F1, Hamilton insist Brad Pitt movie has not been scrapped

Nov.17 (GMM) Movie icon Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 feature film is not getting scrapped.

However, the long Hollywood writer’s strike – now resolved – brought a halt to filming and production earlier this year.

The Sun newspaper claims producers have had to “axe tens of millions of pounds worth of footage” filmed at the F1 tracks in 2023 because of a “row over sponsorships”.

“Now that they have picked up work on it again, the sponsorships have all changed, which means they can no longer use a large amount of the scenes they had already shot,” the report explained.

A source, adding that Apple Studios are “far from impressed” about the situation, told the newspaper: “It really is a nightmare for Brad and the team.

“With all the sponsors changing it now makes the footage defunct.”

Formula 1, however, has denied that the movie with the working title ‘Apex’ is on the rocks.

“The movie is still on schedule for its original 2025 release timeframe,” a spokesperson for Formula One Management insisted to Metro newspaper.

“All footage captured this year is relevant. The movie will ensure continuity with the 2023 F1 season in footage captured in 2024. There are no changes to any movie sponsors, and all are committed for the duration of the project,” they added.

“The production has been adapting its schedule before and during the strike and has planned to shoot into 2024 for some time.”

Speaking in Las Vegas, Lewis Hamilton – whose own production company is also involved with the film – agreed that the movie still has the green light.

“Obviously now we can continue on with the writers, and now Brad and (fellow actor) Damson (Idris) will be back in training getting ready to get back in the car.”

The seven time world champion admitted that planned filming of “one of the really cool scenes” this weekend in Las Vegas was scrapped, but it will instead take place in 2024.

“We’ve already got great footage with the demo drivers who have done a great job as all the drivers got to see in Austin,” Hamilton added. “Yeah, we’ll keep pushing along.

“It’s still going to be great, might cost a little bit more but I’m really confident in what Jerry (Bruckheimer) is going to produce.”

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