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The Real Race 
Round 8 - Canada

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June in Montreal, Canada, that�s where and when the 2002 season was decided. Ferrari showed that they have a package that can�t be beaten.

That�s the lead-in I was prepared to write, but hoped I wouldn�t have to. Juan Pablo�s place on the real race podium gives me some hope that Michelin and Montoya can take the fight to the red cars. Make no mistake about it though, no one else will. Daylight was a very comfortable 5th today.

The real joy of today�s session was the tyres. For the first time this season we have seen a truly level playing field. Bridgestone and Michelin runners are spread evenly and nobody had a significant advantage.

There were a few surprises today, including Montoya�s valiant effort. The drivers who have established supremacy in the first half of the season generally maintained their dominance. Webber shone, but we have come to almost expect that. Frentzen disappointed but after his pace during practice I have to believe there was a problem. Eddie and Jacques finally decided to have a go and Nick and Jarno kept their upper hands. Fisichella triumphed and Ralf and David � well, Ralf and David didn�t.

The Canadian GP 'Also Ran' Award.

Decisions decisions. So many worthy candidates, so few Also Rans. Ralf almost made it, perhaps he deliberately slowed down just to get another gong but he�ll have to do better than today. He is however almost guaranteed future awards the way he�s driving.

Alex, well Alex is at least consistent and that has to count for something so we�ll pass on him as well. Plus, I'd hate to have him get upset and take his ATM card off Paul Stoddard, the team needs the cash.

For the second time this season we have a two times winner. Only one driver out there today managed to combine the arrogance required to say before the real race that �... I know I can drive quicker around here than anyone else� with the stupidity required to say it out loud before going out and getting convincingly out-driven by an inexperienced kid, who�s been to Montreal only once before. David Coulthard, you were a fairly quick driver but your days are numbered, a real talent sits in the other McLaren and your awards from here on out are more likely to be the huge collection of Also Rans you will undoubtedly gather than garlands achieved for winning Real Races.

The Canadian GP Qualifying Heroes

1. Mark Webber, 2. Giancarlo Fisichella, 3. Nick Heidfeld

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The Real Race - Drivers Standings - Round 8

Grid Driver Car Team Wins Losses Best QualiPoints
1 JP. Montoya 6 BMW WilliamsF1 (M) 4 4 1 46
2 M. Schumacher 1 Ferrari (B) 6 2 1 56
3 R. Barrichello 2 Ferrari (B) 2 6 1 42
4 R. Schumacher 5 BMW WilliamsF1 (M) 4 4 2 31
5 K. Raikkonen 4 McLaren Mercedes (M) 5 3 5 14
6 G. Fisichella 9 Jordan Honda (B) 7 1 6 1
7 N. Heidfeld 7 Sauber Petronas (B) 6 2 5 2
8 D. Coulthard 3 McLaren Mercedes (M) 3 5 2 14
9 J. Villeneuve 11 BAR Honda (B) 5 3 9  
10 J. Trulli 14 Renault (M) 5 3 6 1
11 O. Panis 12 BAR Honda (B) 3 5 9  
12 F. Massa 8 Sauber Petronas (B) 2 6 7  
13 J. Button 15 Renault (M) 3 5 6 1
14 E. Irvine 16 Jaguar Cosworth (M) 4 4 13  
15 T. Sato 10 Jordan Honda (B) 1 7 14  
16 P. de la Rosa 17 Jaguar Cosworth (M) 4 4 11  
17 E. Bernoldi 21 Arrows Cosworth (B) 1 7 12  
18 M. Salo 24 Toyota (M) 8 0 9  
19 H. Frentzen 20 Arrows Cosworth (B) 7 1 10  
20 A. McNish 25 Toyota (M) 0 8 10  
21 M. Webber 23 Minardi Asiatech (M) 8 0 18  
22 A. Yoong 22 Minardi Asiatech (M) 0 8 21  

QualiPoints are awarded in the same way points are awarded to the top 6 drivers in a race. (i.e. 10, 6, 4, 3, 2,1)

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