Binotto denies Ferrari to test new parts on Wednesday

Aug.4 (GMM) Mattia Binotto has denied that Ferrari will use a ‘filming day’ at Silverstone on Wednesday to try urgent car updates.

While the other teams wait onsite for the second installation of the Silverstone double-header, it emerges that Ferrari will be in action mid-week.

When asked if Ferrari is using the opportunity to try urgent updates amid its competitive crisis, team boss Binotto answered: “It is for our commercial needs.

“They are very limited and dedicated kilometres for filming. For the next grand prix, we are working back at home and also in the simulator,” he added.

When asked again by Germany’s RTL about rumours of car updates to run on Wednesday, Binotto said: “It’s not correct.

“The only objective is to do a day of filming. There will be no new parts on the car.

“We know what we need to improve, and we are working hard in Maranello. But it is true that the regulations do not make things easier for us.

“The engine is frozen for the season, so we can only work on the engine modes – the way we use the engine. Not on the hardware.

“And regarding the aero, we are limited to the time we can spend in the wind tunnel. The people who work for us have clear goals, so let them work and we’ll see,” Binotto added.

The Italian press is also pessimistic, with La Gazzetta dello Sport observing: “When Lewis Hamilton can win on three wheels, you can close the store.”

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri admitted: “The 2020 season is very difficult.

“Our competitors are very strong, congratulations to them,” he is quoted by La Repubblica.

“Our team works day and night, we have strong talents and I trust them. It will take time but our ambition in Formula 1 remains intact.

“Next year should be better because there should be a whole season,” added Camilleri, who admitted that Italy’s epidemic hurt the Maranello company.

“We had already anticipated in May that the results of the second quarter would be weak. They reflect the very difficult times we have experienced,” he said.

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