Fittipaldi expects 2020 return for Alonso

Mar.16 (GMM) F1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi is expecting Fernando Alonso to return to F1 next year.

Currently, Spaniard Alonso is not in Melbourne this weekend but instead in Florida, where he is racing for Toyota in the 12 hour sports car race.

Next month, he will test his Indy 500 chassis in Texas, but is not ruling out a return to F1 in 2020 if he achieves his goals this year.

Fittipaldi, the 72-year-old former two-time world champion, expects Alonso to come back.

“2018 was a difficult year for Fernando,” the Brazilian told Europa Press.

“We all thought it was the Honda engine but it was the same with the Renault,” he said. “In any case, I think he will be back to F1 within a year.

“I see him physically very well and mentally very motivated to win, so why not come back? If he has a car and a good team to win, he will surely come back,” Fittipaldi added.

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