F1 eyes carbon-neutral fuel for 2021

Jun.4 (GMM) F1 could have identified fuel as the way to pursue a more progressive agenda for the future.

With Formula E dominating motor racing’s ‘green’ credentials, Auto Motor und Sport reports that with its new rules for 2021, Formula 1 wants to start to switch to carbon-neutral fuel.

It is believed F1 is prepared to argue that carbon-neutral fuel is in fact even ‘greener’ than electric power.

Already, the fuel used in F1 contains a small amount of biofuel, but it is claimed the authorities want this to rise to 20 per cent for 2021.

Then, the number will go up in 10 per cent increments every year.

“Let’s put our foot in the door now,” an engineer is quoted as saying. “Then the momentum will take over.

“If we do nothing, nothing will happen. Only those who start at 20 per cent will someday get to 100.”

It is believed many of the fuel suppliers approve of the carbon-neutral fuel idea, as does Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul.

“There will be new forms of fuel coming up in the next few years, whether you are talking about more biofuel – so a different composition – or even synthetic fuel, coming from non-fossil sources,” he said.

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