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2006 World Cup offers you one of the widest selections of Formula 1 PlayStation 2 Video games on the Internet. Our PlayStation 2 Video game library covers all the available Formula 1 games found in the UK and the USA. 

Formula 1 2009 will be released in 2009. It will be a multi-platform game and will be released on the Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Wii and Windows platforms. The game being developed is by Codemasters and it will be based on the Ego Engine used on Colin McRae: Dirt and Race Driver: Grid games. We will provide release dates and pre-ordering options as soon as they become available.

Top Selling Driving and Racing PS2 Games

PlayStation 2 F1 Games (sorted by release date)
Formula 1 2005 (UK)
Sony - July 2005

New Competition: Go online for the ultimate head-to-head racing experience where you can battle against players from all over the world; prove yourself in the world ranking ladders where your best lap time and average speeds across circuits are judged against other drivers or join a 'buddy' list so can regularly take on head to head a group of players to become the ultimate champion.
New Features: Including new interactive pit stops, pre-race grid line-up set against a backdrop of mechanics, grid girls, journalists, cameramen and special events
New Career: Challenge yourself with the improved career mode options offering more depth than ever before for wannabe racers, increasing the longevity of the game play with a greater variety of tests and opportunities.
New Skills: Get in tune with four new learner aids: Loading Screen Tips give you the circuit map with racing tips; a Helper Ticker scrolls across the screen explaining each option quickly; Audio Information Tips provide expert guidance in the garage as well as the pits; and Pit Crew Reminders can be requested to deliver advice on tricky corners or correcting errors.
New Facts: Become a racing expert with the new information centre that includes driving tips for each track and a comprehensive glossary of FORMULA ONE terms and more...
Old & New: FORMULA ONE 05 lets you re-live the classic cars and the classic races as you unlock historic cars and new bonus tracks so you can make your own history.

Formula One 2004 (PS2) Formula 1 2004 (UK)
Sony - July 2004

Formula One 04 brings the new Shanghai and Bahrain circuits to Sony's established series of F1 simulations. But this release is more than a mere update: it completes a remarkable about-turn in the franchise's fortunes. Compared with previous seasons' Formula One games, 04 is a terrifically comprehensive facsimile of motorsport's premier discipline. Those new tracks--along with the already-famous roster of F1 circuits (including Monaco, San Marino and Silverstone)--are rendered in remarkably accurate fashion. Every last real-world detail has been replicated, giving players the opportunity to race on circuits that are virtually indistinguishable from those televised every other weekend. Team colours, as well as commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle, serve to complete the televisual feel.

Formula One 2003Formula One 2003 (UK)
Sony - July 2003

Official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship
Includes exclusive 2003 season data
Incorporates new qualifying rules
Commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle
Diverse game modes cater for novices and experts
Multiple car setup options
Improved AI, dynamics, car and track models and more
For 1-2 players (1-4 in Hot Seat mode)

F1 Career Challenge   F1 Career Challenge (UK) - Also from the US
Electronic Arts - June 2003

Race to earn your license and build your reputation over four years in the Formula 1 circuit 
Create yourself as a driver and design your own helmet
Based on data from the real Formula 1 1999-2002 seasons
Get feedback during races via headset radios from your Chief Mechanic and after races from your Team Boss 
For 1 to 4 players

Grand Prix Challenge  Grand Prix Challenge (UK) - Also from the US
Sony - November 2002

Grand Prix Challenge is the most exciting and exhilarating driving experience. The game features the official cars, tracks and drivers from the record-breaking 2002 FIA Formula One World Championship season. Feel the heat of real-life competition with an AI that takes into account the driving styles of each individual driver and test your nerves and tactical skills with an original dynamic and interactive pit-stop system. 

Formula One 2002Formula One 2002 (UK)
Sony - November 2002

Once again racing circuits across the globe are opened up to anyone with a few pounds in their pockets as Sony release Formula One 2002, the latest update to their successful F1 series. As you'd expect from an official FIA licence, all of the teams and drivers are represented, as are the 16 circuits which make up the World Championship circus--and they look fabulous. Presentation is king here and graphically there's plenty of eye candy to keep everyone entertained. Lush pre-rendered intro sequences rub shoulders with pre-race presentations complemented by introductory commentary that manages to be informative without being over the top. 

F1 2002F1 2002 (UK) - Also from the US - Canada
Electronic Arts - June 2002

Put your driving skills to the test in F1 2002, the first game to feature the new 2002 Formula One season. Vie for the coveted Formula One driver's title as the real season unfolds. The world's best drivers pilot the world's sexiest racing machines; muscle your way to the front and enjoy every heart-stopping moment as you battle for every inch of track against the superstars of the sport. Choose to race in a champion's car or challenge yourself by taking the wheel for an up-and-coming team--just make sure you have what it takes, because your opponents drive just as hard as you do.

Formula 1 2001 Platinum Formula 1 2001 Platinum (UK) - Also from the US
Sony - March 2002

Promises to deliver new levels of unrivalled realism. It offers a wealth of on-track excitement for experienced gamers, whilst people who are new to the PlayStation experience, can tailor the game to suit their racing skills. Officially licensed, Formula One 2001 takes 1 or 2 players to the 17 Grand Prix circuits hosting rounds of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, to race against the 11 teams and 22 drivers contesting this year's title-fight.
Beginners can learn to drive an F1 car using the 'Quick Race' mode - with all driver aids switched on to ease the task - while experienced game racers can tackle full-length Grand Prix weekends and the whole 17-race championship series. The 'Anytime Save' feature allows players to save their game at any point during a race - to continue later, and the 'Time Attack' mode allows up to 16 players to battle for the honour of fastest lap time around their favourite circuit.

F1 2001F1 2001 (UK) - Also from the US
Electronic Arts - October 2001

F1 2001 takes you into a living, breathing Formula One world. Feel the anticipation during the buildup to the race as team personnel and engineers buzz around the grid. Race against opponents who want to win as badly as you do. Every driver on the track will fight, battle, and react to maintain his current position while constantly looking for the next opportunity to overtake you, creating a high-pressure racing experience. Weather conditions heighten the experience. Watch the rain clouds swell in the sky above you, see the umbrellas go up, listen to your pit crew's weather updates on the radio, and then, as the heavens open, catch sight of your opponents spinning off the track, crashing into barriers or rushing towards the pits to switch tires and change strategy. 

F1 Racing Championship  F1 Racing Championship (UK)
Ubisoft - March 2001

This fully licensed F1 racing simulator takes complete advantage of Playstation 2's game engine. It can simultaneously display 22 moving cars, all with details such tyre marks, spark effects, broken glass and paint chipping. Customise your cars with options such as tyre type, fuel level, suspension and brake type. Up to four players can race at a time via a split-screen and the PlayStation2's Multi Tap accessory, sold separately. Listen to commentary from an international group of broadcasters, as well as your pit-crew radio for vital information. Game modes include championship, single-race, arcade and time-trial.

F1 Championship Season 2000F1 Championship Season 2000 (UK) - Also from the US
Electronic Arts - December 2000

Re-live the gladiatorial battles between Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard, or tear up the record books and take an outsider to World Championship glory. With in-depth, behind-the-scenes technical support from the Orange Arrows and Benetton Formula One teams, the player enters the world of Formula One racing in great detail.
Formula One Driving School. Train to become one of the Formula One superstars with the all-new Formula One Driver Career School.
Full wet weather racing and advanced environmental effects, with implications for race strategies and driving styles.
Use of the renowned two-seater Formula One race cars.
Unprecedented realism with updated car models, dynamic texture shading, multiple rear wings, and improved force feedback.
Graphical effects featuring a dynamic racing line driver assist, realistic tyre smoke, and particle effects.

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