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Silverstone Test Session (12-14/6) Photos (M & R Schumacher, Hakkinen, Villeneuve, Montoya, & much more)

Schumacher beats Schumacher at his  own game - Issue 18 - The Heretic

Formula 1 News
12 - 17 June 2001
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17-June: Silverstone test session photos are now available featuring 28 regular and test drivers from the Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Sauber, Jordan, BAR, Jaguar, Prost, Arrows and Benetton teams ... Click Here

16-Jun: Ferrari's President Luca Montezemolo has indicated that he prefers to have Michael Schumacher over his younger brother Ralf.
Speaking at the launch of his book "The great Ferrari wins - From Lauda to Schumacher" in Bologna,  Montezemolo said "After Brazil, Montoya was feted as a mix of Senna, Nuvolari, Lauda, Mansell and Prost, but then it became clear that Ralf is usually quicker than him. Now, Ralf has won in Canada thanks to the fact that his tyre situation was much better, and everyone says he is the best. That suits us. However, I am happy to have our Schumacher.
The important thing is that if people talk about the antidote to Ferrari or to Schumacher then it means we are still the strongest. ."

Montezemolo also indicated that their victory at Suzuka last year was his best moment of his Presidency at Ferrari and said "It was the victory in Suzuka. I have a photo of Todt, Schumacher and Barrichello celebrating in red wigs, two weeks later in Sepang and it sums up the sense of release after so many years of chasing the prize. We went hungry for so long that now we appreciate the feast even more."

15-Jun: Malaysian Formula Nippon driver Alex Yoong has received the biggest boost yet to his Formula 1 dream when the Malaysian Youth and Sports minister confirmed that his government is 100% behind Alex.

Yoong's manager confirmed that they have received and offer from Minardi and they will now be working on obtaining a super license for Alex and said "There's also the question of the super licence which is out of the hands of Minardi and Alex. But in order to apply to the FIA through the AAM, Alex will have to first receive an offer from a F1 team. With this offer in hand, we can now take the proper steps respecting the FIA Sporting Code and make the application to the Malaysian ASN."

Alex is hoping to get the drive before next season and said "I'll probably start my first race next season but I hope it's sooner. If and when this drive comes about, it's not just Alex Yoong getting into a race car but a Malaysian getting into a F1 race car. From day one 10 years ago when I started driving, I have been saying to myself that it's not impossible for Malaysians to get into F1. Its always possible for Malaysians to do whatever they want."

The Minardi team have not confirmed nor denied making an offer to Alex Yoong but team boss Paul Stoddart indicated that while Fernando Alonso is expected to remain at Minardi next season, they have yet to choose a second driver and said "We are not specific to one driver yet. When we are, we will give him a test and if he proves good enough then we will promote him to the race seat."

Tarso Marques who currently drives for Minardi alongside Fernando Alonso has driven for Minardi in 3 seasons (96,97 and 2001) but he has proven too slow even for Alonso who is a rookie.

The Toyota Formula 1 team have concluded 2 private test sessions in Italy. This was the first time the Toyota F1 car was run outside the Paul Ricard circuit in France. 
The first session was held at Imola between the 5th and the 7th of June with Allan McNish driving.
The team's Chief Designer Gustav Brunner said "Considering it was the first time we have driven on a GP circuit this Imola test was very positive and encouraging for us. We are pleased with our current rate of progress."
While Allan McNish said "The test was enjoyable and interesting. It was very important to try the car on another circuit. Conditions were different to those of a Grand Prix weekend, with less rubber down on the track, making lap times slightly slower. However, we were very encouraged and I am looking forward to Monza." 
The best time set by McNish was on the 3rd day with a time of 1:28.960. This time is almost 6 seconds slower than the pole time set their this year by David Coulthard at the San Marino GP. However with just 1 car testing, the track remains dirty and lacks the grip. In addition, weather fluctuations and fuel loads makes direct lap comparison inaccurate.

The second session was held at Monza between the 11th and the 13th of June. The team experienced difficulties with the gearbox and engine during the 3 day session and only managed to cover 75 laps on all 3 days.
Allan McNish drove for the first 2 days while Mika Salo drove on the 3rd and final day making his first appearance for Toyota since he crashed at high speed at the Paul Ricard track in late March.
Allan McNish said "For various reasons, we have not done as many kilometres as I would have liked at this circuit. The track was also generally very dirty, with little grip, which did not help us achieve all that we wanted to achieve."
Mika Salo was happy to finally back driving the car and said "It was great to be back in the car today. It has been quite a while since I have driven a Formula 1 car, but now my back has completely recovered I settled back in well. Overall I am happy with the performance of the car, but it was frustrating that we couldn�t do more kilometres."

The best time set by McNish was 1:29.680 while Salo set a best time of 1:29.136. These times are around 4.5 seconds slower than the fastest time set by Juan Pablo Montoya during the Monza test session held between the 30th of May and the 1st of June 2001.

14-Jun: Silverstone Test - Day 3: On the final day of testing at Silverstone, Mclaren's test driver Alexander Wurz set the fastest time on this track so far this year (and the fastest time since '97) with a time of 1:22.081. He was over half a second faster than Mika Hakkinen and Rubens Barrichello.

10 teams were present on the final day with 19 drivers setting lap times. Alexander Wurz took over from Darren Turner for McLaren, Jacques Villeneuve took over from Takuma Sato for BAR and Narain Karthikeyan took over from Andre Lotterer becoming the first Indian driver to test a Formula 1 car.

The session was interrupted by several incidents with de la Rosa, Montoya, Webber and Panis having technical problems while Michael Schumacher spun into the gravel.
Ralf Schumacher, Montoya and Karthikeyan all had minor offs.

Jos Verstappen covered the most number of lap with 95 followed by Pedro de la Rosa with 91 and Jarno Trulli with 83 laps. Karthikeyan covered the least number of laps with 24 while Fisichella covered just 26 laps.

The teams continued evaluating tyres and finding the optimum set-up for the upcoming British GP on the 16th of July. A number of teams were testing aerodynamic components for the upcoming European GP. 

The weather was sunny to cloudy with the air temperature reaching 22 degrees.

Click here for the timed results

Narain Karthikeyan drove the Jaguar R1B to familiarise himself with the Formula 1 car. Karthikeyan was scheduled for a Formula 1 drive with Jaguar in December of last year but it was postponed for 3 times for various reasons. 
Born in Chennai in India, the 24-year old son of GR Karthikeyan - the Indian National Rally Champion - is proclaimed as 'the fastest Indian driver in the World'. His ambition is to become the first Indian Formula 1 driver. Karthikeyan was proud for his country to be able to test in Formula 1 and said "Now people realise that in that part of the world also there are talented drivers who are coming in."

13-Jun: Silverstone Test - Day 2: Olivier Panis set the fastest time on the 2nd day of testing at Silverstone ahead of Mika Hakkinen and Rubens Barrichello.

10 teams were present and 19 drivers set timed laps. Most regular drivers took over today although a number of teams still used their test drivers as well.
The session was interrupted several times due to mechanical failures as Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher had engine problems with their Williams BMW, Mark Weber had problems with the Benetton launch control system, Olivier Panis stopped with a technical problem while both Fisichella and Zonta had limited running as they stopped in the morning and were unable to get back on the track. 

Mika Hakkinen covered the most number of laps with 76 followed by Rubens Barrichello with 65 and Ralf Schumacher with 64. Giancarlo Fisichella covered the least number of laps with 17 while Ricardo Zonta only managed 18.

The teams continued evaluating tyres for the upcoming British GP on the 16th of July as well as finding the right set-up for the race. Several teams also carried out launch and traction control testing.

The weather was sunny with the air temperature reaching 22 degrees.
The test concludes tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results

13-Jun: " Schumacher beats Schumacher at his own game" is the title of the 18th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Canadian Grand Prix - Issue 18

13-Jun: The McLaren and Jaguar teams have ended their dispute over Adrian Newey amicably after both Ron Dennis and Adrian Newey apologised for the misunderstanding and confusion over this matter. 
A joint statement read: Jaguar Racing and McLaren are pleased to announce an amicable resolution in respect of the future employment of Adrian Newey, who will remain at McLaren. This settlement was today presented to and approved by Mr Justice Eady in the High Court in London.

McLaren and Jaguar Racing are very pleased that this matter has been quickly resolved in a professional and courteous manner. McLaren acknowledges that Jaguar Racing has acted in good faith throughout. The relationship between Jaguar Racing and McLaren has always been a good one and has not been damaged by this matter. Jaguar Racing now understands the circumstances in which the confusion between McLaren and Adrian Newey arose and has therefore decided to accept McLaren's apologies over this matter.

Ron Dennis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the TAG McLaren Group �I would like to apologise for any misunderstanding that has been caused over what has become a confused and complex affair. I am sure that in future, our relationship will be an excellent one and that our rivalries will be confined to on-track competition.�

Adrian Newey, Technical Director, McLaren International �I regret that this matter has occurred but I am delighted that it has now been resolved. I apologise for any difficulties that have been caused. I am sure that we will all now put this matter behind us and concentrate on our common passion for motor racing.�

Niki Lauda, Chairman of Premier Performance Division �I am glad that this matter has been concluded and it is gracious of Ron and Adrian to each offer an apology which are fully accepted by Jaguar Racing which is part of the Premier Performance Division.�

12-Jun: Silverstone Test - Day 1: Jarno Trulli set the fastest time of the day ahead of Darren Turner (Test driver - McLaren) and Marc Gene (Test driver - Williams)

All the Formula 1 teams were present with the exception of Minardi. 14 drivers were present, 9 of them test drivers as most of the teams had test drivers carry out the testing duties on the first day as there regular drivers were given more time to recover from the jet lag following the Canadian GP. 
Despite that, a few regular drivers were present today including Jarno Trulli, Pedro de la Rosa, Nick Heidfeld, Eddie Irvine. 
Heidfeld suffering from headaches as a result of his crash in Qualifying in Canada decided to quit the session and undergo a medical check-up while Irvine had a neck strain and decided to rest until the European GP on the 24th of June.
Heinz Harald Frentzen did not make an appearance as he also rests until the European GP.

Ricardo Zonta covered the most number of laps with 77 followed by Pedro de la Rosa with 70 and Patrick Lemarie with 65. Eddie Irvine and Nick Heidfeld only covered 4 laps before withdrawing from the session.

The teams concentrated on set-up work and tyre evaluation for the British GP on the 15th of July. Teams with 2 cars present also concentrated on launch and traction control fine tuning.

There were no major incidents during the session although most teams had minor problems that prevented them from maximising their track time.

Most of the regular drivers will take over tomorrow. It will be the first appearance for both Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at Silverstone this season.

Weather conditions were mainly sunny with air temperature reaching a high of 19 degrees.

Click here for the timed results

12-Jun: "Can Ralf Schumacher challenge for title ?" Topic of the week - Have Your Say

12-Jun: Jaguar and McLaren will be present at the High Court to present their cases over the Adrian Newey case. Jaguar won an injunction that prevents McLaren from entering into any new contract negotiations with Adrian Newey until the hearing today. Both teams are confident that they will be able to secure the services of Adrian Newey beyond his existing contract which expires at the end of July 2002. 
Ron Dennis indicated that he was absolutely certain that Adrian will remain with McLaren for the next few years and said "Everybody in life changes their mind. It happens to all of us. He changed his mind. He's not working for Jaguar; he's working for McLaren. All the circumstances surrounding that and the issues coming from it will be discussed in the right environment with the right qualified people. That environment is not the pit lane, it is not the media and everybody knows exactly where these things need to be resolved and that's where it will be resolved. I am absolutely certain that Adrian will be with us in heart and head for the next few years."

Meanwhile Bobby Rahal is confident that Adrian will have to fulfil his contract with Jaguar and indicated that it was unfortunate that they have to go through this path and said "We have a legally binding agreement that was ignored. So unfortunately it's going to the courts. I'm the last person in the world to want to see that happen but I've got to defend our rights. An injunction is nothing more than that the court has recognised that there is an issue here. On Tuesday there will be discussions on both sides. They will argue that what we have isn't binding, even though Queen's Council has declared it so, and of course we'll argue that there was awareness on McLaren's part that this existed. That court will determine if in fact there's been a violation. But even if it turns it over, that's not really the end of it by any means. However, if that court rules in our favour then it's a pretty terminal situation for them."

Most of the Formula 1 teams will start a 3-day test session at the Silverstone track today. This will be the last chance for the teams to test at the Silverstone track before the British Grand Prix on the 15th of July as the new FIA regulations regarding testing ban testing at a Grand Prix venue 4 weeks prior to the event.
It is expected that all the teams will be present with the exception of Minardi. Most of the drivers will be there however Heinz Harald Frentzen will not attend as he continues to rest following his crashes at Monaco and Canada. Eddie Irvine has also pulled out from the test suffering from neck pains.
Test report and results will be available at the end of the day.

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