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French GP predictions by the Quali-flyer  

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Last year Ralf won the real race at Magny-Cours, with Juan Pablo struggling for 6th with a Ferrari (MS), 2 McLaren's and Trulli's Jordan splitting them. Barrichello was 8th. There is every chance that history will sort of repeat itself this year. Of course Barrichello will be up the front of the grid on the first or second row and it will be Ralf struggling with only a mere 900 odd horsepower at his disposal in qualifying trim but there will be a Williams up near the front and the other one working hard to make better than the 3rd row.

After 4 real race wins on the trot Montoya (our new Qualipoints leader after Britain) has to be favourite. Having been wrong about him 4 times, why buck the trend? Monty will (just) fail in France. The Ferrari's showed their total dominance of F1 races in Silverstone and must be smarting about the Williams huge power advantage in qualifying. Look for Michael and Rubens to have been given some answers for this on Saturday. Look also for a resurgence of Michelin shod teams on a warm and very smooth track. That will push the lesser Bridgestone teams back down the order if the sun shines.

Behind the pointy end, Raikkonen will be out to prove his ability against DC and Panis and Trulli will do well and Webber can sleep in till 5 minutes before the real race ends..

I saw a Want Ad the other day:

One photogenic F1 driver, good at making excuses in press conferences (Sorry Eddie and Jacques, Irishmen and Canadians are not accepted). 
Must have very healthy bank account and preferably be a Malaysian national. Duties will include purchase of a super licence and fundraising activities, must be prepared to drive a car on both Saturday and Sunday. 
An ability to drive in the wet would be very well regarded. 
Very fast look-alike's for incumbent also considered.

I hope Alex didn't notice it; he may not be able to perform on Saturday if he gets upset. Not that we'd be able to tell of course.

Michael may well win the drivers championship on Sunday but the question is can he regain the qualipoints (latest standings) lead on Saturday? I think he can!

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