Todt hits back at complaining drivers

May 17 (GMM) Jean Todt has hit back at top drivers who say they want more say about the rules in formula one.

In Barcelona, Sebastian Vettel called the 2019 rule changes designed to boost overtaking “comical”.

“Not to say that we know everything, but we know how the cars feel,” said the Ferrari driver. “But we’re not really asked.”

Daniel Ricciardo agreed: “Our opinions should at least be heard.”

And world champion Lewis Hamilton said: “We should make the decisions.”

But FIA president Todt lashed out at the drivers, saying there are already structures in place so that they can have a say.

“It’s up to them,” the Frenchman is quoted by the German newsmagazine Focus.

“Anyone who wants to speak with me, whether it’s a top driver or otherwise, can do it within 48 hours,” Todt added.

The FIA president also expressed frustration that the drivers chose to air their views publicly at the Spanish grand prix, forcing him to now respond.

“I don’t want to now read the headline ‘Todt contradicts Vettel’, but that’s what you’ll do,” said Todt.

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