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What others are saying

An incident packed race with only 8 drivers crossing the line! 
Michael Schumacher won the race from Rubens Barrichello with Takuma Sato finally getting on the podium. Jarno Trulli starting from the back managed 4th while Olivier Panis scored a 5th place for Toyota. The 2 McLaren's finished 6th and 7th (who would have expected that!) and Zsolt Baumgartner scores the 1st point for Minardi since the 2002 Australian Grand Prix! 

A few highlights;

  • Michael Schumacher capitalised on one opportunity to get ahead of Rubens and he did it. From then onwards everything played into his hands. That is Michael.

  • All weekend Rubens Barrichello had the better of Michael except for a little slip at the restart when he let Michael through. Having to pit behind Michael also lost him a few positions but made up most of that time. After one attempt to pass Michael, it seems that he wasn't allowed to try again and that is a pity. 

  • BAR gave away fighting with the Ferrari's by not stopping under the safety car. Takuma Sato would have pushed Barrichello and Michael. At least he did entertain us with numerous overtaking moves only a few would dare to make and it was his team-mate this round that had the gremlins.

  • Both Renaults once again had amazing starts. Trulli finished 4th from the back while Alonso was 3rd after starting 9th. Pity that Alonso had to retire due to a puncture.

  • Toyota looked strong on this track and Panis finishing 5th was a good result for the team. They have much more work to do if they are to score points regularly. 

  • McLaren finishing both cars for the second race in a row. That is an amazing achievement so well done Ron Dennis and Co. At least you have a driver that can make up for 2 extra pit stops for topping up air in the car! and still manage 6th ahead of his team-mate.

  • Well done to Zsolt Baumgartner for scoring the first point for Minardi since the 2002 Australian GP. Sometimes you can score points just because you were there at the end! 

  • It is good to hear that Ralf Schumacher is recovering well. He too suffered a puncture that sent him into the wall. Juan Pablo had to jump into the spare car and started from the pit lane. He was on target for a 3rd or 4th until he was given the black flag for not clearing the grid just a few seconds too late. It is a pity but you can only blame Williams for their second stuff up in as many races. If the car isn't starting by a set time, the driver should have been told to leave. You have to be realistic in those situations and not optimistic.

  • Regarding the punctures, Alonso, Ralf and Fisichella suffered from them (2 Michelins and 1 Bridgestone). The punctures should be thoroughly investigated and if they are from debris from other cars then a solution must be found because driver lives (and possibly spectators) are at stake here.

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Speed commentators work "WELL done?" Only if you're referring to an oven. They generally only suck, but with Varsha back, they have really hit the pits! Varsha is a world class idiot when it comes to any kind of racing and I can't believe he got the F1 spot back. 
Their constant praising of the idiot, One Pablum Montoad, makes me want to puke, especially when they turn around and badmouth Sato for driving like Montoad has since Montoya entered F1. He has been crashing into people and blowing up engines since day one and has been on a steady course since then. He especially likes running into the Brothers Schumacher, but he has taken out several other notables on occasion. And it's NEVER his fault, just ask him. Can't forget the time he passed Jos Verstappen, then pulled over in front of Jos with about 3 feet to spare and slammed on his brakes. Old Jos had nowhere to go, but over the top. Not Montoya's fault, he said so. 
Varsha and Hobbs are so eloquent in their praise for him, and have been since he arrived that I've had to start muting the audio when they start up. Gag me with a spoon. Then their constant yammering about how the race should have been red flagged during Ralf's shunt got a bit boring. I'm not going to argue whether or not it should've been (probably should've), but the bigger problem here is the crappy design of of typical American racetracks, which, for the most part are just slot car tracks. There is no runoff room. You get to smack a wall then end up in the middle of traffic. 
Everyone likes to badmouth Monaco for their track layout, but Indy and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are the same, or worse. At least Monaco is interesting. Americans, with their hangup on NASCRAP seem to be enamored with pace cars and yellow and red flags. It's sad when racing has MANDATORY yellow flags planned to do a "Tire check?" I've given up watching almost all American racing due to the idiocy of the whole race being planned around yellow flags. 
As for Eddy Irvine, he had his chance to win the World Championship in '99 and proved to the world he couldn't do it. End of his story. He was nowhere near the driver that Schumacher is, or even as he thought he was. He liked to say he could win it, and beat Schumacher, if he had the chance, the championship was offered to him on the proverbial golden platter and he blew it. Personally, I think Schumacher threw the Japanese Grand Prix, letting Hakkinen win it to keep Irvine from winning the Championship, but allowing Ferrari to win the Manufacturer's Cup. Irvine obviously wasn't fast enough to beat either Schumacher or Hakkinen. 
Why should Ferrari allow open racing between their drivers anyway? It only causes problems. How many times have teammates taken each other out with this open racing stuff. Uh, not since Canada when the idiot Montoad took his teammate out, or real recently when the two Toyotas took each other out, and it's been going on for years, Senna/Prost, etc. 
If I were a team manager, I would do what Ferrari does, too. Frankly, I think it's an idiotic idea for team members to race each other like that. If one driver is faster, he should be allowed to win, if the slower guy is holding up traffic and the faster guy, the faster guy should be let by. There are enough other people on the track to have to battle with. Your teammate shouldn't be one of them. But then we have the AMA Superbike and Formula Xtreme battles going on between Zemke and DuHamel. Fantastic racing. But, then, who is the superior rider? And motorcycle racing has a lot fewer cases of teammates taking each other out as it smarts a bit more to crash a bike than a car. It does make for good racing, and when you have a half dozen machines in the mix, the manufacturer is going to get points even if the front runners do fall off. Two lose all your Mfg points in F1 because two guys on the team decide to dice it out can be a bit tougher to take - Bare - USA

I was lucky enough to be at Indianapolis for the race weekend, and had a very good time. The weather was great and the people were very pleasant. I was in stand 'H' at turn one, with a very good view of turns Two, three, four and five as well. It seemed as though every five minutes something was happening right in front of us. From the four car Pileup at the start, to Alonso's puncture (right around the same time as Ralf's) to Michael overtaking Ruben's after the second safety car (he really wasn't in front when they came across the start/finish line right?) Rubens overtaking move on turn three, Webbers engine meltdown, Trulli going off the track, Sato's overtaking move (and subsequent trip over the grass) on Trulli. Even Heidfeld coming to a stop, and the Minardi overtaking the ailing Sauber to get a point happened right in front of us. It was quite entertaining. If I had watched the race on TV I would have had a different opinion I think. Certainly the Speed Channel doesn't come close to doing a race justice. Regarding Ralf. I would say that all the incidents close to us were attended to very quickly. This was probably because all the cars involved ended up off the track. Ralf was in the middle of the track with cars coming around behind him. Despite this, he was attended to within 90 seconds of him coming a stop. At this point the race should have been red flagged. There was way too much debris on the track, and not just around Ralf's car, turn one was covered in Alonso's carbon as well. I saw Raikkonen run over a big chunk. How many times did he pit? 
While I'm unimpressed at the FIA's 'explanation' of Schumacher not beating Rubens past the start/finish line (he should have received a drive through penalty. End of story) I had a fantastic time.
On Sunday evening we just wanted to load up and catch a plane to France! - Tom H - USA

That was a pretty exciting race! 
First off, I don't know what the heck happened to da Matta at the start, but he slowed so much before turn 2, and Klein just slammed into him. What a mess that was. Then they didn't clean up so well, and I think that was what caused Ralph to Crash. 
For the first time in a long time, I was really scared for Ralph. You just don't see too many wrecks like that in F-1. We get sort of used to it here in the U.S., with the nature of the tracks and the concrete walls, but not in F-1. And then Derek Daly comes on and says that he missed the safety barriers, and smacked the concrete flush, and I was more scared. 
I don't know what to say about the safety crew, except I'm sure it won't happen like that again. 
I'm happy to see Toyota improve, and McLaren too. One thing that really stands out on this track, and thats the level of competition. By that I mean, how close times are during Qualifying. It's not like at Nurburgring, where the midfield is 3.5 seconds behind the leaders. It's .5 a second a lap. Which brings Questions like, is it the elevation changes on the traditional tracks? Or is it that long straight at the Indy speedway? 
I would also like to acknowledge JPM's complaint regarding his disqualification. I feel the same way. They knew early on that he was disqualified. How bad would they feel if he was hurt in a crash ? 
Since I complained about the Speed TV coverage last week, this week I must say, "WELL Done". And I like having Derek Daly there, as he adds a new perspective. 
And lastly I agree with Andre. Ferrari isn't fooling me with their talk of racing. But I think you have to give Rubens a lot of credit. Eddie Irvine was put in the same position with Schumacher. If they tell you to run third, and hold up Coulthard, that's what you do. If Schumacher crashes out, and they tell you to win, that's what you do. That is a stress-full position to be in. And I don't think it's as easy as we would all like to believe. We all know how Eddie liked to run his mouth, But he never did with Schumacher. He openly states how good Michael is, and how hard he was to have as a team-mate. So I think that probably speaks volumes for what Rubens has to deal with - John N - USA

The race was a typical Formula 1 Race. No big deal there. What amazes me is the time that it took for the safety crews to get to Ralf Schumacher!!! Being from the US I'm used to seeing the safety crews moving and at the scene of the accident almost before the car(s) have stopped moving. Luckily Ralf appears to be OK with just minor injuries. My question is, what would have happened to him if there had been a fire and the crews took over 90 seconds to get there?? Would he still have came out of the situation as well?? This is an area that the FIA should look at very carefully. Safety needs to be a number one priority. Right now it seems secondary - Bruce C - USA.

The 3 minutes that Ralf Schumacher had to wait before medical help arrived is inexcusable and shameful. He could've been unconscious, bleeding profusely and dying. It's so fortunate that he's O.K and I'm very grateful that that's the case for him. I hope that this shameful and inexcusable delay in medical treatment is fully investigated and corrected so that such an inexcusable and shameful delay is never repeated again. I certainly hope that no one else is injured but if that's the case, the next driver to be injured might not be so lucky - Nancy K - USA.

I think the way the crashes were handled needs to be looked at very closely. It seemed like it took way too long for the medical people to get out to Ralf's car. And why wasn't the race red flagged so the track could be cleaned up properly. 
Sato must have big brass ones for some of the passing manuvers I saw him pull off. He made it so he is the hero, if he had not he would be the goat. Over all it was a great race, it even looked like Rubens actually raced against Michael, briefly. 
I am very happy to hear that Ralf is O.K., just bruised and sore. I hope he recovers enough to run in France - Jeff S - USA.

Today I watched a bad play badly played by bad actors. And I'm talking about the fake fighting between the Ferrari drivers. I still believe that Michael is the best driver around, and he would be even greater if Jean Todt and Ross Brawn would allow a fair fight between their drivers. 
When Mr. Brawn says "Our drivers were free to race one another" I feel myself insulted. The last lap before Barrichello's second pit stop was 1'11"3. A piece of something was blamed... Their last 10 laps where around 1'12" when they were able to do them close to 1'11" (or less). 
The safety car was a good excuse for Barrichello to let Schumacher go and he just pretended to try to pass Michael when it was near impossible. After that they brought their cars home. 
It's a shame! I'm sorry that Rubens agrees with this kind of arrangement. 
I repeat: Michael is better than Rubens, but it is perfectly clear to me that Rubens will only be allowed to win under special conditions - Andre B - Brazil

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