll get a better idea of the competitiveness of the Michelin runners under 'normal' race conditions.

A few highlights;

  • Michael Schumacher once again led from start to finish (apart from the pit stops) and was never really threatened by Juan Pablo Montoya. Rubens Barrichello struggled with the harder compound tyre and may have compromised finishing in 3rd for the sake of holding Juan Pablo's charge against his teammate.

  • Juan Pablo Montoya didn't make mistakes this round and maximised his points finishing second. Ralf Schumacher on the other hand struggled before retiring with a blown engine.

  • Jenson Button finished 3rd. A superb performance from him and his team. BAR appear to be mixing it with the other top Michelin runners which is always good to see. Takuma Sato did well running in the points with just a handful of laps before retiring with a blow engine having started from the back.

  • Renault looked strong for the first half of the race but a change in strategy for both drivers proved costly and Trulli only managed 5th although he was fighting with Button early on while Alonso finished 7th after having a stunning start and moving up very quickly but the switch to a 2 stopper actually dropped him 1 place!. 

  • McLaren looked stronger but again their star driver retired while running strong and David Coulthard was lucky to finish 6th (after 2 retirements ahead of him and Renault's strategy blunder)

  • Felipe Massa appears to have learned to keep his cool during his testing season at Ferrari. Finishing 8th and ahead of his well respected team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella is a great achievement.

  • Toyota have also improved their pace slightly with da Matta finishing just outside the points. Panis it seems had a bad day!

  • Mark Webber qualified superbly in second place but the Jaguar let him down at the start. Luckily no one crashed into him. Webber though appeared to be unsettled by the poor start and was a bit too aggressive blocking Alonso and then failing to trigger his speed limiter after Ralf's incident and finally spinning out. While he is usually calm, he wasn't then and he needs to control that. Teammate Klien did a good job finishing in 10th. 

  • The 2 part qualifying is already receiving heavy criticism at all levels. The first change to be introduced is to increase the gap between the two (assuming the teams unanimously agree). It doesn't appear much of a change and there are likely more changes to come later in the season. What do you think of this format ? And how can it be improved ? 

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

I believe that Formula 1 fans are going to disappear forever, unless the racing can be made more competitive. Formula 1 is not big at all in the USA and Canada, primarily, in my opinion, because of the lack of competitiveness. Other racing series, like NASCAR and the IRL, are followed much more avidly here. This year, with the exception of Ferrari, all the teams seem much better matched than in past years. I really believe that Formula 1 IS the pinnacle of motor sport, and I would really like to see it do well. But something has to be done to attract fans, especially on this side of the ocean. My suggestion would be to introduce a handicapping system, like they do in horse racing. Depending on how well a particular car/driver has done in the preceding races, a penalty would be imposed (or reduced) on that driver in order to make him more on a par with the rest of the field. The penalty could be a rev limit, or it could even be additional weight added to the car, just like in horse racing ! I welcome your comments on this - Gordon F - Canada

An avid fan, I haven't seen much, but what comes over on BBC, and DW (a very good broadcasting group from Germany) on my cable. Locally (USA) ESPN and ESPN2 give F1 short-shift only, being stuck on Nascar, and IRL, a little. 
I would so WELCOME more of F1 and CART. I am left to discover what I can on the internet. Thank you for helping in this worthy endeavour. 
PS I still cry when I think about Senna. The Schumachers are excellent, but I think when Montoya cools down, he can beat them - Christine E - USA

Heartbreak (for Webbo) and Happiness (for Jensen)! 
After running for an hour and a half in very trying conditions for drivers and machines the race ended with the podium finishers separated by just over ten seconds. And there were three separate marques on the podium, as well. All three finishers are to be congratulated for having shown, to all but the blind, how IMPORTANT the driver is in F1. 
I think a fair minded viewer will admit that had Jensen been in the red car the race might well have been his --and had Michael been in the BAR, JPM would have been pushing a lot harder than he was at the end! Had JPM been in the Red machine, Michael would have been harassing him whether he was in the Beamer or the Honda! 
The "other Ferrari" was NOT on the podium. Wise heads are saying it's because his tyre compound was different than Michael's. Well that sounds more like an excuse to me than an explanation. 
I think it's more likely that the Ferrari is simply not that much better. Michael is. Indeed, it sounds odd to me that whenever Michael wins, his success is attributed to his machine or his tyres or his team or his money or his luck OR ANYTHING BUT HIS DRIVING. And, conversely, when he loses, the blame is always squarely on his shoulders. 
On the other hand, JPM drove one of his more impressive races. And I don't like the man very much. But he was driving well on Sunday. I didn't see a wheel put wrong whenever they showed him. I'd like to see a film of his entire race; I'm thinking he'd have been "dead on" for most of it. Unfortunately, for him, so was Michael. 
Kimi? He will overcome this spot of trouble. I expect he's already apologized to the marshal. And I agree with Adam: when Kimi and JPM are driving together next year they are going to be a lot of fun to watch! But don't count the Maclaren's "out" this year yet. I think we could well have another three marque podium in Bahrain! 
When you've got not two, not three, but four and maybe FIVE machines with a shot, you've got all the parity and excitement you need. But I think you need more than parity to beat Michael! The guy's a genius at finding a way to win. What I'm saying, folks, is that Michael is the man to beat, not the machine. And that's as it should be: a championship needs to be taken away, not inherited. - Jim W - USA

Hi Cooky! I agree that we will see more from the 14 car, but I will like to see Mark in a better car and get what he deserve. He is a quality driver... better then Kimi, Montoya, Alonso. He breathe F1 all the time - Yuri - USA

Well, at least this race was a little more entertaining. Before the race, Speedvision showed one of their "decade" shows, a race from Japan in 1994. And Senna spun in the first turn, while Schumacher drove off into the sunset. Some things never change. 
The only things that surprised me in this race are as follows. 
- Jenson Button on the podium. I guess Honda has finally designed a reliable engine. 
- Mark Webbers start. Act like you've been there before Mark! 
- Ralf Schumacher's exit. His race seemed a mess. Breaking part of his front wing, and finally blowing an engine. 
- And finally Massa beating Fisichella. You don't have an excuse this year Giancarlo. 
I wonder what the deal was with Alonso and Renault. I understand that they opted to change engines after Alonso spun during Qualifying. Under the new rules, you lose 10 grid spots for the race start. But since he was 19th, he only could lose 1 spot. I wonder how often we will see this happen in coming races ? Can the engine be changed without it blowing up first? 
And then we have Toyota. During the off-season, there was discussion of low cost engines, for customers like Jordan or Minardi. And Toyotas' name came up. A short time later, Toyota came out with an official statement explaining they would not be able to provide that service. It's probably a good thing they didn't, because it would be pretty embarrassing to get beat by an opponent who uses your engine, but has a better car with better drivers. 
Bahrain should be fun - John N - USA

Just a few thoughts... the race was ok. Good enough to keep me awake from 4am until almost 6am (I'm in Brazil you know). 
Regardless what has been said by Ferrari/Bridgestone I think that the idea of using soft tires in one car and hard tires on the other was strategic. So they would cover all the possibilities. The temperatures were not as high as expected so the soft ones made it. 
It's a shame that Montoya complained about Barrichello. He was never close enough to pass him and Michael was saving the equipment, just to give the watchers some hope until the end of race... 
What was that driving by Webber? What he did to Alonso was very dangerous... 
Kudos to Button! Do you remember a guy called Ville-something? 
Serious sources assure me that Coulthard finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix during the race. 
Kimi USED to be cold... well, who can blame him? 
The Renaults were just too heavy... a lesson to remember in the future. 
Massa 1 X 0 Fisio, but he should concentrate in keeping the car on that black thing - Andre B - Brazil

FERRARI dominated again, much more than was obvious. Had Rubens been on soft tyres it would have been an easy 1-2 for the Scuderia. Michael could have left Montoya 20sec. behind had he pushed his car to the limit. 
RENAULT would have been possibly second best again but for a string of errors, beginning with the qualifying. 
WILLIAMS were running really well and it could have been a major battle between Montoya and Alonso, had the latter reached the front row on Saturday. 
BAR are deservingly doing finally well, 
MCLAREN improved much more than obvious - don't write them off. 
JAGUAR shouldn't throw away chances like this, sorry for Webber. 
Generally the talented young drivers like Massa, Heidfeld, Sato, and Bruni showed their potential as well. 
As said before, considering a very tight situation between RENAULT, WILLIAMS, BAR and MCLAREN there is going to be an easy champion 2004 - MS again. Greetings, Tomas - Czech Republic

Frustrating..but quite entertaining. Looking back, did you notice who pitted first? How interesting that the large gap Michael had in qualifying was due to his light fuel load, not his wonderful Bridgestones.
In fact, everyone had been running lighter than Williams, except B.A.R. 
Did Montoya set the fastest lap of the race? Williams had at least two problems (I'm not even counting Ralph's scorched earth'  Schumacher) One, a flawed pit strategy, - look for this to change in Bahrain - and two, a driver who (not for the first time) wants to blame the car in front of him for not being able to go fast enough. Wouldn't a real driver overtake that car? 
Raikonnen..what can you say? Give the boy a car that works before it's too late.............Tom H - USA

Australia and Malaysia are normally hot races but both tracks WHERE NOT AT THEIR WARMEST, BOTH BEING OVERCAST SO we haven't seen a race in hot conditions yet so the Michelins may be running out of time. 
Bahrain though may be different. Michael had to go to soft tyres to stay out front of Juan Pablo so things are hotting up. I would say Bahrain will sort out the best from the rest on race day (no data), I won't elaborate, those of you who know me know my who's who list. 
Good on you Jensen, bad luck Kimi and Webber. 
Yuri what is wrong with the R5, I believe we will se a lot more from the 14 car - Cooky - Australia

Hi All, Well just as I have said before; Ferrari are Number #1. The Bridgestone Tires are much better now. I do not know if the Bridgestones are better than their French tire rivals but they are close enough. The Ferrari has very good power, an excellent chassis, great reliability and two very good drivers! 
It was a bad move by Rubens to use the Harder Compound as the weather played against him. But the "Hard" tires still produced a 4th place finish. If Ferrari continues to win and stay close to the front with both cars working well; both titles are their's. 
Bahrain will be another hot one but after that it will be European races. No abnormal heat this year. It could be many back to back 1 & 2 finishes for Ferrari. 
Oh, yeah, by the way, the BMW engine blew-up!!!!!!! Kimi's engine blew-up too!!!!!! We Ferrari Fans could not ask for better. 
I said Button and Bar are a gem. More Power to them. 
MS obviously knows not to lose track of preserving the sport. He backed off a bit at the end to make it close and did not make another runaway laugh of it! 
Ferrari knows what it is doing. "Measured Victories" and don't make the competition look too poor will preserve the sport, the rules and worldwide interest. Talk to you soon, Frank P - USA

What a class of team work with Ferrari; they have shown how good there are and how much the tires have worked together with the package: MS/BS tires/Ferrari. 
Michael Schumacher show why he is the champion and why Ferrari is so good. 
The race was good and more close then the last one, but if you see a year ago and BS in the heat didn't work that well, and now the Escuderia have a good chance to do better. why? well if they have a good tire in not so cool conditions like in Australia and a good tire in the heat and a good wet tire and the package keep improving... Ferrari have an excellent chance to get the Championship one more time. 
During the race you see a great champion running (MS) making the adjustment's that he need to make for the car work well and never make it work hard so he can bring it home. It so great to see that professionally in a race driver that make you wonder many thoughts. 
Button make an excellent race and I think that him and the team deserve it, and we will see more of that during this season. 
I feel sad for Webber, but he has so much potential that he deserve a better car... I think that will happen next year. Until then... 
Go Ferrari!!! Michael Schumacher Champion once more!!!! Seven... big number! 
Just 16 races to go! - Yuri - USA

I don't agree with your comment Martin, I think its unfair to say that Montoya may be regretting his move. Remember what everyone said about Schumacher moving to Ferrari for 96, it has turned out to be a stroke of genius. 
I truly believe Montoya is the next Senna and will lead McLaren to many titles he has so much skill and raw speed he will take McLaren to great heights. Remember there has only been to two races and there are 16! to go. 
Personally I can't wait for Raikkonen and Montoya to be racing in the same team - Adam - England

Malaysia was much more interesting and enjoyable than Australia. 
Well done to Jenson on his maiden podium, lets hope he can score a win by the end of the season. 
It has been surprising how few engine failures there have been with the new one engine rule, but it must be worrying for Mclaren to have problems in both races so far. 
I wonder if Montoya is beginning to wonder if signing with them was the right move? - Martin - UK

The race was definitely more interesting than Melbourne, simply because we had a race this time! When Montoya passed Barrichello, I thought he was going to overtake Schumacher and had he been on the same hard tyre as Barrichello he would have done. Schumacher was a genius to realise this and his gamble payed off. Montoya was never more than 5 seconds behind him and he is going to be Schumacher's main title rival this season. 
I was DELIGHTED to finally see Button on the podium, he's been so unlucky not to have been there before now, but very disappointed that Mclaren's Kimi Raikkonen did not finish due to ANOTHER engine failure. I believe had he been in a Williams he would have really raced Schumacher as hard as Montoya. 
Lets hope the next race in Bahrain will be even closer! - Adam - England

Trulli's wheel strike on Jenson appeared deliberate and potentially dangerous on the first lap. Trulli moved about a metre and a half across the track to complete the manouvre. I was surprised that the commentators did not pick it up sooner.
The race stewards also missed a flagrant and cynical misuse of the rule book. - Tony H - England

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