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A rare win for McLaren?
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27 May - 2 June 2002
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2-June: In addition to testing with the rest of the Formula 1 teams at Silverstone. The BAR team were also conducting a test at the Paul Ricard circuit. The team tested the major modifications planned for the Canadian Grand Prix. Olivier Panis tested on the first 2 days with Anthony Davidson testing on the final 2 days.
Unlike at Silverstone, the weather was dry and sunny and the drivers managed to cover over 280 laps over the 4 days with Anthony Davidson setting a new lap record on the track with a best time of 1:34.215 
Team boss David Richards is hoping the new package will help the team in Canada and said "We go to Montreal with the new evolution car and engine and, whilst we are under no illusions that it will cure all our problems, we are optimistic that it will go some way towards reversing our fortunes this season. The team have worked incredibly hard to meet the Canada deadline and I hope we can reward their efforts with a strong race on Sunday."

Click here for the test times from Paul Ricard 

1-June: Photos from the mega test at Silverstone are now available featuring 19 regular and test drivers from the Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, Renault, Sauber, Jordan, Jaguar, Toyota, Arrows and BAR teams ... Click Here

31-May: "A rare win for McLaren?" is the title of the 15th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2002 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix - Issue 15

30-May: On the final day of testing at Silverstone, Rubens Barrichello continued to set the pace ahead of Allan McNish and Enrique Bernoldi.
Once again the weather conditions were mixed and the teams had various interruptions to their test programmes. 
10 teams were present with 16 drivers setting lap times. Williams test driver Marc Gene covered the most number of laps with 74 followed by Rubens Barrichello with 58 and Jacques Villeneuve with 55 laps. 
Fernando Alonso had his first taste of the Jaguar R3 and impressed straight away setting the 4th fastest time of the day and marginally faster than Jaguar's regular driver Pedro de la Rosa.
The teams tried to finalise their testing programme in preparation for both the Canadian and British Grands Prix but apart from the weather, there were a number of red flags during the day with a number of drivers going off as a result of the mixed conditions. A number of drivers suffered mechanical problems on the track.
The teams now prepare for the long haul trip to Canada.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

The Minardi team was the only team not present at Silverstone this week as they opted to test at Vairano with Matteo Bobbi driving. The team concentrated on testing a number of aerodynamic components on the car in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix. 
Minardi's chief aerodynamicist Loic Bigois said "We have completed two days of intensive work here in Vairano, where our main goal was primarily aerodynamic testing. Apart from analysing a considerable amount of aerodynamic data, we were also able to do some development work in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix. We are more than satisfied with the outcome of this test session."
No times were available from the test.

29-May: On the second day of testing at Silverstone, Rubens Barrichello topped the timesheets ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard.
10 teams were present and 18 drivers set lap times. The weather conditions were better than yesterday but were still mixed with a few dry breaks giving the drivers a chance to test on a dry track.
Kimi Raikkonen covered the most number of laps with 61 followed by both Ralf Schumacher and Jenson Button with 55 laps each.
The teams continued their preparations for the Canadian and British Grands Prix. The mixed weather conditions also gave the teams a chance to run some wet tyre testing.
The Jaguar team continued evaluating their young drivers. After Andre Lotterer tested yesterday, it was James Courtney's turn. Due to different weather conditions times cannot be compared though. Renault's test driver Fernando Alonso takes the Jaguar R3 for a drive tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

At Monza, Ferrari concluded their tyre evaluation test with Luciano Burti driving the F2001. Burti covered a total of 84 laps with a best time of 1:25.476.
The team also conducted some brake tests.
Weather was sunny with a maximum air temperature reaching 24 degrees.

Click here for the test times from Monza 

29-May: Vic re-takes the lead in the 6 'n' Pole Competition by just a point! ... Overall Results ... Monaco Results ... Popular Picks ... Register

28-May: On the first day of testing at Silverstone this week, Giancarlo Fisichella set the fastest time ahead of Jaguar's test driver Andre Lotterer and Ferrari's test driver Luca Badoer.
9 teams were present with 13 drivers setting lap times. The track conditions were mainly wet making it impossible to set a quick lap time or compare times.
Luca Badoer covered the most number of laps with 78 followed by Eddie Irvine with 63 and Ryan Briscoe with 51. Felipe Massa covered the least number of laps with 16 as he started testing in the afternoon.
The session was interrupted a number of times due to drivers spinning on the wet track. However, there were no major incidents. 
The teams were concentrating on setup for the upcoming Canadian GP as well as the British GP as this is the last test on this track before the British GP on the 7th of July.
Testing continues tomorrow with Arrows joining the test.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

At Monza, Luciano Burti started a tyre evaluation test driving the Ferrari F2001. Burti covered a 81 laps on a modified Monza track. No times were available.
Weather was sunny with a maximum air temperature reaching 24 degrees.
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Monza 

28-May: Jarno Trulli's 4th place finish at the Monaco Grand Prix was pending confirmation by the FIA due to a seal missing from the electronic box on his car. The FIA have now checked the electronic box and declared it within the regulations. A statement by the FIA read "Further analysis of an electronic unit on car 14 was completed today (28 May) by members of the FIAís Technical Department.
The unit, which forms part of the carís launch control system, was found to be in conformity with the requirements of the 2002 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations. Car 14 will therefore retain its position (4th) in the final results of the 2002 Monaco Grand Prix.
Certain components are routinely checked at the beginning of the season to ensure that they have no illegitimate function (*). A seal is then placed on the unit to confirm it has been checked. There is no regulation requiring the seal to be in place (as was the case formerly with programmable electronic units forming part of the engine management system), but its absence means that the unit has to be re-checked. In the case of this particular component, the checks could only be carried out away from the circuit, rather like checking an engine."

(*) For example, an electronic component in the launch control system might have the means to receive a signal from the pits when the lights go out, thus enabling the car to start more quickly than it could if started by the driver himself in accordance with the regulations.

28-May: The Renault team have issued a statement clarifying the situation regarding the FIA scrutineering to Jarno Trulli's car. The statement read "At the end of the Monaco Grand Prix, the FIA took an electronic box from car number 14, driven by Jarno Trulli, to verify that it complied with Article 882 of the Technical Regulations. The FIA will take this box to the Renault F1 Team factory on Tuesday in order for its compliance to be checked."
Pat Symonds, Executive Director of Engineering was confident of passing the necessary checks and said "We are quite confident that everything will be clarified when we test the box on Tuesday at the factory. It's a pity this couldn't be done right away at the circuit on Sunday night, and that we have to wait for Tuesday to clear things up."

In a first for Formula 1, Renault's official test driver Fernando Alonso will this week be driving the Jaguar R3 setting a benchmark for Jaguar's test drivers Australia's James Courtney and Germany's Andre Lotterer. This arrangement was reached between Renault's Flavio Briatore and Jaguar's Niki Lauda.
Niki Lauda said " Our objective here is to conduct a true assessment of James and Andre by comparing them to what I regard as one of the best new talents in Formula One. I am very interested to see how my two young drivers compare to Fernando who, for the first time, will drive a Jaguar Formula One car."
Flavio Briatore said "When Niki asked for Fernando's services for this one-off test, I was happy to help. Fernando's proven skills will no doubt help Niki set a benchmark for his two drivers. It will also provide Fernando an opportunity to widen his experience. This somewhat unusual test will create a lot of interest, which is no bad thing for young drivers in Formula One."

27-May: "Your thoughts on the Monaco Grand Prix" - Topic of the week - Have Your Say

27-May: Jarno Trulli's Renault didn't pass the post race scrutineering check and is currently under investigation as the FIA found a problem with the electronics box on his car. A decision will be made soon on whether Jarno Trulli will be excluded from the final result.

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