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Tearful Turnaround  
Issue 29 - The Heretic  
September 11 - 20 News 

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20-Sep: The Jaguar Racing team today announced that Bobby Rahal the acting CART CEO will take over as team principal and CEO of the Jaguar Racing team.
Neil Ressler will remain the chairman of Jaguar Racing with Bobby Rahal assuming the responsibilities of the day-to-day running of the team. Bobby will continue as acting CART CEO until the end of the current season.

Neil Ressler spoke highly of Rahal at the announcement and said "Of course, Bobby Rahal's driving career speaks for itself, and needs no endorsement from me. I have come to know and respect Bobby during the period when Team Rahal became a Ford Motor Company works team in the CART series. His knowledge of racing at the highest level, together with his business acumen and demonstrated leadership capability, uniquely qualifies him to join us at Jaguar Racing."

Bobby Rahal is looking forward to the challenge and said "It is a huge honour to be asked by Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Racing to take over this role. I have no doubt about the immensity of the task in front of me, but feel strongly that, with the assistance of the fine people at Jaguar Racing, we can realise the potential that this effort represents."

"I am particularly appreciative to Neil Ressler for his faith in me. I look forward to working with Eddie and Luciano and helping them achieve their goals. As a young man, Formula One was my goal. While I had the privilege of competing in two grands prix, I was unable to complete my dreams at that time. However, I must say that taking this new position is in no small way a realisation of that dream. I look forward to the challenge."

Bobby Rahal will be relocating to the UK when he officially joins the team on the 1st of December 2000. Team Rahal will continue to compete in the CART series under Scott Roembke.

At a press conference in Indianapolis today, Jacques Villeneuve has indicated that he doesn't see a need for a change at BAR in reference to the rumours that Barry Green will take over from Craig Pollock. He said  "The team has had a lot of internal political problems, not so much this year as last year. This year we’re coming back a little bit. Everything has been going fine. The team has been progressing just fine. I don’t see why that issue has come up. There’s no need for a change."
Villeneuve did however acknowledge that he enjoyed working with Barry Green in the past and would enjoy working with him again and said "I enjoy working with the people I’m working with now. I had a great time with Barry in ’94 and ’95, and I’m sure I could have a great time with him again. At the same time, I’m having a great time with the people I’m working with now. I wouldn’t want to change that."

As for his past experience at the Indianapolis speedway, Villeneuve doesn't think that will help and said "I’m not sure the experience will help at all, we won’t really be using the oval. We’ll be using Turn 1, but we’ll be going the wrong way around. I’ll just have to remember not to turn left, but to turn right."

20-Sep: Michael Schumacher described the Indianapolis circuit as challenging as the cars can reach over 200 mph on the straight but the infield section the cars will need a lot of downforce. He said "The combination of the speedway banking and very fast straight along with the tight infield section will be a new one when it comes to setting up the cars. The last corner and main straight looks like being well over 200mph and the infield more like Monaco. Straight-line speed will be vital for overtaking at the end of the straight, but the cars need a lot of downforce through the infield. It will be tricky finding the best compromise."

Mika Hakkinen is looking forward to racing at the new circuit and said "I look forward to returning to the US as I made my Formula One debut at Phoenix in 1991. Obviously it’s a brand new circuit, which is always a challenge, but we are determined to put on a good show for the American public. The engineers will already have a good idea about set-up for the car but I have to learn what line to take into a corner and where the braking points are. I will not know for sure until I do my first lap in the car Friday morning."

McLaren's boss Ron Dennis is hoping continue their success in the USA after having won the last 4 races held there and said "McLaren has an illustrious history in America. We are the most successful Formula One Constructor in the US, having won the last four Formula One races held in the States, and dominated the CAN-AM Championship in the late 60’s. We are aiming to continue our success at this year’s SAP United States Grand Prix."

Frank Williams is hoping that the US GP at Indianapolis will help re-establish Formula 1 in North America and said "Indianapolis represents a wonderful opportunity for Formula One to re-establish itself in North America. We needed a fresh start and we couldn’t wish for a better one for our re-entry into the USA. I am praying for a great race (and even for some rain!). The Americans have never seen Formula One cars race in the wet at Indianapolis and they would subsequently understand why Formula One drivers are the best in the world."

20-Sep: Ayrton Senna competed in 9 Grand Prix races in the USA since he made his debut in Formula 1 in 1984. His first 2 races (Detroit and Dallas in 84) he was driving a Toleman Hart and retired on both occasions, in 85 in Dallas he was driving a Lotus Renault and grabbed pole and set the fastest lap but retired as a result of an accident just 12 laps from the end.
Since 1986, there has been 6 races conducted in the USA (3 at Detroit 86-88 and 3 at Phoenix 89-91) and Ayrton Senna has won all of those races with the exception of 89 when he retired with an electrical problem while leading. Is this the reason why so many Brazilian drivers compete in the USA ?

19-Sep: Bridgestone and the FIA have agreed to supply all the Formula 1 teams with 2 extra sets of tyres to be used during the practice sessions on Friday only. Bridgestone Motorsport technical manager Yoshihiko Ichikawa said "For the US GP the drivers will have the added advantage of two additional sets of tyres to be used during the first and second free practice sessions on Friday. The allocated tyres will consist of one hard set and one extra-hard set. The drivers will not be permitted to stockpile these tires for use throughout the rest of the weekend, because Bridgestone will collect the two extra sets on Friday afternoon.

Mr Ichikawa added "The specification that we have prepared for Indianapolis produces enough grip despite running with a high inner pressure. The teams, however, will complain about the lack of grip at the infield, because they will run with a low-downforce configuration. The tyres can also be expected to show a significant level of degradation, directly attributable to the demands of the slow corners on the infield."

18-Sep: "Can Formula 1 be successful in the USA". Topic of the week - Have Your Say

17-Sep: "Formula 1 returns to the USA". The United States Grand Prix preview is now available ... Race Preview

United States Formula 1 Grand Prix schedule:

Friday Practice Session 1
Friday Practice Session 2
Saturday Practice Session 1
Saturday Practice Session 2
Qualifying Session
Warmup Session
11 AM Indianapolis Time / 4 PM GMT
1 PM Indianapolis Time / 6 PM GMT
9 AM Indianapolis Time / 2 PM GMT
10:15 AM Indianapolis Time / 3:15 PM GMT
1 PM Indianapolis Time / 6 PM GMT
8:30 AM Indianapolis Time / 1:30 PM GMT
1 PM Indianapolis Time / 6 PM GMT

16-Sep: Jacques Villeneuve is the only driver in Formula 1 today who has raced on part of the circuit of the upcoming US Grand Prix at Indianapolis. He won the Indy 500 in 95 when he was racing in CART but the F1 circuit only uses part of the oval track. When asked about what it means to him to go back to Indy and win again he said it would be great but doesn't expect it and added "We are not up there in the battle for wins unless something happens to the McLarens and the Ferraris. But winning the Indy 500 was a very special moment. It's the biggest race in the world, and – to win it – is impossible to explain what it means. I guess it's like winning an Olympic event. To go back there and get a good result would be very nice."

15-Sep: Following a halt in testing yesterday due to Paolo Gislimberti's funeral, the 3 Formula 1 teams testing at Mugello returned to the track today and Olivier Panis set a new lap record at the Mugello circuit with a time of 1:24.104 over a second faster than Michael Schumacher's time of 1:25.323. Kimi Raikkonen (Sauber's test driver) was third. Panis also did the most number of laps with 93 ahead of Schumacher who did 89.
Michael Schumacher was pleased with the way testing went and added "We will arrive in the USA well prepared, having tried various scenarios which we could encounter next week. I can't say much about the Indianapolis circuit. I have seen circuit drawings but I would rather wait until next Thursday, when I will get the chance to do an inspection lap. Up until now, I have never had problems adapting to a new track, so I don't see why this time should be any different."

Click here for the timed Results

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer was testing for Ferrari. In the morning he did the shakedown of the 4 cars heading to the USA. He completed 34 laps with a best time of 1:02.232, he also practiced a number of pit stops and race starts. In the afternoon he did further testing working on setups and starts on a fifth chassis. He completed 41 laps with a best time of 1:02.094.

Click here for the timed Results

14-Sep: Volunteer Fire Marshal Paolo Gislimberti was buried today at the San Ulderico Church in Lavis near Torino. His coffin was wrapped in a Ferrari flag, the team Paolo was so passionate about.
Attending his funeral were Paolo's wife, relatives and friends. A number of Ferrari representatives were also present including Luca Badoer (Test driver) and Claudio Berro (Chief Press Officer). In addition several Formula 1 drivers attended the funeral including Heinz Harald Frentzen and Jarno Trulli. The FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and a number of teams and drivers sent wreaths in respect for Paolo Gislimberti.

14-Sep: Australian Mark Webber has impressed the Benetton team with his first test at the Estoril circuit. Webber took part in all 3 days and set very competitive times. On the first day he was under a second slower than the Williams of Ralf Schumacher, on the second he was just over half a second slower than regular driver Giancarlo Fisichella and on the third and final day he was over half a second faster than Bruno Junqueira the regular Williams test driver. Overall his fastest time was faster than the fastest time set by Benetton's top driver Giancarlo Fisichella.
Benetton's technical director Pat Symonds was very impressed with Webber's pace and said "The test gave Mark a chance to work with and get to know the team. Not only were his lap times extremely competitive, but his approach was very considered and mature and he was able to give good feedback and proved of great assistance to the team."

Click here for the timed Results

Juan Pablo Montoya who will be driving for Williams in 2001, (announcement expected at the US GP) indicated that everyone is beatable in Formula 1 including Michael Schumacher and added "I don't think there's anyone who isn't beatable. He's got two arms, two legs, two eyes and a brain."
Montoya is hoping that his move to Williams will be similar to that of Jacques Villeneuve rather than Alex Zanardi who both moved from CART to join Williams after winning the CART title, Villeneuve was runner up in his first season in F1 and went on to win the championship in his second year. Zanardi scored no points in his first season with Williams and his contract was terminated a year early!. Montoya said "With the Williams team working behind me I'm sure I'm going to be fine and they were able to do it when Jacques Villeneuve moved across."

Montoya warned though that his first season could be difficult and added "People should not expect me to do the same as happened in America. I don't know anybody who has moved into Formula 1 and won it in their first year."

Montoya also asked that he is not compared with Jenson Button when he said "This time last year, no one had heard of Button. He had only two years of racing experience, so I think he has done well, but it is not fair to compare us."

CART's Acting Chief Executive Officer Bobby Rahal has been strongly linked with a move to head the Jaguar Formula 1 team and an announcement is expected at the US GP. Rahal a 3 time CART champion has been doing an impressive job as acting CEO and Jaguar will be hoping that he is able to turn their fortunes around. It is believed that Rahal will retain the ownership of Team Rahal in CART.

14-Sep: Michael Schumacher disagrees with his teammate Rubens Barrichello who openly blamed Heinz Harald Frentzen for the first lap crash at the Italian Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher does not agree with blaming anyone for it and considers it a racing incident that can happen at any time and one has to accept that. He added that motor racing is dangerous and accidents can and will occur.
Explaining why he burst into tears at the winners press conference, Schumacher indicated that he was full of emotion due to several reasons, having some difficult races recently, the support form the crowd and the mention on Ayrton Senna.It was a mixture of all those that caused him to burst into tears.

13-Sep: Olivier Panis was the fastest man on the track at Mugello ahead of Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen. Panis also did the most number of laps with 113 while Michael Schumacher completed 98 laps. The teams concentrated on various setups in preparation for the US Grand Prix.

There will be no testing tomorrow at Mugello for the funeral of Paolo Gislimberti. Michael Schumacher will return to the track on Friday.

Click here for the timed Results

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer tested for Ferrari and set a best time of 1:02.056 covering a total of 106 laps in total. He concentrated on aerodynamics and brakes and also practiced a number of starts. Badoer will return to Fiorano on Friday for a shakedown of the cars heading to the US Grand Prix.

At Estoril, Mark Webber (testing for Benetton) set the fastest time on the final day of testing. His time of 1:21.704 was faster than the time set by Giancarlo Fisichella yesterday.
Given that this is only the 3rd day for Mark in the Benetton, his times reflect his potential and that could secure him an official test role at Benetton next year.
Bruno Junqueira was testing for Williams and set a time of 1:22..255.

Click here for the timed Results

At Silverstone, Jaguar continued testing solo in preparation for the US Grand Prix.

13-Sep: Following a second meeting at Monza, the Formula 1 teams have agreed to new limitations on testing at race tracks on the F1 calender. Currently the teams can test at 4 of those race tracks (Silverstone, Barcelona, Magny Cours and Monza) and the Friday practice at those events lacks excitement as the teams have collected enough data the previous week from testing. The teams have now agreed to ban any testing at those race tracks 4 weeks prior to the race.
The teams have also agreed on having 2 extra sets of tyres bringing the total of sets supplied to 10 but they will hand back 3 sets by the end of the Friday practice. This should allow more action on Friday as teams currently don't do much running on Friday to conserve tyres.
The suggestions for having a combined Friday - Saturday qualifying or scrapping Friday have not been accepted.

The teams have agreed to a race and test ban in August to give the Formula 1 staff a mini break. This will require revisions to the 2001 provisional calender.

13-Sep: "Tearful Turnaround" is the title of the 29th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2000 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Italian Grand Prix - Check it out here !!

12-Sep: Heinz Harald Frentzen has issued a statement regarding the tragic first lap incident at the Italian Grand Prix.

"I had made a good start from the fourth row and was up to sixth place by the first chicane. I was then slip-streaming Barrichello near the middle of the track as we came through the Curva Grande. I was planning a move down the inside in order to try and take him under braking for fifth place into the second chicane. As we arrived he moved further left, probably contemplating doing the same thing to my team-mate Jarno Trulli, whom I couldn't see at the time, but who was apparently on his right.

When Rubens braked, he did so earlier than I had expected. It took me by surprise and at 330 km/H I had virtually no time to react. I simply couldn't stop my car in time and I hit the back of Rubens' rear wheel with my front wing, which then prevented him from braking properly. As I automatically reacted by moving to the right to try and avoid the Ferrari, Jarno suddenly appeared ahead braking normally and I couldn't avoid him either. My front right wheel hit the back of Jarno's rear left wheel knocking the wheels off both our cars.

After that it was all a high speed blur. My car was pitched into the air sideways and I thought it was going to roll over, but then it hit the back of the Ferrari again and landed back on its wheels. By this time I was just a passenger until my car came to rest in the gravel trap along with everyone else.

I think everyone who knows me and my racing career knows that I am not the sort of driver to take unnecessary risks at the start of a race and I don't have a reputation of being involved in accidents. The first lap is always the most risky part of any race and it is inevitable that circumstances sometimes come together which result in an accident. When you have cars tightly bunched at over 300 km/H all braking hard for a slow chicane accidents are sometimes inevitable. I heard after the race that Barrichello was blaming me for the accident. In his situation I can understand his feelings, especially driving a Ferrari at Monza, but as he well knows the reasons for any accident are not as simple as he would like everyone to believe. As the stewards enquiry showed after they had reviewed all the evidence, it was a racing incident, the sort that happens several times a year, but fortunately without the same tragic result.

Of course, my deepest regret is the fact that a marshal lost his life in the incident. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this terrible time, particularly for them, but also for all of us that are involved in motor sport when an accident occurs. We all realise the risks involved in the sport we love so much, but it does not make the reality of such a tragedy any easier to bare when one of us pays the ultimate price for our passion."

12-Sep: Testing at several tracks continues with Ferrari, McLaren and Sauber testing at Mugello. BAR and Jaguar testing at Silverstone and Williams and Benetton testing at Estoril.

At Mugello, Ferrari, McLaren and Sauber were present and it was Olivier Panis who was the fastest followed by Pedro Diniz and Luca Badoer. Sauber also had a Finnish driver, Kimi Raikkonen testing for them. The best time set by Panis was 1:25.972 as he completed 80 laps. The teams are concentrating on different setups for the upcoming US Grand Prix.

Click here for the timed Results

At Silverstone, BAR concluded their testing with both Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta while Jaguar continued testing with Luciano Burti. The fastest time was set by Burti with a time of 1:25.2 closely followed by both the BAR's. Ricardo Zonta drove a new test chassis while both Villeneuve and Burti tested different chassis and aerodynamic configurations in preparation for the US Grand Prix.

Click here for the timed Results

At Estoril, Ralf Schumacher set the fastest time of the day with a time of 1:21.524 followed by Giancarlo Fisichella and Mark Webber (testing for Benetton).

Click here for the timed Results

12-Sep: The FIA president Max Mosley has indicated that no one is to blame for Sunday's accident at the Italian Grand Prix which resulted in the death of a fire marshal. Mosley added "It does happen from time to time. The stewards held an inquiry afterwards and interviewed all the five drivers concerned and came to the conclusion it was a racing accident for which no one person could be blamed. But inevitably when you have a multiple pile-up (even on the roads) you will find one or more of the drivers will be very clear in their minds about who was to blame. But all one can say is the stewards are completely independent and if there was someone to blame they certainly would have penalised him.

An inquiry has been opened into the accident but Mosley is confident that the matter will be closed once all the facts have been examined.

Rubens Barrichello put the blame squarely on Frentzen when he said "What Frentzen did was idiotic. His driving was dangerous, and he should be banned for 10 races". Heinz Harald Frentzen responded by saying that it was Barrichello who changed line and braked too early a response which provoked another from Barrichello when he said "It is completely unbelievable that he should think I was braking early. I was overtaking Jarno Trulli and I was braking as late as I could. He should not be using the car in front of him as a reference for his braking points."

The Ferrari team will be present at the funeral of Paolo Gislimberti with a delegation composed of team manager Stefano Domenicali, the chief press officer Claudio Berro and test driver Luca Badoer. Ferrari's president has also discussed with Bernie Ecclestone the possibility of a collection from Formula 1 to be donated to the family of Mr. Gislimberti.

11-Sep: Testing at several tracks starts today in preparation for the US Grand Prix.

The BAR and Jaguar teams have started their testing at Silverstone. Both BAR test drivers Darren Manning and Patrick Lemarie were present as well as Jaguar's test driver Luciano Burti. Manning completed a total of 60 laps and a best time of 1:28.057 while Lemarie completed 47 laps and a time of 1:29.239. Luciano Burti only did 10 laps with a best time of 1:29.558. Testing continues tomorrow.

Both Williams and Benetton have started a 3 day test session at Estoril. Ralf Schumacher and Mark Webber (testing for Benetton) were present with Ralf setting the fastest time of 1:22.738 and Mark setting a time of 1:23.580.

Ferrari and McLaren will be testing at Mugello from Tuesday. Jordan were planning to join them but as their 2 cars were impounded by the police following the fatal crash at the Italian Grand Prix they decided not to participate.

11-Sep: "How did Ferrari do it ?" is the topic of the week - Have Your Say

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