Domenicali to get ‘quick answer’ on African GP

Jun.19 (GMM) Formula 1 is preparing to reveal another unprecedentedly-long race calendar for 2023.

“30 grands prix would not be reasonable,” said F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

“Our preferred option would be to stay at 23 or 24 races,” he told France’s L’Equipe.

The latest buzz in the Montreal paddock is about two potential new races – one on the streets of the French coastal city Nice, and another on the continent of Africa.

“We are a world championship, but Africa is not there at the moment,” Domenicali, who visited the Kyalami circuit after Baku, said. “That has to change.

“Discussions are progressing and I think we will have an answer quickly. And to have a race there while Lewis Hamilton is still racing would be great.”

However, with other new venues like Las Vegas also set to enter F1, Domenicali is having to do some clever scheduling to accommodate the new races.

“We will work on a rotating basis,” he said. “Not only for Europe but also for other countries.”

Quadruple-header races – the unprecedented series of four grands prix on consecutive weekends – may also be necessary in order to squeeze in all the events.

“I think with a little bit of calendar optimisation, and a little bit of regionalising the calendar, I think we can counter the increase in races,” said McLaren’s Zak Brown.

“I’d be surprised if we did four races in a row, but it also depends on what part of the world you’re in. Maybe if we can actually go home in between versus if you’re out in Asia or something.

“Stefano has told us he’s definitely trying to optimise the calendar and I think that will help a lot,” said Brown.

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