Marchionne questions plans for next F1 engines

Jul.10 (GMM) Sergio Marchionne has thrown a potential spanner in the works of F1’s plans for its next engine regulations.

It was thought the sport was speeding towards keeping the basic 1.6 litre V6 engines beyond 2020, but adding another turbocharger and removing much of the complex and expensive ‘hybrid’ elements.

“Double turbo instead of the electric motor?” La Gazzetta dello Sport quoted the Ferrari president as saying in Austria.

“I have told Liberty this morning: I believe that creating a power unit system that denies the development of technology is a mistake.

“Either we do something clever and consistent with the development or we forget it. These easy solutions to remove the hybrid parts of the engine, or to bring back the 12 cylinder aspirated engines, are in the past,” Marchionne added.

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