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An Open Letter To The Editor


Please accept my resignation, effective immediately, as your Qualifying scribe.

As has been discussed, ad nauseum, the rules have changed. I promised to comment on Melbourne but frankly, that would be an exercise in futility. What will there be to say? A commentary on likely fuel loads is really all that can be made and that ain�t enough. If a driver gives less than 100% then we will have to put it down to fuel until Sunday proves otherwise. If a team has drivers widely separated on the grid we will have to assume different tactics.

F1 will survive Mosley, but qualifying (as we knew it) hasn�t. For the fan�s sake I hope the spectacle of watching one car at a time lapping on Saturday afternoon, chasing some predetermined slot on the grid, is enough. For me, it wont be. The real racing has been restricted to a procession of single laps on Friday afternoon and the impact that will have on Sunday is not enough to warrant a commentary from me.

So, Real Racing is dead and the Quali-flyer has hung up his quill (don�t worry, I�ll still clean the office every night - I need the money). I just hope Max and Bernie will also recognise that they too have passed their use-by and head off to spend some of the obscene amounts of money they have made.

Popular opinion has it that Michael Schumacher is the highest paid man in the circus. That isn�t true, he misses by a mile. Bernie has become rich in a way that Michael could never dream of out of the sport. It�s a damn shame he got so greedy that the sport became secondary to his avarice.

What now for the Quali-flyer? This is an increasingly controversial arena and it�s time someone said "I�ve had enough and I�m not going to take it anymore". From time to time, I shall reappear and try to shake the complacency of the fan�s, the circus or the bureaucracy from a Controversy Corner. The first outburst will probably be a forthright opinion on the new rules, given my reluctance to speak ill of the players to date.

So long, it�s been nice to know you.

Enjoy the qualifying in Melbourne and if you need some excitement on Saturday afternoon I think some of the barriers have been repainted and the paint may not be fully dry - you can watch that.

Yours etc.

The Quali-flyer

Whilst it saddens me to lose the superb commentary provided by you on the 'real' race, I cannot argue that Qualifying this season can be used to measure the performance of the driver. In the past season, you've provided the readers with entertaining and enlightining articles specifically on Qualifying. A subject that doesn't get much coverage elsewhere. We thank you for all your efforts and will be looking forward to more of your superb work at the Controversy Corner.

The Editor

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