2020 Dutch GP does not stop Barcelona talks

May 14 (GMM) Zandvoort’s soon-to-be-announced 2020 Dutch GP does not mean Barcelona is out of the running to also be on the calendar next year.

Vincenc Aguilera, the Circuit de Catalunya boss, says he is still in talks with Liberty Media about signing a new race deal for 2020.

“We are not having any calendar discussions,” he told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

“It’s not that it is a problem or not. We can be on it, Zandvoort can and others as well,” he added.

However, it is believed that Zandvoort will definitely take Barcelona’s place as the first race of the European season.

Asked if that is a tragedy, Aguilera answered: “What would be a tragedy is if we lose F1.

“We will fight to keep the same date, but it would not be a drama either. I would prefer it to be 15 days sooner or later than to not have F1 at all.”

He says there is still time to turn around the negotiations with Liberty.

“We have until summer, basically. It could be July, or the end of June, or the end of July if we complicate our lives a lot. But we have a reasonable amount of time to negotiate,” said Aguilera.

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