2020 Canada GP ‘impossible’ – Carpentier

Apr.2 (GMM) Patrick Carpentier, a Canadian racing driver, thinks it is basically “impossible” that Montreal will be able to host its grand prix in June.

Race promoter Francois Dumontier estimates the probability of a Canadian GP this year at 50-50, but Carpentier told La Presse that he is much less optimistic.

“Ferrari is an important part of F1, so if they cancelled Melbourne because McLaren was affected by the coronavirus, they will not come to Montreal because Ferrari will not be there,” he said.

Carpentier is referring to the terrible epidemic that is occurring in Italy.

“Right now, it would be very, very, very frowned upon for Ferrari to go racing while nearly 1000 people die there every day,” he said.

“I hope for Francois that it will happen, but in my opinion it is impossible,” Carpentier added. “He says it’s 50-50 but in my view it’s 10 percent.”

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