Official warns 2024 could be last Las Vegas GP

Jun.21 (GMM) A cloud has moved above the future of the Las Vegas GP in the form of Clark County commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

The Formula 1 event is the new blue-riband, glitzy project of the sport’s owner Liberty Media, but the inaugural race enraged certain local businesses and residents.

“We don’t have a choice but to do better than last time,” Kirkpatrick told the local Fox KVVU-TV broadcaster. “That includes everybody.

“That’s visitors being able to move around. That’s our constituents who have to work on the Strip to get around. There’s an expectation that businesses can survive and stay open and know how to navigate.”

She admits the new plan for the second Las Vegas GP this November “looks better”, but said some businesses were so enraged that “litigation” is still taking place.

“We’ve got to be better. We’ve got to have better partners when they come to town,” said Kirkpatrick. “I’m hopeful F1 get that now, but we’ll see. Proof is in the pudding.”

The race contract is between the local promoter and Formula 1, but the county commissioner also insists she has the power to intervene.

“I think we’re pretty steadfast,” she said. “The commission has been very clear. ‘You will do it a certain way, or there won’t be a third time’.

“They (the county) will hold up your permits and make it very uncomfortable for your guests. So I think that they’re actually working hard.”

Therefore, Kirkpatrick says he hopes F1 realises that 2024 is ‘do or die’ for the Las Vegas GP.

“They have to (understand that),” she insisted.

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