F1 will not scrap Friday practice – promoter

Feb.15 (GMM) F1 is not about to scrap Friday practice.

That is the claim of Francois Dumontier, boss of the Canadian grand prix in Montreal.

This year, negotiations over the 2021 Concorde Agreement will be front and centre. There have been rumours the race weekend format, the points system, and restrictions on engineers’ working times will be subject to change.

Dumontier tried to play down media reports of a ‘war’ between the race promoters and Liberty Media.

“It has been highlighted by the media, but what we did was more suggestions rather than any desire to make a revolution,” he insisted.

On the potential changes, though, Dumontier said the least likely is the scrapping of Friday practice.

“The idea is there, we talk about it, but the deadlines are too short for that to happen,” he told La Presse Canadienne.

“I can say that, two weeks ago in London, it was not even discussed,” he said of a recent race promoters’ meeting with Liberty Media.

A more likely change is to the current points system.

Lance Stroll, the Canadian driver for Racing Point, said he likes the idea of extending the points-getting positions all the way down to 15th.

“Every driver gives everything he has on the track, so I think every driver should be rewarded for his efforts on the track,” he said.

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