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8 'n' Pole - Results

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On this page, you will see the Top 20 players overall and the Biggest Winning Margin. Click here for the Top 200 players for each round. 
All participants receive an email with their score and rank for the round as well as their overall score and rank during the week following the race. 

Top 20 Overall

After taking the lead with just 1 round to go, Charles J Moscato becomes the 2009 8 'n' Pole Champion increasing the lead from DGB to 4 points. Lightfoot takes 3rd place followed by mrlaw. MrGSir moves into 5th with Dom and Weekend at Bernie's tied in 6th place. Texancow and Cap round up the top 8.

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition this year. We hope that you have enjoyed the competition and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2010.

All the winners will receive an email informing them of their win and how to claim their prizes.

Was Rank Player Country Points
1 1 Charles J Moscato Australia 456
2 2 DGB United States 452
4 3 Lightfoot Samoa 450
3 4 mrlaw Netherlands Antilles 449
7 5 MrGSir United Kingdom 444
4 6 Dom United Kingdom 443
12 6

Weekend at Bernie's

Canada 443
6 8 Texancow India 442
16 8 Cap Peru 442
7 10 Groomi United Kingdom 440
7 10 Malinovsky The Netherlands 440
12 10 Pete United Kingdom 440
14 10 BlinkyBill Australia 440
19 10 Wasicun United States 440
11 15 dumacher Australia 438
10 16 Casualcamel United States 436
16 17 WEELIAM Malaysia 432
19 18 Joe United States 429
14 19 foon United States 426
23 19 Road Runner United Kingdom 426
Popular Pick Score 421
Average Score 340.17

Total Number of Players : 2867

For the overall competition, the major prizes are:

A Grand Prize of �150 British Pounds (Gift Certificate from BookF1 to be used towards any Grand Prix event in 2010) to the overall winner of the competition

A Second Prize of $100 Australian dollars (Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop) to the second placed player in the competition overall.

A Third Prize of $50 US Dollars Gift Certificate from a choice of suppliers to the third placed player in the competition overall.

Fourth to Tenth in the competition overall each wins a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

Eleventh to Twentieth in the competition overall each wins a NewsOnF1 Compact Smart Digital Clock with Alarm.

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Biggest Winning Margin

The table below shows the biggest winning margin in a race for the 2009 Season.

Margin Player Country Race
6 points Dom United Kingdom Bahrain
4 points yuka Brazil Britain
3 points Beno Australia Spain
3 points widemouth Canada Spain
3 points microsystem Philippines Abu Dhabi

Highest Score in a round

The table below shows the players with the highest scores in a round for the 2009 Season.

Score Player Country Race
50 Dom United Kingdom Bahrain
49 Beno Australia Spain
49 widemouth Canada Spain
48 yuka Brazil Britain

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Individual Races - Top 200

2009 8 'n' Pole
Major Prizes

Grand Prize
�150 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop

Third Prize
$50 US Dollars
Gift Certificate from a choice of suppliers



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