Aero changes will not help overtaking – Horner

Feb.7 (GMM) “All the teams would agree” that Liberty Media and the FIA made a mistake by changing the aerodynamic regulations for 2019.

That is the view of Red Bull’s Christian Horner, who calls the changes to the front wings to facilitate overtaking futile and estimates the cost at EUR 15m per team.

“Mercedes and Ferrari made a strong case for these changes and unfortunately they were approved,” the team boss told Speed Week.

“In retrospect, all the teams would agree that it was not right,” Horner insisted.

The aerodynamic changes are intended to help a chasing car follow in the wake of his rival, therefore improving the chances of overtaking moves.

Horner said: “I don’t think anything will change.

“Based on the data and the simulations, we recognise that the car dynamics are different in some parts of the circuits,” he explained.

“But as far as one car being able to closely follow another, it makes no difference at all.

“To pick out the front wing and believe that the racing will be better is naive and ultimately expensive. And who pays for it? The teams.

“These changes are a huge mistake,” Horner said.

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