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Your thoughts on the Chinese
 Formula 1 Grand Prix

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What others are saying

The Grand Prix of China was a great success. The track and the facilities are second to none and the actual race was a close fight between 3 drivers from 3 teams.
Rubens Barrichello wins again ahead of Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen.

A few of the highlights:

  • Rubens Barrichello won again and it wasn't easy. Is Rubens Barrichello finally moving away from Michael's shadow or will we only this kind of performance when the Championships are decided ? Well done anyway!.
    Team-mate Michael decided to start from the pitlane after changing the engine and going for a different strategy. Back to back comebacks was not to be and Michael spun, had a puncture and banged wheels and ended up 12th.
  • Jenson Button drove a superb race and finished second despite losing a number of places at the start. Team-mate Sato also drove well finishing 6th after starting from the back due to an engine change. BAR were clearly better than Renault here and with just 2 races to go, it looks like they'll keep second place.
  • Kimi Raikkonen once again shows that he'll always fight for the win as long as his car lasts. He lost second to Button after modifying his strategy in the hope of taking Barrichello. It didn't work 
    Coulthard drove as per usual. An incident with Ralf Schumacher robbed him of his usual 7th place finish. He finished 9th!. 
  • Fernando Alonso managed 4th. He had a quiet race after Button passed him early in the race. New team-mate Villeneuve didn't produce the drive his fans expected and finished 11th not helping Renault reduce the gap to BAR. Japan will be crucial!
  • Juan Pablo Montoya did well finishing 5th after starting 10th!. Team-mate Ralf Schumacher decided not to continue racing after pitting following his incident with Coulthard while the team was waiting from Montoya to pit. 
    One would expect better from Williams or is it their drivers who are not putting the effort ?.
  • Giancarlo Fisichella and Felipe Massa both drove well to finish in 7th and 8th. The Sauber continues to show improvement.
  • Webber finished 10th for Jaguar. With the team pulling out of Formula 1, a better result wasn't expected.  
  • Nick Heidfeld did well to finish his Jordan ahead of the Toyota of Olivier Panis.
  • Radio communication on the live feed wasn't understandable at all. The coverage though was better than what we've seen in the past race!. 

Your thoughts ? Of course you can comment on other aspects of the race - Have Your Say (What others are saying)

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What others are saying:

Now that another boring season has passed Reubens is allowed to actually race. It's not Schumacher that's great but the full weight of Ferrari behind him. Senna had to battle Prost, Piquet had to battle Mansell and Scheckter had to battle Villeneuve (although Scheckter even admits Gilles could have passed him at Monza but Gilles being honorable made him stay behind). These are the true GREAT drivers. They achieved their goals through competition. Even the records that have been broken were done with far more races in which to break them with. I know some people are tired of the Schumacher bashing but those who can look past a red car fascination and can really look at all drivers and cars equally can see that Schumacher is very good but not great - Brain - Canada

I like the new Track in China quite a bit. It's really a beautiful facility. I also think the radio communication thing is at least a good effort to try to bring the interest level up. 
The Schumachers surprised me. First off Michael. I think it was scripted that he was supposed to spin in qualifying, start last, and then fight his way back up and have a duel with his old buddy Jacques. But he hit Klein, and all kinds of bad stuff. Then caught Jacques in 11th, and battled for a couple of laps, passed him, and pitted immediately. He probably told Ecclestone, " Jacques has to at least be in the top 7,or that will not work " But at least when he pitted, they had tires for him, un-like Williams, who sat there with there arms folded and told Ralphie, " Sorry Ralphie, can't help you. Those are Montoya's Tires." So I guess after you break your back, your attitude changes, because Ralphie just got out of the car, and said " I'm not getting back out there, 2 laps down, and getting hurt again, just because you don't have Tires for me." 
And what about Toyota! Boy it's a good thing they got rid of that da Matta character, because he was really hurting them! Maybe this deal with Ford pulling out will work out for Toyota. They can run 6 cars instead of 2, and hire half the drivers in the world, and maybe they will finish in the points. 
Then there's J.V.. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's back. But again, I'm pretty sure Bernie had something to do with this. If you have a previous world champ, and he's talking about gong to race NASCAR, because he can't get a drive, while Ford is pulling out of the series ; F-1 can't afford that much embarrassment. I just want to see Jacques do well. 
The next guy will be Coulthard. The second most winning driver on the grid, can't get a drive. Maybe he should threaten to race IRL or something ! - John N - USA

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