F1 is ‘core business’ for Mercedes – Wolff

Jun.5 (GMM) Toto Wolff has steered Mercedes away from speculation it could join Ferrari in quitting F1.

Amid the dispute over the 2021 rules with Liberty Media and the FIA, Ferrari clearly threatened to pull out of the sport.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has been supportive of Ferrari but stopped short of issuing a clear quit threat.

Now, team boss Wolff says: “Formula one is part of our core business.

“It’s not just a marketing platform for us. There is a direct technology transfer and we associate sport with our brand.

“So we want to stay, because it’s the only true global platform that counts for us,” Wolff told Auto Bild.

However, Mercedes is joining the ever-growing Formula E series, which some think could one day replace F1.

Wolff insists: “Formula one is clearly the top class in racing. But electrification is happening and it’s a good message for every brand.

“Three years ago, I would not have given Formula E a chance, but that has changed. It addresses a young, urban target group. The organisers have done a good job. For us it’s like a start-up we’re interested in.

“But it is complementary to formula one for us, not a competition to F1,” he said.

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