Vettel plays down Ferrari ‘Halo mirrors’

May 11 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel has played down the effect Ferrari’s radical new ‘Halo mirrors’ will have this weekend in Spain.

With the quickest car so far in 2018, the German driver has arrived in Barcelona hoping to re-gain his championship lead.

“We have some new things with us, some a bit more hidden but others clearly visible,” said Vettel, undoubtedly referring to the Halo-mounted wings and mirrors.

He said of the Halo mirrors: “It does not affect the performance of the car.

“I think it looks good, even if the Halo is not so pretty, but the position of the mirrors looks good. More importantly it provides a better view.”

Vettel added: “It really doesn’t matter what the car looks like. If it’s fast, it’s nice.”

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