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Your thoughts on the San Marino Formula 1 Grand Prix

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What others are saying

Michael Schumacher won the San Marino Grand Prix after claiming the lead from Jenson Button via the pits. He proved yet again how skilful he is when it comes to strategy. Jenson Button did a fantastic job by claiming Pole but once he lost the lead, he seemed to have given up on attacking Michael. Juan Pablo Montoya drove a conservative race to 3rd place although he had a few moments at the start of the race and had to defend his position towards the end of the race.

A few highlights;

  • Michael Schumacher managed not only to overtake Button via the pits but managed to increase the gap significantly after the first pit stop that Button appeared to give up. Barrichello on the other hand after having a bad start failed to make up places via the pits despite having a superior car.

  • BAR are going from strength to strength and Button appears to be capable of mixing it with the rest of the top drivers. Sato struggled in the race and then his engine failed him.

  • Juan Pablo Montoya managed to finish 3rd. He and the Williams team must be very surprised that a BAR finished ahead of them on merit. Montoya clashed with Michael on the first lap and complained about Michael blocking him. Does he have a point ?
    Ralf on the other hand continues his run of poor performances. His blocking of Alonso was similar to that of Sato in Bahrain. This time though he escapes without penalty!

  • Fernando Alonso had a bad start (for once!) and was hit by Coulthard. He still managed to recover to 4th place passing both Barrichello and Trulli via the pits and hassling Montoya for 3rd. 

  • Raikkonen once again is forced to start from the back thanks to the Mercedes engine. He managed to make it till 8th. But that is really where the competition starts. Coulthard ruined his race from the start with a damaged front wing and couldn't recover.

  • The rest of the field looked very slow!

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Tom H you make a very good point Montoya COMPLAINED ABOUT WHAT Michael did and then proceeded to do the exact same thing to Ralph, not to mention how aggressive he has been in the past. I mean what was Michael suppose to do just move over and let him by, they're racing for track position for gods sake. I think you missed the most disappointing driver out there and that was Barrichello. I mean he has the car under him but doesn't seem to be able to do anything with it. He should concentrate more on his own performance and getting the most out of his car and not worry about what Michael is doing - Mathew T - Australia

I agree with Tom, 100%. Really, in racing, there are WINNERS and there are WHINERS. Some just can't be gracious in defeat no matter how sound the defeat is. Also, I guess pedigree does not apply to human sports. In the animal world, a good pedigree almost always guarantees good results with the proper training in the sporting world. Such is not the case in human sports; being a Schumacher does not necessarily equate to being a good (much less great) driver like the original. One can just sorely miss the days when Mika and David would battle Michael fair and square and win. No whines will you hear from these guys if they lose, either. They just make up in the next race. Just hoping BAR can go even faster and McLaren sorts their gremlins soon so we can see a good fight in the next few races. Otherwise...........hmmmmm - Manny P - Philippines

San Marino is always one of my favorite tracks. For me it's one of the few real f-1 tracks still around. When I watched the start, I almost thought that Michael was on heavy fuel, because he was so slow. Then he re-fuels at about lap 12, and then I thought "What?". Michael always starts quick. I know he started on the slick side of the track, but still, it was weird. I almost feal like he did it on purpose. He knows that he's fast, and could catch Button. And he knows if he can get to Montoya early, that Montoya will lose all composure and no longer be a threat. And that's exactly what he did. He single handedly made a mess out of that start. And there was a chain reaction all the way back to Coulthard. What is it with Coulthard and those Renault's? Remember last year when he had that spectacular spin while avoiding ( Alonso I think?). And he was so mad at Alonso, and accused him of premature braking. It looked like a simular situation this time. Then there's Button. That start reminded me of a Moto-cross race. Button got the leap on everyone, the rest of the field ran in to each other, and he was out front looking like he was having the time of his life. Until Schumacher started reeling him in. Like it was all planned. Button pits, Michael doesn't. And then, like so many times in the past, Michael starts setting fast lap after fast lap, he pits with a good lead, and it's all but over. 
I think Toyota should scrap their car, and just concentrate on development of a new one. And get some drivers while their at it. I thought daMatta was going to be good, but I'm not so sure now. 
Jaguar and Mark Webber aren't much better. Jordan looks like they brought an IRL car to A F-1 Fight .( A.K.A. CRAP WAGON). SEE Ya In 2 weeks ! - John - USA

Button did a good job and even though he got dusted by Michael, he did more than just hold his own. He truly was the second best driver of the entire field. Michael might have gotten pole if not for the mistake, but he made up for it plenty. 
Not sure what Montoya's problem was though, he was trying to make something work where there was nothing, then when he got back onto the track, he pushed his team mate all the way onto the grass. And Ralf was basically completely alongside him when he pushed him. As for Ralf, not sure what to say there. Another stupid move, he just turned in when Alonso was almost totally along side him. Overall a good race, looking forward to the next. Michael still have that five races in the row record from the start of the season to equal! :D - Tyrel v N - USA

Farewell, Imola, stupid track! And I wish that all the circuits where overtaking is dependable on strategy should have the same destiny. Talking about strategy, who is to be blamed for Barrichello�s sixth position? Couldn't anyone of the Ferrari's brains understand that longer second and third stints would give him 4th or even 3rd? All he needed was free track ahead, with warmed tires and low weight. I understand that the 1st pit stop is Saturday's strategy, but if they were smart they would have added more gas to let him overtake Sato and Ralf during their second pit stop. And maybe Montoya in his third. Calling him before the others on his 3rd pit stop was so stupid that I almost turn the TV off. Bridgestones take 2 to 3 laps to achieve the correct temperature: which kind of strategy was that?
Kudos to Renault that did it with Alonso. And to BAR and Button: very well done. 
Michael is in F0: another category. Montoya shouldn't complain: he was trying the impossible. And R**h... poor Toyota if they are really thinking of hiring him. 
With all the memories of Senna's death 10th anniversary we here in Brazil are watching dozens of TV specials of an era when McLaren was THE car. It is a pity to watch Kimi get his first point only because Sato's engine blew up. 
F1 nowadays has four leagues: Ferrari #1; Ferrari #2, Williams, BAR and Renault; Jaguar, Sauber, McLaren and Toyota; Jordan and Minardi. 
8 'n' pole is becoming easier and easier to score points...Andre B - Brazil

It's always someone else's fault with Montoya,isn't it? Let's face it,he's just not good enough..
His partner in whine, R***h (I can't quite bring myself to type his name) should be ditched now. It's quite senseless to have him keep driving. (if you can really call it that..) 
Congratulations to Button and BAR for qualifying and the first stint. Remember, no complaining about a light fuel load for Jensen, because no-one seems to make a fuss when Michael does it. 
Finally, congratulations to Michael. He reminded me of Senna in those first few turns, (which really makes Montoya's whining all the more galling) he gave no quarter. There is no driver out there that can touch him. (if Raikonnen can, we'll never find out,although how pleased he must be with his first championship point..) I wish there was.... Tom H - USA

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