Mercedes can survive Hamilton-led staff exodus

Feb.7 (GMM) Hans-Joachim Stuck thinks Mercedes can still thrive as a Formula 1 force even in its post-Lewis Hamilton era.

Some think the seven time world champion’s decision to switch to Ferrari for 2025 is a sure sign that he has lost faith in Mercedes’ ability to win titles.

Worse still for Mercedes, Hamilton is expected to take a throng of Mercedes’ top staff to Maranello – like his current race engineer Peter ‘Bono’ Bonnington.

“I think this is a discussion which everyone needs to have in the months to come,” admitted Mercedes boss Toto Wolff when asked about Bonnington’s potential exit.

Also interesting is that Mercedes already lost its performance engineer Loic Serra to Ferrari mid-last year. It is believed he is on ‘gardening leave’ and will start working at Maranello at the very same time as Hamilton.

And another Hamilton engineer, Riccardo Musconi, is also tipped to move to Ferrari in time for 2025.

If it sounds like the beginning of the end for Mercedes’ status as a true F1 title challenger, German motor racing legend Stuck, doesn’t believe it.

“I don’t assume that,” he told Eurosport Dutschland.

“Mercedes is a team at which nothing depends on a single person,” he said. “The knowledge of the engineers is known in-house so that a change doesn’t matter. I don’t see that as a problem.

“This will certainly help Hamilton, but Mercedes still has top people in its ranks and will find more. These changes happen all the time,” Stuck added.

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