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2001 Formula 1 Drivers' Championship  

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 The Season So Far - Part 1 (Australia - Malaysia - Brazil)  
The Season So Far - Part 2 (San Marino - Spain - Austria)  
The Season So Far - Part 3 (Monaco - Canada - Europe - France)  
The Season So Far - Part 4
(Britain - Germany - Hungary - Belgium)  

RankDriver TeamPOINTS
1Michael Schumacher
2001 World Champion
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
2 David Coulthard
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
3 Rubens Barrichello
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
4 Ralf Schumacher
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
5 Mika Hakkinen
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
6 Juan Pablo Montoya
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
7 Jacques Villeneuve
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
8 Nick Heidfeld
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
9 Jarno Trulli *9
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Jordan 12
10Kimi Raikkonen
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Sauber 9
11Giancarlo Fisichella
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Benetton 8
12Eddie Irvine
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Jaguar 6
13Heinz-Harald Frentzen *5
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
14Olivier Panis *1
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
15Jean Alesi
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
16Pedro de la Rosa
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Jaguar *2
17 Jenson Button
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
18 Jos Verstappen *1
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Arrows 1
19Ricardo Zonta
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Jordan *4 *5
20Luciano Burti
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Prost *2 - *8
21Enrique Bernoldi
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
22Tarso Marques
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Minardi *7 
23 Fernando Alonso
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
24 Gaston Mazzacane
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Prost *3 
25Tomas Enge
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Prost *8 
26Alex Yoong
Profile, Links, Books, etc..
Minardi *7 

*1 -
Both Olivier Panis and Jos Verstappen were penalised with 25 seconds added to their end result in the Australian GP due to passing under yellow. Panis dropped from 4th to 7th losing all his points and the team's while Verstappen dropped to 10th with no point loss - Story.

*2 - Luciano Burti moved from Jaguar to Prost following the San Marino Grand Prix. He was replace by Jaguar's test driver Pedro de la Rosa - Story.

*3 - Gaston Mazzacane was replaced by Luciano Burti following the San Marino Grand Prix - Story.

*4 - Ricardo Zonta replaced Frentzen for the Canadian GP after he withdrew the event following his crash on Friday - Story

*5 - The Jordan team terminated Heinz Harald Frentzen's contract days before the German GP. Ricardo Zonta drives for the team at Hockenheim - Story

*6 - Jean Alesi joined the Jordan team after the German Grand Prix while Heinz Harald Frentzen took his seat at Prost - Story

*7 - Alex Yoong takes over Tarso Marques' seat at Minardi from the Italian Grand Prix - Story

*8 - Tomas Enge replaces Luciano Burti at the Italian Grand Prix following Burti's crash at the Belgian GP - Story

*9 - Jarno Trulli was excluded from the results of the US GP due to a technical infringement. Jordan have appealed so the results are provisional  - Story
Jordan won the appeal and Trulli's results were re-instated - Story

When drivers are equal on points they are ranked based on their best positions.


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