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Senna vs. Schumacher

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Other Topics

Unfortunately, people tend to stray away from statistics when they matter most. One cannot put statistics to one side. Schumacher is undoubtedly is a much better driver than Senna was. Schumacher can not be criticised for what most people believe he has always had a better car. That is not how it has always been for Schumacher. Its fair to say that of recent years he has, but is he to be criticised for that. He has made Ferrari what they are today. His insight and technical ability has created a winning formula for not only himself but for Ferrari in general. Most people think that he is a proven world champion because of his teammates. How many times have his teammates pulled to one side to allow Schumacher to win and notwithstanding this it has not had any influence on him winning the world championship. I hesitate to think that either Irvine or Barrichello would have won a single championship. Neither of them are as good as Schumacher. No other driver in formula one has the technical ability/know how to put beneath him an almost unbeatable car. Schumacher's endurance is second to none. He unlike many of the other formula one drivers finishes races, and in most cases it is because of his skill when to push his car, when to back off and when to take risks on the race track. 
As far as I am concerned Montoya is an all or nothing driver, he just does not know when to back off and wait for the proper opportunity. Senna was very gifted and a great F1 driver, but the fact that we will never ever know whether Schumacher could have beaten Senna or vice versa should not lead to Schumacher's down fall. A lot of the F1 fans have a love hate relationship with Schumacher and with Senna everyone loves him. not many would speak badly about Senna. Schumacher is more of a consistent driver than Senna ever was, he was far superior to Senna in the wet. Notwithstanding the fact that most Senna admirers only refer to Senna's race in Donnington as his superiority. People tend to forget that Schumacher is unbeatable in the wet race after race. I have not seen any other driver that can race around a circuit on slicks in the wet and still out run other drivers on wet weather tyres. 
F1 has moved on in leaps and bounds over the years, the establishment has brought out new rules and regulations trying to make F1 cars slower but Schumacher seems to get quicker. Schumacher develops strategies that are unheard of ie four pitstops and still wins. 
Yes it is true that he has at times may have done things on the track that were unsportmanship in nature and who hasn't. He has however proven that he has outgrown those days. Why is it that Schumacher keeps getting better with each year. Other rivals seem to catch up to him and then they fall by the way side. No other driver in the history of the sport has held more records than he and there may never be anyone who will surpass him. He has only one more record to surpass and he will have the lot ie. pole positions and there is no question that he will obtain it. 
Schumacher is the most strategic, technical driver and further more is very gifted in his driving ability. He has taken F1 to a new level, a level which no one has yet been able to come close to. He is leaps and bounds above any other driver. Yet he is criticised that he does not have any competition. Isn't possible that he is far superior than anyone else and not that the other drivers are of no good. The hard core truth is that Schumacher will continue to dominate F1 for some time and he will achieve records and dominance never to be seen again - Kiki - Australia

Unlike Schumi, Ayrton had a team mate who was also racing, not giving way all the time! They were taking wins and points off each other all season. If Ayrton had lived, how many World Chamionships would he have by now? Ayrton was the Best! - Steve W - England

Senna without a shadow of a doubt. He performed miracles in inferior cars. Most of Schumacher's career he has had the best car most of his career. He has never performed some of the incredible maneuveres Senna has (remember Donington). I think Senna's greatness was best displayed in his last full season 1993. In a dismal McLaren which at some tracks was 2 seconds slower than the Williams he still pulled off five victories and drove magnificently - Senna is without doubt the greatest and I only got to see him properly for one season (I only got properly into F1 in 93, now I barely watch it as all races are boring) - Get rid of re-fuelling and encourage on track overtaking again! - Wayne - England

I think Senna is a totally overrated driver in the present. Everyone talks about MS would not been able to fight Senna and the other old drivers in the 90s but forgot that he is in business since 1991!. In the same era as all the other great drivers (Prost, Senna, Mansell). Senna got beaten by MS several times with a car that was not really competitive. Just remember first 3 races 1994 MS won them all! Senna did not even catch 1 point. Senna just got the crowd in his back because he died so tragically. 
Its known that dead artists or drivers whatever get more known and appreciated then the still living. There are enough examples out there (Elivs,2pac, Senna and so on). Don't misunderstand me I am a Senna fan as well and I shed tears when is saw him dying in 1994 after that accident. But I have to keep objective and then I have to say that MS is overall just the better driver. Don't get mad, its just my opinion :-) ciaoo - Dennis - Germany

Schumacher and Senna are both amazing drivers. But they have different quality's - Shuan - England

After a bad season in 2003, Schumacher has proved himself this season don't you think? - Debbie - England

Michael M from the USA, you must be kidding!!
Perhaps you didn't happen to read the comments posted before yours ?
Perhaps you failed to look at the results of this poll ?
Perhaps you forgot that your Michael Schumacher gets preferential treatment at Ferrari, treatment that no one in the history of Formula 1 ever got such
Perhaps you forgot that your Michael Schumacher drove Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve off the track in title decider races.
And perhaps you never read this by Alain Prost speaking to Nigel Roebuck in 1998:
"Ayrton was very quick, and in qualifying he was much better than me - much more committed"
and "Ayrton was certainly the best driver I ever raced against, by a long, long way. He was, by far, the most committed driver I ever saw. " 
I'd say it should be YOU who should think before talking - Graham R - Australia

I think Michael's Record Speaks for itself. During Senna's years, I found him to be rash and absolutely rubbish as a Formula1 driver. Alain Prost suffered because his idiosyncrasy and his weird ideals about Formula One and left the team. The Cold Fact is that though he was a good driver, but Alain was far better. Alain and Senna are compared for a Qualifying where Senna timed 1.3 secs better than Alain, which apparently wasn't the result of Senna's Greatness. On the contrary the HONDA had Car setup for him. 
Senna's driving was dangerous, everyone remembers how he tried to bang with Alain during his early years. You should really think before talking.
The real comparison of Senna should have been with Montoya. Montoya's crazy style of driving is identical with the so called *ahem* legend. Just because he died early before he could have won so many races doesn't mean he was the best. 
I think we are harassing Michael by saying these things. HE IS BY FAR THE BEST. LOOK AT THE RECORD BOOKS, THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT!.
Some say he should have been in competitive era? is that so? if this was the form of Schumi, Senna would have always clock 1 billion seconds behind Schumacher. And on the top of that he is humble enough to say that Senna was the Best!?...
He IS THE BEST WILL BE EVER. Compare Senna to Montoya - Michael M - USA

I want to make some comments about the opinions of Bare (usa), Rodney (usa) and some other guys.
1st: It's shame for them the words which they use for AYRTON. they have to know that the only word which they must use is RESPECT.
2nd: Take a look on statistics of 92-93-94 and tell me who was ahead of the other on wins, poles and points. This comment for the guys who don't know the history. 
3rd: SENNA has 65 poles and he only won 41 races. Why? Because he had a very hard competition behind him. And of course he hadn't a car which was technically perfect, like Ferrari which in the last 4 years has retired three times. 

No Doubt Senna was the best F1 driver to date, I believe if Senna was still around there would be no comparison as Michael probably wouldn't have won as many championships if any, there's one guy that comes along sometimes once in a lifetime and it was truly a waste of a great life what happened to Senna.
I think Michael knows himself that even if he can fly that f1 car Senna was just magic, guys like senna can make other drivers seem not as talented as they are exceptional, like Valentino Rossi - Shaun - Australia

They are almost equal but with different weaks and strengths. Senna was driving very fast and exactly. I regard Sennas lack of condition as a big disadvantage. But I've never seen another driver being that predominant on wet ground. Remember Donington 1993. Compared with Damon Hill (on the same car) he sometimes went faster than 1.5 seconds per lap - even on dry ground. I don't know who'd be better on the same car. 
Schumacher is gonna win his 7th world championship. But I rate Senna's former race duel abilities on a competitive car as unbeatable - Stephan - Germany

Senna: undoubtedly superior to Schumacher, and probably the greatest of all time, bar Fangio. 
People keep repeating how many titles Schumi has won: what matters is HOW you win, i.e. what competition you are up against. Senna was constantly battling world champions, Prost above all. Schumi started winning when all had gone. Senna excelled under pressure, Schumi is quite the opposite (starting with Adelaide 94, driving off the track, before crashing into Hill, or most lately his pretty pathetic performance in Japan 2003). 
Senna led the championship in his first Lotus-Renault years (85-86) on several occasions, and would certainly have challenged a lot more, had his car not been so unreliable. 
Where was Schumi in 92-93 (2 wins in total), driving for a similar mid-field team? Not to mention Schumi's driving ethics; OK, Senna's crash with Prost in 90 was deliberate, but was truly justice and revenge for 89: consider this: Schumi was banned from the championship in 97 for crashing into Villeneuve; Prost's almost identical move in 89 resulted in Senna being penalized and accused of "dangerous driving"!...
To conclude: remember Monaco 84, or Donington 93.......MAGIC - Michael - Switzerland

Remember the first race of the season 1994 in Brazil. Until now, I can't explain how a young man aged 23 won against Senna and Williams Renault, it's just unbelievable... and more.. 
Do you think that senna could win a championship with Ferrari as Schumacher... I don't think so - Jinjinou - Algeria

He was wayyyyyyyyy better than Schumacher!!!!!!! - Neven - USA

Twice it was quite obvious that Barrichello had to slow down and let his teammate, Schumacher, win the race. Schumacher took both those opportunities. Read "obvious"! 
I don't think we know half of what is really going on behind the scenes. That would mean that I could be the next Formula 1 champion, if only everybody on the grid would make way for me and let me win!!! 
I must admit that Schumacher is an excellent driver and he has proven himself more than once! But as mentioned before, Formula 1 racing isn't what it was 10 years ago. Schumacher is the best driver today, Senna was the best then. I guess we'll never know who would win if Schumacher and Senna would compete against each other today. 
My personal favorite was and still is Ayrton Senna. I recommend anyone to watch the DVD a tribute to Senna. Hardcore Schumacher fans won't change their mind, but their respect and appreciation for Senna will definitely grow - Maarten - Belgium

Professional Driver, I have 2 many comments to say about this issue, so I will keep it as simple as I can. 
Senna was a naturally gifted professional racing car driver that was the only person in this world that could lap within 5cm difference in between laps over & over. 
1 Monaco is the hardest grandprix prix to win........... 
2 Racing in the Wet is the hardest to do................ 
Rock Star/Driver Shuey is a business/professional racing driver with his own gifted talents. Irvine or Rubens can u let me pass you or can u slow down or block every won else so I can win again please, I'll make sure Ferrari pays you well - Kamron - Australia

Although I think Michael Schumacher is the best driver at the moment I think Ayrton Senna is on a different level, while Schumacher was closely challenged by Damon Hill in 1994, 1995 and 1996, Ayrton Senna lapped Damon Hill at the Brazilian grand Prix in 1994 in an equal car and Schumacher never got his first pole position until Monaco 1994, after Senna died. 
In 1995 the Benetton was a superior car with the same engine as the Williams and since 1999 to 2004 Ferrari has had the best car, I have no doubt as did Schumacher admit himself that Senna would have won the championship in 1994 and as Senna pointed out before he died the Benetton team was using traction control at the start of 1994 which Schumacher was suspended for 3 races, but not even Benetton's driver aids could stop Senna getting pole at each race he started in 1994 - Jordan - Scotland

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Ayrton Senna

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Though I believe that Senna was one of the greatest drivers in F1, Schumacher is better. 
In the years that they did race against each other, Schumacher was able to push on Senna despite being less experienced and in an inferior car. As many have already said, in 94 Schumacher had won both races before Imola. Senna has been given the status of legend by his driving but in large part because of his tragic death. I believe that even if Senna had not been killed Schumacher would take the 94 title. Senna's qualifying ability means little in terms of his race ability. Even when Schumacher does not qualify especially well he is still able to finish well, usually on top of the podium, because he is able to constantly deliver laps faster than the rest of the field. If Senna had done this, he would have turned more of his pole positions into victories. 
Those who claim that it is the car that gives Schumacher his victories need only to look at those races in which he was able to perform with injured cars to see that it is his ability that makes Michael Schumacher the best driver - Joshua - USA

Senna is the best driver. The situation is quite simple because Senna had to compete against very good drivers such Nigel Mansell, Alan Prost, Ricardo Patrese and the same Schumacher. Today F1 has lost its charm because there are so many drivers with huge talent but there are not any longer monsters - Alex P - Mexico

I am rating Schumacher Higher than Senna, Despite the fact that I love Senna and his legacy that he left behind because of the Risks he took while racing. He was willing to give his life to win a GP. He had Run-Ins with Alain Prost (who was most error-free ever!), but later seem to mellow a little bit on him (strange though! considering what they have gone through...) 
But seriously Schumi has won all the Races this Season and will most certainly become 7 Times world Champion. He was the biggest competitor to Senna during his last days. And Senna Knew it... 
Senna was different than anyone. That fact that he outpaced at Mon his partner is WRONG!.
It had to do with the CAR SETUP and nothing with Senna's Sublime Touch! - Anirudh V - India

No doubt Senna is the best driver of all time based on the all comments I've read - jondale - Philippines

The machinery Schumacher has is far superior to the rest of the field. Senna had no clear advantage over the rest of the field and had to mix it up with others to win races unlike Schumacher - George R - Australia

It isn't feasible to consider a driver for greatness when he has been allowed to "win" a race in the pits, without crossing the finish line and when he still prefers to "maximise the effects" of refuelling strategies by running fast laps with an empty view ahead, rather than overtake on the track. Motor racing is exactly that - A RACE! - to win you must overtake those in front of you cross the finish 1st. 
The combined "talents" of Moseley, Eclestone and Schumacher have reduced the sport to a very pale and uninteresting imitation of that of merely 10 years ago. In just the last race (Silverstone 2004), Schumacher went from running 4th to win the race without overtaking any rivals at all - utter nonsense! 
The world of Grand Prix motorbike racing today is blessed with a true master, in the form of Valentino Rossi, who epitomises the true racer and plays a key role in making the competition truly entertaining. There are obviously monetary and TV pressures in MotoGP as in F1, but bikers are a fickle lot and the governing bodies know full well they would never get away with twisting of the rules to support winning in the pits or overtaking off the track. 
The pinnacle of 4 wheeled motorsport would do well to re-learn "no bull*" approach from their 2 wheeled counterparts. Or is it just that Donnington always brings out the best in a generation? - John - UK

Based of what I've read in all comments especially George from Greece and Mathew from Australia there is no doubt in my mind that Ayrton is the greatest driver in the history of Formula 1. I've seen the video before he died I cant see error on his driver in corner, straight anything. Remember Fangio said Senna is a great driver I can't see anything weak of Senna in straight in a corner. Remember Senna said that he drive in a corner and my mind is already thinking of the next one. I believe that Ayrton prove that already 
MS is a good driver but I rate him second to Ayrton - vencent - Philippines

Senna changed Formula 1 in much more ways than Schumacher ever did. Did Schumacher himself not mention at the beginning of his career that the only driver who's skills he really respected was Senna? 
With all due respect for Damon Hill and Mika Hakkinen who have proven to be Schumachers hardest rivals over the years, but they do not match the likes of Prost, Piquet and Mansell and Senna beat everyone one of them. How many titles would Senna have had if Prost was not around and vice versa? 
I give credit for Schumacher that he is probably driving in an era which can possibly be claimed as the most boring of all time and this gives away a lot of credit. It stills makes a difference if you overtake your rival on the track or during the pit-stop, and for the past 30 years I have not seen anyone overtake his rivals on the track like Senna did. 
However, if having to reply to the best driver of all time, well that's another topic. You cannot compare the likes of Fangio and Clark with Senna, Prost or Schumacher as they drove during different periods. Think about how many technical problems Clark had and compare them with Schumacher who's Ferrari did not have a technical problem for the past three years. Unfortunately, the constructions of Colin Chapman were mostly a ticket to the grave. All these mentioned drivers are certainly in my top Five of all time. Everyone has his favourite. Mine is Senna, probably also because of his charisma, something which Schumacher lacks totally - Fabio - Switzerland

Senna was the greatest and fastest F1 race driver ever. No one could compete to him in terms of driver technic. Much more accurate than Schumacher, more perfectionist and better in overall. A real champion with great rivals. Nowadays Schumacher is the best cause he hasn't no one able to face him. But if Senna was alive he wouldn't have won so many titles - Floyd G - Portugal

There was only one Ayrton Senna and only one master of his game. Schumacher can go smoke his socks. He races in a different era where the car does most of the winning and working for you but in Senna's day it was driver talent above all, which he had in abundance and Schumacher will never be in the same league - Brenda J - South Africa

Maybe, in the history, Schummy will be remembered like "the best driver ever". But for us, who had the pleasure to see the Senna�s career, he will always be the meaning of perfection - Alan - Brazil


There is no doubt that Schumi is better than Senna ever was. In all the races that Schumi competed against Senna, Senna had the better car, and Schumi beat Senna in the championship in his first full season of F1, 1992. In a Benneton. Look at Schumi's teammates, they didn't do close to what he did in the Benneton - Ge - South Africa

Ayrton Senna � incomparavel, ele sempre esteve acima dos demais pilotos, Schumacher � um grande piloto, pode continuar quebrando recordes, mas n�o � e nunca ser� melhor do que AYRTON SENNA! - Marcelo - Brasil

Senna Simply The Best , thanks for inspiring me...
some fans of schummy are needing a little reading ... 
lots of people talking bull****...  Phantom - Ireland

I don't really think people are fooled by the success of Michael he has no rivals in machinery that can win. Mika, Daemon, Jacques all beat him with maybe slightly better cars, but no team mate to assist. Their team mates fought for every point! And Eddie Irvine crap until team mate suffers broken limbs, only to look like the best thing since sliced bread the very next race. Ferrari add some sport to your team get a couple of racers, or we will all start watching golf! - Graham W - UK

Although Schumacher has undoubtedly the best statistics, a large part of it has been done from 2000, which was his 10th season. Senna has driven only 10 seasons and was 3 times world champion after only his 8th season, so statistics cannot be compared I just personally think Senna was a better driver than Schumacher and that his death has just unbalanced the statistics sheets - Quatrix - France

Senna is the best driver. Schumy isn't a bad driver, don't get me wrong, but how much of his driving ability is aided by the modern F1 car? Senna however had to drive a more basic car without all the modern tech loaded into it it, and still has a fantastic record. 
Anyway, after admitting he deliberately ran Damon Hill off the track, he should have been banned for life! He could have killed someone and should have had his licence removed permanently. Anyway, that's my opinion! 
Back to the subject in hand though, I guess we will never know for sure. There is no guarantee Shumy is the best driver in the world even now. He just happens to be one of the better drivers in the world driving the best car in the world. 
If everyone drove identical cars, would the story be the same? I think not - Steve T - UK

I've watched Senna from his first race, I forget who he sat in for... I think they are both monster people , driven by a killer sense of winning. People hate them both...
Schumacher and Senna never got to really race. Senna had a lot more in his way to win his championships, Prost, Nelson, Mansell, a real problem car to deal with. I loved Senna, and after his death then funeral on my birthday,.. real bad!!!! 
That uberwillen of schumacher and battles with a not so hot car at first, won people over. I can relate to shumi's personality, it is a lot like senna's. But if you watch senna at the press conferences, he was like a king victorious.. Shums like a little kid. I like that too.. 
I have many f1 races " all since 93 ALL of them with the comm. cut out".. 
I loved that senna, and shums make the loss a little bit better. The new hero!!! 
Could you ask for more??? Really Id rather have SENNA back!- 7/8/04 - Erich E - USA

Ayrton Senna came onto the scene when drivers like Prost, Piquet, and Mansell were around. For a driver to come onto the scene now and beat Schumacher would be the same as Senna showing up in the 80's and beating Prost. By far Senna was more talented and a faster driver. Oh yeah, and if Schumacher had to deal with race cars that were fully loaded with fuel at the beginning of the race and having to deal with a car that was changing handling the entire race, we might see Schumacher not doing quite as well. Now all Schumacher has to do is run 15 lap sprints with a brilliant technical director to help him with fuel strategy. Senna was better when it came to shear speed and racing talent. Remember Senna killing Schumacher at Donington in 1993! 
Senna dominated when the conditions were terrible which is the true test of who is the best driver - Justin - USA

There are several facts to be consider to understand that Senna is better than Schumacher. 
1 - Senna wins 3 titles racing against world recognized top drivers, while Schumy don't have any pilot with enough skill to challenge him. 
2 - As you know, Schumacher abused Ferrari's 'work team', just like all of us were stupid enough to recognize that. 
3 - Schumy plays unfair game as you can see in 93 Championship when he put Damon Hill outside the track to be the champion and tried again 2 years later against Villeneuve. 
Schumy is a great driver, but I have no doubts that if Senna had more time he would be the Top Driver in all aspects. It's a pity that the fate didn't want it that way - Paulo - Brazil

The only driver that comes anywhere near Schumacher in terms of winning races and percentages is Fangio. Fangio, at his peak, couldn't have even have driven a modern Formula One car, he wasn't in shape to take the Gs. But as a racer, he totally eclipsed the opposition of his time. Does that mean Moss, Hawthorne, Collins, and the like were bad drivers? No, it only means that Fangio was one of those people who has extraordinary talent in their field and uses it to his best ability. He was faster than every one else. Jimmy was quite fast, too, but really didn't have exceptional talent that Fangio or Schumacher did/do. Clark did, however, outperform Senna. Senna was fast, but like Montoya, fast qualifying don't necessarily equate to race wins. Senna was in his 11th year of Formula One racing and ran 161 races. He only won 41 races. And, more telling, only three World Championships. Prost won four while racing Senna. I believe Schumacher would have won the Championship in '94 even if Senna hadn't been killed. It was just his death that vaulted him to the Superstar category, much like Gilles Villeneuve. 
Schumacher has proven his abilities are far above his compatriots, not meaning they are inferior to even Senna. They just aren't in the Fangio, Clark, Schumacher class. I'd even pick Prost above Senna. Schumacher has just annihilated most of the records in Formula and has done it in length of time that would have seemed impossible a few years ago simply because there are more races every year. Fangio had to be content with about 8 races a year. 
The fact that Schumacher doesn't have the pole position record, although he probably will before the year is out, is largely irrelevant, his 6 plus world championships and his records will more than cover his title as the Greatest Formula Driver ever, no matter how many dead guys you throw up at him!!
And, one final comment, in the '93/94 seasons, Schumacher beat Senna more times than vice versa. Schumacher wins hands down - Bare - USA

There is no question in my mind that Senna was the better driver. I boils down to the simple fact that the competition Senna faced was so much greater than the drivers Michael is facing & yet Senna was still superior. It would have been a little boring watching Senna totally dominate today's lack of talent. Well, it plays out good for M. S. but he knows he's not the best... just the luckiest! - gr4senna - USA

No comparison is possible, in my heart Ayrton is the n�1 & in my reason too... The other day, I found a magazine with 50 (journalist, ex-pilotes) who voted for the 100 best drivers of all times... Guess who came first ? Ayrton of course... 
To conclude, I'll remember just one thing, with the same car in 1988 at Monaco, he put Alain Prost at 1.42 seconds at Monaco gp (who was second on the grid)!! Supernatural - Tak - France

Schumacher would kick Senna's butt. I am sick of everyone downing Schumacher. He is clearly the best driver to walk on this planet. Senna was a good driver, but he is not even in the same league as Schumacher. Other drivers feared Senna and what he would do off the track if he did not get his way in a race. He was a bully on and off the track. I only wish that he were still alive so Schumacher could prove once and for all who the best really is - Rodney B - USA

Schumacher by far is the most talented and brilliant driver ever, Yes, even Ayrton Senna stays behind. The Brazilian may have number of Qualifying records to his name, but how many times have he converted them to Wins? I feel that winning a Race proves the worthiness of a driver much more than qualifying. The most compelling two reasons being, you require less of the Fuel and the mechanical/aerodynamic setup required for the qualifying and the other being the race conditions. The race conditions can play havoc on the strategies, mechanical components which have to last at least 300KMs. So the talent is not only to drive the Car fast enough but also to nurse the car so that the parts don't get fryed up - Manjunath K - India

Senna, beat his team mates fair and square and even lost to his team mate. but Schumacher's team mates are not good enough or asked to move over when Schumacher is racing. See the last 2 gps Barrichello supposed to win, some misfortune happens are made to happen. unless it is clearer than his team mates are "allowed" or fight for championship. He will never get proper respect from F1 fans or even his team mates - sriki - India

Schumacher is a fantastic driver, and he does have a better win average than Senna, but you have to take into account that he's had virtually no competition for most of his career. If he'd had an Alain Prost to compete with, I doubt he would have won quite so much. Senna raced alongside some of the sport's all-time greats and beat them. Also, it's not true to say that Senna always had the best car - in 1993 he won five GPs in a car that had no business winning anything. Not taking anything away from Schumacher because he too is one of the sport's all-time greats, but he's been competing in an era where there just haven't been any other drivers of his own calibre to give him a proper challenge - babak - UK

Using a great car does not make Michael the best pilot ever. Senna did much things using a Lotus and McLaren (and when Williams was a good car) - Shun W - Brazil

Schumacher has won 4 consecutive world championship and even though he has not won more pole position he has won more races than Senna.
Current season he has 5 successive victory and 7 victories from 8 GP. He has won all grand prix not single time more than 3 times. There is no more reasons to say that Schumi is greater than Senna - balaji - India

Ayrton Senna would have been racing for. Schumacher is all a team could want. A perfect driver (or the closest we have ever come) - Matt T - Australia

Schumacher is good but Senna has more flair and talent. Also Schumacher is selfish and sometimes reckless on the track - S Lee - Malaysia

On the statistics Michael dominates except qualifying. Senna was a great qualifier. 
I have one question, if you could qualify 1st in 65 out of 161 why win only 41? and don't blame the car. 
Shumy's got much more racecraft 77 wins from 60 poles. At the end of 93 Senna had good offers from Ferrari and Mclaren he went to Williams for half the money because the Adrian Newey designed car was the best in the business. Schumy never dropped into the best car (Mclaren and Williams in Senna's case) he worked and inspired mediocre teams like Benetton and Ferrari (21 yrs for a drivers title) to greatness. Talk about passion. Talk about commitment. In the end there is only two drivers , for the "all time" badge Schumy and Senna. Michael Schumacher is the complete f1 driver, that's why he is breaking records people have been struggling since the 50's to break - Paul B - South Africa

If we look at the hard facts, Schumacher is obviously the better driver. However, driving a Formula 1 car cannot always be on the hard facts. Also, we will never know how much longer Ayrton Senna would have been racing for. Schumacher is all a team could want. A perfect driver (or the closest we have ever come)- Matt T - Australia

Senna could will his way to the "pole position" any time. He was still incredibly fast when he perished. Had things not gone wrong in San Marino, Ayrton would have won the championship in '94, 95, and 96. Senna would then be the 6 time Word Champ. 
And nobody would be talking that much about the "luckiest" driver ever........Schumacher - James - USA

Schumacher is the greatest formula one driver of all time!. He has more championships and almost double the wins and the only reason consider Senna better is for the simple fact that he died on the racetrack which is horrible in itself but does not make him the better driver - Jeremy J - USA

I don't understand why some people think MS is the most complete driver... Senna had much more knowledge about mechanics, technical details. Senna was jogging 20 km per day to keep his body on shape. He was more dedicated and helped so much the mechanics to make fine adjustments and tunning. 
I am Brazilian and feel very frustrated seeing Rubens Barrichello helping MS to win races. What a shame! Barrichello is a joke to me. Senna had always Prost very close using the same car. Prost and Mansel. What do we have today? FERRARI CARS ARE MAKING THE DIFFERENCE, NOT MICHAEL. IF MICHAEL WOULD NOT EXIST, BARRICHELLO WOULD BE THE CHAMPION. (today is June 6th, 2004, Barrichello is # 2) AND THAT'S A JOKE! - Andre - Brazil

both senna and schumacher are hero but they cannot be compared - Zang Z - China

very close together but ayrton was more talent driver, in a close battle between them (unless brazil 94 which was an adjusting period for ayrton and against an illegal car with traction control) schumacher would break down!!!! - Kostas - Greece

Well. My point... Senna is (was) better than Schumacher in almost every way... technique, intelligence, style and fairness. When he died I was a little child (14yrs) and though.. I cried 2 days when he died... You would say.. what does a little child know... Well. I knew that every 2 weekends I stared at the biggest champion ever... And I would gladly like to remind you 2 small stories about Senna. Both are related to the Monaco GP (why do you think that was his favorite???.. the hardest GP...) So... 
1. After a qualifying session, the wheels of his car had the side printings (Goodyear labels) erased. Why? He drived that GP at the outer limits... touching the protective fences with the side of his wheels almost everytime he passed a corner. Some of you might think this is a joke... but it ain't. 
2. There was one GP (Monaco) somewhere around 1992... Mansel first, Senna second. 10 laps to finish. Mansell driving a Renault with the state of the art technology. Senna driving his old McLaren... A car FAR LESS COMPETITIVE. Mansell has a problem at the pitstops and allows Senna to take the lead. When M. gets back on the track.. Senna has an advantage of 7 seconds. I has happy... enough to finish first. Well.. imagine my heart when I saw that after ONLY 2 laps M. was right behind S. 7 laps to go and Mansell was trying like a mad man to take the lead. 7 laps of driving 5 meters behind Senna and at every corner he tried to pass him... 7 laps.. Mansell with an automatic gear, Senna with a manual one. Imagine 7 laps when Senna managed to hold back the most powerful car on the track driven by the best driver (except him)... And he won... Imagine that when they got out of their cockpits, Mansell couldn't stand up, he was finished out... Imagine the effort he had put in to take Senna.. and nothing.. Senna was jumping around in joy... and so did I. 
PS. I really miss the competition from 1988-1994... Schumi is good but he has no competition because of the car (most imp thing now) and mediocre competitors... Puiu - Romania

Senna had much more knowledge about mechanics, details, etc. He was complete - Andre - Japan

Schumacher's title run would not have happened in that era. it was a different time in racing. there was a lot more talent when Senna was racing. and equal teams. plus Senna would have thoroughly dominated with Williams and set the bar too high for anybody - Asad Y - USA

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