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Senna vs. Schumacher

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schumi is by far the best driver in the world without doubt.. though ppl may nt agree bt he is the best of his time & has proved his ability as a driver time & time again...... schumi has no real challengers frm ne of the current line of drivers, none cn challenge him frm where he has reached.. comparing schumi 2 ne of the drivers current & frm the past is just 4 argumentative purpose..... i mean c'on wht domination he has had??? he is in2 a gr8 team wid fantastic & witty personels wid him..... no other team in f1 cn dream of achieving success like wht Ferrari has achieved... tht team has crashed their rivals left right & center. 
just whn they were written off in the last monaco gp they bounced rt bak with complete domination destroying their rivals,,,,the nxt best team had no answers 2 give in the nurburing circuit 2 ferrari.... with so much hype abt bmw's revolution front end they have fallen on their face,,,, mercedes r no wher 2 b seen this year,,, the nxt best thing in f1 r the renaults/bar's bt they yet have lot of work 2 do...... i think v shuld leave schumi alone & nt argue just 4 the sake he is the best & i regard him higher than ne1 in the sport DEAD OR ALIVE !!!!!! 
infact max mosely 2 stop schumi's domination shuld make a new rule 4 schumi as in he shuld b asked 2 start the race aftr a lap...coz the way he is driving this year i dnt think ne team in their current form shuld even utter a word they shuld just follow the "UNDISPUTED KING OF F1'' 'thts SCHUMACHER - ashraf - India

Without a doubt in my mind Senna will always be the better driver, in many ways. You know it's often said, it's not the machine, but the driver? Well Ayrton Senna was living proof of that. He was everything & it wasn't just about winning for him, it was something more, something bigger. That something I doubt M.S even feels inside of him. M.S, a great driver, but not as great as A.S. . . 
In my heart I believe that if Senna was alive today [& my god I wish he was], Shummi would've had stiff competition. You think with the great mind power & determination of A.S, he would've let Shummi get the better of him? No way! 
Put aside the pole positions & record winnings for a minute. To me Ayrton was a natural at his racing career. Racing, he says, is in his blood. But he raced & raced, pushed & pushed, the sky was only the limit for him. I still believe A.S knew the magic of mental preparation & once establishing it & believed it in your mind, then the rest would just come easily 
M.S winnings are becoming boring. There's no excitement there. For me, I still have A.S wallpapers & videos that I use almost everyday for inspiration. Someday I hope to become a racer car driver too & with drivers like Senna, how could I not be inspired? - Aneesa H - Guyana

I think that no explanation is needed for obvious fact that Ayrton Senna is the best of all time driver. Schu is really good, he is third on my all time greats list, after Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark - Goran - Croatia

For people saying that Schumacher would not have won 6 championships if AS was alive should look at AS age when he died. He was 34 and maybe had 2 years left in him. Most of MS championships came after 2000 and no way would AS be racing then. Not only that, I believe AS would have been beaten. He was an old man trying to hold MS behind in 94. He had lost the first race and crashed in the 2nd - Harish - USA (Post edited)

I just have to say: Senna was just all in F1 history. I'll always love him. And I'm sure i'll be able to talk to him to much, after all, all we gonna go to where he's now: Near God!! 
LIVE AYRTON SENNA!!!!! - Lury A e S - Brazil

After Ayrton every other driver seems just average even Schu-  Bozica R - Slovenia

Schumacher is no where near as good a driver as Ayrton Senna. Senna's records are just started to be beaten after all these years -  Ben - Australia

Senna was a great driver. But currently Schumacher is driving well. So I hope he will do well -  Jasbir S B - India

I miss you Ayrton -  Dany - Italy

I voted for Ayrton because he's simply the best -  Jelena F - Croatia

The driving master is on the way to winning his 7th title, and is probably going to win at least 1 or 2 more. 8 world championships is unbelievable for starters, if he races for another 4 or so seasons 10 is not out of the question! however the great Schumacher has broken just about every single record out there including most wins, most points, most wins in a row, most amount of wins in a season and is well on the way in breaking Senna's most amount of poles. In my opinion Schumacher is probably the greatest sportman of all time, and has achieved truly amazing feats in his racing career. There should be no comparison to Senna who I rate definitely in top 3 , probably equal with Mansel. Schumacher is 1 in a million and I don't think no one will come close to what his achieved in the sport of Formula One. He is the one and only, the best of the best - Matt - Australia

Senna got three poles in '94 against a car that had traction control, & anyone has to ask who is the better driver? -  Craig - UK

Senna era um piloto muito melhor do que shumacher visto oque senna fez em 1989 no Jap�o e tamb�m em Donington Park foi incrivel ele estava em quarto e consegui ultrapasar todos em uma unica volta visto que estava chuvendo e ele estava com peneus de pista seco. O Shumacher � um bom piloto mas longe de ser o melhor visto que as equipes rivais n�o tem carro a altura do dela e tambem porque n�o existe um senna, Allan Prost e Nem outros pilotos de elite da �poca -  Alexandre - Brazil

No brainer, look at the win percentage, Schumi by a landslide... Jeff - USA

Senna is the best!!! -  Desiyan - Bulgaria

Senna was a big driver, 2nd of all time, but anyone who watch f1 races knows, like it or not, that Michael is the best of all time. he has the very good, maybe the best car, but is much faster then Rubens in the same and also from '96 till today he and the group of men who followed him from Benetton to Ferrari made that car the best one. in 1994. Michael won all races before Ayrton crashed, although Ayrtons Williams was superior that season. I love Ferrari and Michael. For me, Ferrari is Formula 1 and every drivers dream is to drive for Ferrari and Michael took Ferrari on higher level. The best driver ever and he is still driving... Predrag - Croatia

It would have been great to see more of Senna (AS) v. Schumacher (MS). MS seems to win many races because he is one of the fastest drivers out there and his team has the best pit stop strategy, or somebody ahead crashes off or breaks. AS won because he was just faster. Had MS and AS raced more it would have been very similar to Senna and Prost, Senna was faster, but Prost maybe a little more patient, less likely to crash out, more comfortable waiting for the other guy to crash or break rather than having to pass him. Senna always felt he was the best and didn't have to rely on race strategy or other's misfortune to win, this did not always translate into the maximum points for a season. 
Most people say Michael really does not have much competition, especially not a consistent group from year to year. I am one of those. But there is a little tickle that says maybe he is better than I give him credit for, and he makes the others look not so good. But I really don't think so, you often see faster driver's in a race, but as I said, they lose on errors, breakdowns, strategy, and there is MS to take the checker once again. 
If you define best ever as the ability to win Championships you can make a strong argument for MS. However, there is no doubt in my mind, in the fantasy F1 league, with Senna, Schumacher, Prost, Fangio, Clark, Moss, and whoever you choose to fill out the field in equal cars I know who my money is on for pole, best lap and 1st place. 
There are many drivers that have shown flashes of great speed for a race or two or even most of a season, many whose consistency and racing savvy and skill allowed them to score points and championships. Then there is this one Driver who throughout his career, race after race, and year after year, you knew was going to drive the car he was in as fast as anyone could drive that car, and probably faster than anyone else could, race after race, year after year. And that man was Ayrton Senna da Silva - Greg - USA

i believe that Ayrton was a much more naturally talented and unselfish driver than schumacher. I truly believe that if Ayrton had not died when he did then schumacher would not have the results he has now. Senna would have been on top of him for many years to come regardless of the vehicle he was driving. Schumacher is good but I believe he would not be as much in front if he was in another vehicle - vanda - Australia

No one seems to notice that Schumacher is by far the leader in total fastest laps (with Fangio the all-time leader in percentage of fastest laps at 45.1%: Schumacher- 29.6%: Prost- 20.3&: Senna- 11.7%). A good argument can be made from these numbers that Schumacher was a better RACER than Senna since the day of the race is the day to perform (except maybe Monaco). 
Also Schumacher averages 5.4 points per race more than even Fangio's 4.8 (Senna and Prost averaged 3.8). Schumacher's ability to turn fast in and out laps during a race is legendary. 
The arguments that Schumacher has better equipment (than did Senna) as the reason for his success is nonsense and the extent to which it may be true only leads further to point out his brilliance. Senna won his championships with McClaren, which had won the championship with two different drivers in the years before Senna arrived; his car was the best one at the time. In fact when Schumacher came to Ferrari it had not won a championship for 17 years (Jody Scheckter in 1979). During those years the Ferrari was driven by some guys named, Prost, Mansell and G. Villeneuve. When Schumacher arrived the whole program turned around and the Ferrari is certainly the class of the field now. But it was the arrival of Schumacher that brought this about. He is the leader of the team who has worked as hard as he could, inspired others to work that hard and has provided the spark needed to now dominate as he has. 
Overall, Schumacher is clearly the best; after all winning races (and championships) is the name of the game; polls are not the goal. Schumacher turned around a moribund program and now dominates in a fashion rivalled only by Fangio. Certainly the competition is more keen now than in the 1950's so the nod has to go to Michael - David P - England

Schumy, in my opinion is better than senna in terms of the number championship wins over the number of years spent in formula 1. Clearly, Senna in 10 years have only won 3 driver's titles as compared to schumacher's 5 (in his tenth year). The reason schumy doesn't go flat out n achieve unnecessary record fastest laps is because he's not only a talented driver but one who knows how to take care of his car in order to complete races - fleazzz - Singapore

Schumacher is a great grand prix driver in a technical sense, but pales when compared to the incomparable racing ability and the sheer speed of Ayrton Senna behind the wheel. Ayrton Senna was a sporting inspiration who has not been replaced to date in Formula 1 and probably never will be, at least for a very long time - Anthony O - Australia

It is (almost) impossible to compare the two, 
A) due to the fact that Schumacher has never had any competition from any team mate, (apart from Wendlinger and Frentzen in the Mercedes junior team, who both beat him as often as not), 
and B) The fact that Schumacher has never had the opportunity of regularly taking on a "great". 
Hakk and Villanova you would never count up alongside Prost, lauda, Piquet etc. Schumacher has six titles, but he might as well have sixty for all the provenance they offer - Robert E - England

I think schumi is better. The reason is that Senna always moved to better teams. From Lotus to Mclaren easily when Lotus was not seen as good. If Senna was the best he would had changed the team. Again with Williams you cannot say that Williams was a bad car. He was trailing by 30 points in 1994. That does imply that he was feeling the pressure from schumi. And schumi went into ferrari with a course to make them the top. Remember Ferrari had not won drivers and constructors for many years and right from 1996 schumi was a title contender for every year until 1999 and 2000 for constructors and drivers. You cannot argue that since schumi is in the best car he only wins. He turned the team into an excellent team and now they are simply too good for the rest. But again Senna is a legend. I rate schumi higher but still i would had liked Senna to race against schumi on many occasions and then compare the both. Since the overall rating goes in favour of Senna there must be something extra special about him but i dont know - Yash P - India

There is no doubt that Shumacher is ahead of any driver of his generation and his numbers are great. But AYRTON doesn't need any numbers to be the greatest of all time. His approach to life and his sport makes him irreplaceable, unbeatable. FOREVER... Vasecon - Greece

Senna is incomparable, determined, irreplaceable and not En Michael can beat his achievement over his short stint of racing career. Senna can never be replaced - azwah - Malaysia

what you all seem to be forgetting is Schumacher raced for 4 years along side Senna. he didn't have any help then . He was in worse performing cars benneton and jordan and then ferrari. He is one of the only men to create a team around him which is testament to his ability. Senna was and is a legend but so is schumi. there are no what ifs they r both equal in my view its just sad to see u puttin down schumi even though he has been in the top 4 in drivers standings apart from the yr he broke his leg. thats a testimate to his brilliance. 
also some good reading he drove a 2 seater minardi and qualified it within the 107% rule. hows that for 1 of the greatest 2 drivers u will ever see - shoey - Australia

I think Senna is better driver , schumacher wins mostly only in great cars while that was not the case with senna. Schumacher has also never had a big opposition, and in last four or five years he had a superior car. in less than three years while they were racing against each other Senna kicked Schumacher's ass though Schumacher had a better car - Mario B - Croatia

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Ayrton Senna

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I think that Schumacher and Senna both had their own superior qualities. Senna was obviously faster than Schuey in qualifying, that's why his pole position record still stands. But in race trim, I think it would have been fantastic to see those two giants race against each other after the tragic Imola weekend. I think that in 94 Senna would have taken the title, but the years to come after that would have been very interesting as Schuey developed his skills further and further. In wet conditions I have never seen better drivers than those two. Both Senna and Schumacher have shown us their amazing ability in the wet (Senna Donington '93) (Schumacher Spain '96, Spa '97, Monaco '97). In the end, it would have been a very tight finish between both men as I think in they are as good as equal in races. Both of them have the ability that other drivers do not have and that is driving each racelap on- or a little over the limits as the situation asks for it. It is impossible to say which one of them is the best, just because we haven't seen them race against each other long enough. But one thing is for sure, if Schumacher went on to beat Senna in 94 or later, nobody would have questioned the fact that he is indeed the best ever. 
A couple of factors are not in favour of Michael. First, he is a German. Apparently a lot of people around the world still have World War II in the back of their minds. He clearly does not have the charismatic looks that Senna had, but in fact, does that really matter? We are talking about racing here, not about a Mr. Universe competition. A lot of people consider Michael to be unfair, looking at Adelaide '94 and Jerez '97. I find this rather strange that a lot of people judge him on these two mistakes as Senna often did exactly the same with Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell. 
Both drivers had amazing skills. Many think that Ayrton had something magic, that he could go beyond even his own limit. This was because he was deeply religious. Michael is not, he just looks at some of his amazing performances in another perspective. He keeps both feet on the ground. That is also a big difference between the two of them. Michael also did some amazing qualifying laps, just look at Hungary '01 and Monaco '96. Especially in Monaco '96! He was 0.2secs down on the provisional pole in the second sector, but won 0,8sec in the last sector where it is clearly a matter of which driver has the biggest balls to go the fastest through the fast chicane near the pool and who dares to break the latest at the tight rascasse. 
Schumacher and Senna, both of them are the greatest drivers F1 has ever seen and it is very sad that there never was a real battle between the two of them to define who was the absolute greatest. I have great respect for both of them. I enjoy Schumachers perfection today and will always remember Senna's that's really all I can do. 
Who knows how long it will take for us to see the next driver of their ability? - Rowan de M - The Netherlands

Senna was the faster - Sergio - Brasil

they are both superb drivers - scott - Scotland

Senna is the greatest driver ever, schumacher is only a really good driver but he couldn't fight Ayrton - mirjana p - Croatia

senna will always remain the best among the best - deepa - India

Is difficult to compare but to be a King during 10 years in F1 is not for anyone. Under the rain MS is the best - Alipio - Brasil

The best ever with out a doubt!!!!! (Michael Schumacher) - Wernher - South Africa

no doubt that senna was better than schumacher : first in 1993 schumacher has a benetton better than the mc laren and the ford hb 7 was better than the ford hb 6 of senna . 
in 1994 , no doubt that the b194 was better than the fw16 but that didn't permit to schumacher to do a pole position when senna was here. look the difference between senna and hill on the williams ( at sao paulo one lap!!!!) 
according to technicians ( bernard dudot, patrick head and byrne ) the b194 was faster than the fw16 except maybe in japan and australia.
i think that the gap between senna and schuamcher is 0.600 to 0.650 in a middle cicucit but in spa , suzuka or monaco it can be 0.8 to 0.9 . for me, schuamcher is far as hakkinen. between schumacher and alesi or berger there is maybe 0.2 and with hill 0.4 to 0.5 . 
1 senna 2 fangio 3 clark 4 prost 5 lauda 6 stewart 7 moss 8 brabham 9 piquet 10 mansell schumacher ? in in the first 15 ''. 
senna : driven to perfection...  thunder - France

How very encouraging to see the statistics at the head of these pages and to read the vast majority of the comments. While very skilled, Schumacher cannot compare with Senna. The nature of the "sport" at present - more business than sport - means that he who can throw most money at the solution ...; he who can cheat and not get caught (or not be penalised too heavily even if he is caught)...; he who has no really strong opposition ...; and he who can contract the only other driver with a similar car to lose to him ... is bound to be a "winner". The sport is the loser here. How I long for real racing again, as opposed to this high speed, high tech, record breaking procession. The statistics mean little when viewed over the generations. 
Fangio, yes. Clark, certainly. Senna, absolutely. Schumacher wouldn't even be in my top 5 -  Jerry H - South Africa

I think Senna is the greatest driver I've ever seen. Schumacher has 6 world titles, but Schumacher doesn't have competitive drivers to fight with him in the world championship, and Senna ran with drivers like Alain Prost or Nigel Mansell. And if Senna wouldn't had died, I think he could have won the 94's and 95's F1 world championships at least - FELIPE A - ESPA�A

Schumacher races in a much more competitive and challenging environment nowadays and comes out a winner every time! Senna might have given him a tough time but sadly he is no longer with us. So I don't think its right to compare them....... LoveSearch - Poland

Senna, simply the best....wish we could have one more Senna..... Tulio - Brazil

There are no doubts that senna is better. If you really saw both you can easily note that nowadays Schumacher don't have any other driver to compete while Senna had Piquet, Prost, Mansel... And that before senna was competing with equal position on the team (didn't have number 1 and number 2). Today Schumaker and Barrichello don't have the same car treatments, even during the race you can see that Barrichello have to be in second place as we saw last year when he stops to let Schumaker pass...... Denis - Brazil

The reason I say this is because if you look at each driver in their time they are both miles ahead of any other driver or team. If one was able to stick them both in a car of equal performance it would be interesting... if one looks at it from race wins and titles it would have to go to Schumi. but then again Senna didn't live long enough to see how many he could win..... Danny - South Africa

I think this is one of the easiest questions I've ever seen in my life. Of course Senna is better than Schumacher. Senna has still today 7 pole-positions plus than Scumacher, and Schumacher doesn't have any driver in these days that can beat him.
Sometimes I ask myself what was going to happen in the 94's World Championship if Senna hadn't died this morning...(Of course I know what was going to happen!) SENNA SEMPRE VAI SER O MELHOR JAMAIS! -  Felipe - Brasil

Senna was an all time great but Schumi has pushed the bar further, his championship in 2003 under extreme pressure in his eleventh year of F1 is a testament to his skills, he single handedly turned around the fortunes of a failing team..
Senna might be god in qualifying but cannot match Schumi over a race distance. Schumi the greatest -  Schumirules - USA

On the top of all that's been said about Senna and Schumacher, you have to remember two things: 
1 - Schumacher was nobody until Senna died. In 1994, Schumacher was ahead by 30 points and in the end he had to push Hill out of the track to win the championship. If Senna had competed until the end of that year no wonder what would have happened... 
2 - Senna's 65 Pole-Position record was established in 161 races. If Schumacher will ever beat that record he's gonna need of at least 200 races to do it... Diogo F - Portugal

I only rate Senna higher than Schumacher because Senna left us before he could accomplish everything he had to accomplish. Without a doubt, had Senna not died at San Marino in 1994, he would've kept winning races and championships. He still holds the record for Pole Positions. Schumacher just won his 73rd race and Senna "only" had 41 wins. Let's put another character in this fight for a minute...Alain Prost. He had 51 wins and four championships. Yet no one (that I've heard) argues that he's the best, so it must have something to do with desire and committment, and that's not to say Prost wasn't committed. Senna raced for four different teams from 1984-1994, eleven years. Schumahcer, 2 teams from 1991-2004 (except that one race for Jordan in 1991...). Plus, Schumi drives for Ferrari, definitely superior equipment to anyone else. Senna didn't have that kind of equipment at his disposal, though he ran extremely well with McLaren and before that, Lotus. Senna would take people out of his way to win races, and in the long run, championships. 
Schumacher accepted a "gift" from teammate, Rubens Barichello in 2002, as Rubinio pulled over on the last lap so Schumi could win the Austrian GP. Would the best driver accept a gift like that, even if the championship was on the line (which it wasn't...), or would he rather earn it? Yes, Schumi was embarrassed to win like that, but Ayrton would've rather earned it. Had Ayrton Senna not died, he would still be the best F1 driver ever, retired or doubts about that - Ariel M - USA

I saw those two racing drivers and good part of three careers and and I felt comfortable to say that their is NO OTHER like Senna and Clark! 
Michael Schumacher maybe fast but he needs too much help to win. Basically if he gets the pole-position he will eventually be the GP winner, otherwise when he has to "fight" for positions he become an ordinary pilot and start to make a lot of "silly" MISTAKES... 
Senna was faster, more talented and far beyond Schumy in pressure occasions!! 
Senna was the BEST no doubts!! - Rodrigo S.C. - Brasil

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