‘Sources’ say Daimler unhappy with Wolff

Aug.9 (GMM) Toto Wolff’s relationship with Daimler could be souring, according to the respected Dutch publication nu.nl.

Firstly, the Mercedes team boss is at the centre of the ‘pink Mercedes’ car copying scandal, with five teams already siding against Wolff’s support for Racing Point.

“It’s a small revolution. Small in every way,” Wolff was quoted as saying.

“I guess they’re just annoyed that they cannot match Racing Point’s performance.”

Even the small team Haas is annoyed with Wolff. In defending Racing Point’s actions, Wolff had alleged that the American team “got the entire car from Ferrari” when it entered F1.

Haas boss Gunther Steiner called that accusation “nonsense”.

“We only ever used what we could legally buy,” he said. “I think that’s his guilty conscience speaking.

“It seems to me that Toto has his back to the wall, so he’s trying to distract with other things.”

Indeed, nu.nl correspondent Patrick Moeke says that while Mercedes parent Daimler “expresses confidence in Wolff to the outside”, there is actually “dissatisfaction within the company” about the Austrian.

The claim, backed by “several sources close to Mercedes”, is that Daimler does not appreciate some of Wolff’s other activities.

One of them might be buying into Lawrence Stroll’s new Aston Martin project. Wolff and Daimler are currently in talks about the 48-year-old’s contract beyond 2020.

Olav Mol, the F1 commentator for Dutch television Ziggo Sport, says Wolff and new Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius do not particularly get along.

“But something like that will only become a real problem if the results start to disappoint,” he said.

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