F1 should be a dictatorship – Berger

Jul.19 (GMM) Formula one needs to return to its days as a dictatorship.

That is the view of Gerhard Berger, the F1 legend who is now in charge of the German touring car championship DTM.

And he told Bild newspaper that he is watching on with despair at formula one.

“Football doesn’t change its rules all the time,” said Berger.

“I think the decision makers are trying to distract from the core problem and show that they have something to say.”

And he says the core problem is the cars.

“First, they’re too heavy. Second, there should be technology that can be mastered and paid for by more than just two or three giant corporations,” he added.

“Third, the technology should not be the deciding factor, and fourth, a driver must be able to win with an above-average car,” said Berger.

He says the fault is not necessarily Liberty Media’s, but the crippling constraints of the Concorde Agreement that runs through 2020.

But he is worried that the talks between Liberty, the FIA and the teams about 2021 are also not going well.

“The worst thing for me would be no decisions,” said Berger.

“I understand the position of the big manufacturers over the engines, because they are not wrong when they say ‘If no new manufacturer is coming, why change something? It only costs money’.”

He also said the current manufacturers are obviously be opposed to new rules that make it possible for Porsche, Ilmor or Cosworth to stroll in and easily win with smaller investments and simpler regulations.

“That’s why there can be no agreement,” said Berger. “These endless meetings in Geneva and Paris or wherever are going nowhere. Formula one cannot be run democratically.

“It needs a dictatorship with one or two people who decide where we go. In this case, Chase Carey for the new owners and Jean Todt as FIA president,” he said.

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