Alonso no longer ruling out Nascar

Jan.25 (GMM) Fernando Alonso is no longer ruling out a future move into Nascar, America’s premier tin-top series.

Earlier in January, although the McLaren driver last year did the Indy 500 and is now moving into sports cars, he ruled out Nascar.

“Those cars require a unique driving style which can only be acquired through a lot of practice and I do not have that many free weekends,” he said.

But he now says he may try Nascar “one day”.

“I love motor sports,” Alonso is quoted by USA Today newspaper.

“It was nice to go to the Indy 500. I felt competitive there. Now I’m going to endurance racing. Maybe one day I’ll try different series, maybe even Nascar. Why not?”

However, the former two-time F1 title winner admits that a Nascar foray may have to take place at some unknown point in the future.

“Right now it looks quite far because I think with driving technique and the experience all those guys have, it’s quite difficult for me to achieve that level,” Alonso said.

“But I will never know until I try. I would like one day to test a car. After that, I probably would know how enjoyable it would be racing,” he added.

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