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What others are saying

Congratulations to the Ferrari team for clinching the Constructors' World Championship with 5 races still to go in the Championship. They have done a superb job and their competition just didn't shape. Ferrari fully deserve this Title. 
Michael Schumacher continues breaking the records with 12 wins in a season. Michael achieved that on a track that he isn't as strong on as some others. He 38 points ahead of Rubens and with 5 races to go he could clinch the Drivers' Title as early as the next race in Belgium. 

A few of the highlights:

  • The race in Hungary was processional which was expected however there was hardly any overtaking even in the pits!
  • Ferrari were in a class of their own thanks to their superior Bridgestone tyres but the difference between Michael and Rubens was surprising given that Rubens was supposed to closer to Michael on this track and was on the softer option tyre!
  • Alonso was on his own too winning the Michelin race nearly 20 seconds ahead of Montoya and Button. His team-mate Trulli was no-where to be seen even before he retired. 
  • Williams appear to be moving in the right direction following the dumping of their revolutionary front nose. Montoya finishing 4th while Pizzonia putting in another good performance and finishing 7th. 
  • BAR finished 5th and 6th which is disappointing given that they were looking to challenge for the win yet they couldn't even challenge Alonso for 3rd. The Button move has certainly affected the team.
  • Good to see Fisichella managing to score a point in the Sauber. His Bridgestone tyres helped him again.
  • McLaren's revised package doesn't appear to be suited to high downforce tracks. Raikkonen could have scored some valuable points had his car lasted but that is because of Raikkonen and not the car. Coulthard drove his usual and didn't make it to the points blaming the tyre choice!! 
  • Webber finished 10th and needed more cars in the front to retire is he was to score points. Panis was 11th in the revised Toyota which doesn't look much of an improvement over the old one and Heidfeld in the Jordan managed to finish ahead of Klien in the Jaguar showing just how much of an advantage the Bridgestone runners had. 
  • Ricardo Zonta's debut wasn't spectacular as he got tangled at the first corner and retired later in the race. He shouldn't be judged from just one race though!

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

I'm disappointed that more people are not responding to your request for input. I suppose that the "powers that be" (Mosely / Ecclestone) will use this lack of interest to muscle in more changes in the name of greater entertainment values for F1. Which is sad because there always needs to be a place for the fastest car AND fastest driver. Of course it's more fun when they aren't in the same team, but that's no excuse for changing the rules and making F1 into the IRL. 
I am a "fan" of Ferrari in the same way I am a "fan" of Mercedes Benz (for the great years in the fifties and sixties) and Honda and Williams and Lotus and McLaren and, now, of Renault and B.A.R. If there were no Ferrari for them to chase, would they do as well as they are doing? I don't think so. 
F1 rules the auto racing world. There are other kinds of competition, from drag racing to demolition derbies to series like the F3000. But there will always be an interest in who can build and race the best car inside a set of rules that applies to all entries - Jim W -  USA

I waited 3 weeks to see that. If I owned stock in Ferrari I would be excited, but other than that, I'm not having much fun this year. 
Lets face it, the biggest story of the year is Button leaving BAR. And I don't know if that's such a good move, as I never really trusted Frank Williams, and I'm not convinced that they are better than BAR. And now J.V.'s name is coming back up with BAR. How stupid is that? That's like taking sour Milk, and putting it back in the refrigerator, and hoping it gets better. 
I love Schumacher too, but it gets a little redundant. I realize we're seeing history in the making, but it's just not very entertaining at this point. There are so many more options out there for us to watch, that at this point I will no longer make time for this sport. If it's on I'll watch, but no more getting up at 4:00 A.M. to watch - John N -  USA

Michael won 12 out of 13 races. In the remaining 5 races, Michael will have a bigger chance to win 5 more races. 17 races wins for Michael in 2004 total is very perfect for him to claim the seventh title. His win will not be stopped until the next season when the new track will replace, for example, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Portugal. And the others will be appeared on the waiting list: India, Russia, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, Netherlands and Sweden. And also, the following circuits will be cancelled: Silverstone, Hockenheim, Spa, Monaco, Nurburgring, Montreal and Monza. 
I think only Ralf Schumacher can stopped Michael with a win but he will not attend on the remaining season until the next season or Brazilian GP. So, I believe Michael Schumacher had won 17 races total in 2004 season! - Raymond L -  Hong Kong

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