Monaco layout could be tweaked

Apr.3 (GMM) The famous Monaco grand prix layout could be tweaked by 2025.

Forbes’ F1 business journalist Christian Sylt said a EUR 2 billion project to reclaim 25 acres of land from the Mediterranean is already underway.

The new land is located just before the F1 circuit’s tunnel entrance.

“I am not saying that it will happen necessarily, but at some point we are going to put our minds together and say, how can we not only improve this, but how can we make it a little more exciting by maybe changing the course slightly?” Monaco’s Prince Albert said.

“We haven’t gone beyond this simple statement of an idea — something that is in the back of our minds,” he added.

Many believe that, perhaps like Ferrari, Monaco is an indispensible part of formula one.

Prince Albert agrees: “It is such a part of the history of the sport that I can’t envisage an F1 season without the Monaco grand prix,” he said.

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