Big Mercedes gap means no team orders – Villeneuve

Mar.9 (GMM) At least one seasoned observer is happy Mercedes’ advantage appears overwhelming in 2015.

It is Jacques Villeneuve, who is quoted by Italian publications as saying the German marque’s advantage of 2014 was too big for its rivals to track down in just a single winter.

So he is happy, therefore, that the gap between Mercedes and its chasers Williams, Ferrari and Red Bull remains apparently large.

“The best battles in F1 were between teammates,” Villeneuve is quoted by Italy’s Tuttosport. “Like Prost and Senna.

“So it’s better that there is more of a difference between the Mercedes and the other teams, so that they (Mercedes) don’t have to issue team orders.

“Instead, the two Mercedes drivers can battle right to the end,” he added.

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