Bourdais slams Perez for ‘dirty trick’ tactics

Dec.15 (GMM) Former F1 driver Sebastien Bourdais has slammed Red Bull and Sergio Perez for interfering in the world championship fight last Sunday.

Red Bull and new world champion Max Verstappen hailed Mexican Perez’s efforts in supporting the team by deliberately holding up Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

“That was BS,” Bourdais, a 42-year-old Indycar driver who raced for Red Bull’s junior team Toro Rosso before he was ousted in mid 2009, said.

“I can’t begin to understand how Perez can be happy with himself and how people applaud him for what he did,” the Frenchman added.

Bourdais says Perez used “every dirty trick” to try to “impede Hamilton”.

“Zero sportsmanship – from the whole team really,” he explained.

Bourdais even rejected criticism that he is biased against the energy drink company by insisting that it’s “totally unrelated” and he was “never a Red Bull guy” anyway.

“They completely sacrificed Perez’s race to put him in that position. Purposely losing seconds per lap to impede.”

One thought to “Bourdais slams Perez for ‘dirty trick’ tactics”

  1. Hmm I see. And Mercedes have NEVER “encouraged” Bottas to hold up any Red Bull car throughout the season? That is the first time that Red Bull have even had a opportunity to use any team tactics because of the huge advantage of the Mercedes car. Which by the way was NOT able to be used effectively by Hamilton in “that final lap”. IMHO the Merces with worn tyres was still quicker than the Red Bull on a lap of Abu Dhabi. Hamilton lost that last lap and Verstappen won it. With regard to Massi ruling I think he deserves a medal for being able to take advantage of a very lucky state of play with regard to the lapped cars. Please see for why the ruling was EXCELLENY in my view.

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